Kit for Morgellons- Smart Dust, Fungi

“chemtrail chemtrail
Am 18.04.2019 veröffentlicht
“Killer Test Kit for Morgellons- Smart Dust, Fungi. See notes below.”
“This Morgellons Smart Dust Kit contains a digital electronic microscope with lights, an ioniser vapor dispensor plus a meridian Healing acupuncture pen. It also contains structured distilled ionised water and pure Oregano oil as well as trace amounts of other pure healing oils.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 18.4.2019: Go to a dermatologist he will misdiagnose you…they are totally oblivious about this level 5 bioweapon…EVERYONE has it…EVERYONE…whether absorbed or rejected..EVERYONE. Daily-Re-Uptake via NWO Chemtrails.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 18.4.2019: USSOC U.N. Zion DoD Mj12 Arpa Nasa Nsa Pentagon CFR ZOG GOG CIA Vatican Washington London Brd Robotron Inc. Alphabet Inc..Do you really think you will get away before God with this horrific try to dominate the world? You are doomed…producers and helpers of this level 5 bioweapon chem nanotech.
“Micro Dust Weaponry NASA”
“Harry Rhodes
Gestern um 13:05
These were removed from the skin of a member in my group! Note the hexagon nano transmitter/receivers connected to the fibers. Zoom in on the hexagon structures and you can see how they are organised and connected to the fibers. It is critical to know what I am about to tell you. Smart Dust will allow for satellites (MUOS) to track and manipulate any individual’s DNA.
By now we are all infected. These AI materials are manufactured with Polymers (smaller plastic molecular structures). The black fibers were completely dissolved in 15 hours using my latest treatment to be announced in my next video. This 100% organic natural material dissolves the polymers on contact and when taken internally it dissolves it from inside your body!”

“Vortexer with water for structuring.”
“So we we’re just gonna no we put water in it and I’m gonna show you what the vortex looks like there we go it’s
picked in not very clear so you’ve got the shungite magnetite you’ve got the compression magnets the neodymium
amongst the world’s most powerful magnets and there’s a reason why these are on and they were that way then the
other thing that’s going inside which rotates inside the magnets is the copper coil which is going on the blade which
runs around in the magnets there you go there’s your Botox and it tastes totally different when you drink this water
it’s got like a sweet taste to it it’s more important this is fact I’ve got the videos I need to look at the research
it’s more important that the water is structured correctly than what’s in it because it enhances the oxygen intake of
the blood cells and helps the blood to be carried around the body which as we said before 5g.”
“said before 5g stops that from happening it actually
affects the hemoglobin in your blood and the capacity to carry oxygen it starts to reduce the oxygen in your body and
prevents you blood from transporting the oxygen and that is one of the things that counteracts a good thing to have.”

“The fix is in for the Triple Molecule Pro-biotic. Mixed as per instructions and taken.”

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