Can anyone stop the Russian president? – BBC Newsnight

“Can anyone stop the Russian president? – BBC Newsnight”
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“In Russia where he proclaimed his uh goal since then over the last 10 years
he had many opportunities to confirm that his goal to establish full control
over ukraine and as we learned over the last three months he expanded his
appetites now he is going to establish control sphere of influence over half of
europe please read carefully what he has uh produced in the so-called ultimatum
to the united states in nato in december last year in january in february this
year he said that he needs 1997 division line in europe with so-called demilitarization and denatoralization of poland, baltic countries, bulgaria, romania,
so establishing a returning to the situation that nato had before 1997.”

“This is a war this is a once again not only against ukraine this is
european war hardware headway attack can be stopped by hardware response it means
that is military response. Everybody should understand it very clearly, this
aggression can be stopped only by defense, by real defense on a part of the
of europe, of nato, of the united states, it’s common response,
otherwise this war cannot be stopped.”

“The point now the point now is that putin has launched an aggressive war
and the only way of stopping him and andre is right about this is nobody
around him is going to stop him there..the only thing that’s going to stop him is
military defeat.”

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