CDC has confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease / Lyme is a U.S. Bioweapon / NIH and Digital Dermatosis

CDC has confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease / Lyme is a U.S. Bioweapon / NIH and Digital Dermatosis
To deny this was no longer possible…NIH Gov documented (and also created this in collaboration with many other Gov Agencies (ARPA/DOD/CIA/DIA/NSA/NASA…etc..) in order to try to take over humanity via remote sensing nano networks) this long before CDC was even aware of it…imagine the brainwashed doctors who told the people they were delusional because their -oil-bank-chem-pharma-mil-mafia -advanced bioweapon-cover-up- ICD told them so…rewrite your ICD 666 asap…
They delayed a lot …until now many have already died from this U.S. advanced transhumanistic gene-rns-splicing-fungal-bio-digital-dermatozoetic-nanotech…and camouflaged candida lyme mycoplasma proteolitic alien-like arpa/dow/nasa/dod/cia/dia/nsa/nih/epa/federal fascis/shadow gov/robotron banker-oil-goo-zion inc-corporate-pharma-military-medical-smart-dust-ai-sensor-network and poisonous invention..
Jeanne Alexander It’s about time they finally acknowledged this horrible condition.
John Oosthuizen Oh, great! another feckin disease thanks to Big Pharma and their NWO bosses…
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“Researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease.
Millions of people worldwide suffer from Morgellons Disease – a disease characterized by weird biting sensations on the skin, painful skin eruptions, and mysterious fibers visibliy growing out of the skin. Most people within the medical community have dismissed patients suffering from the disease, labelling their symptoms as ‘delusional parasitosis’ or ‘delusional infestation’. reports: After thousands of complaints to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in January of 2008, the CDC paid researchers over $300,000 to conduct a 3-year study on Morgellons. The researchers erroneously concluded that “No common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognized conditions such as delusional infestation” and hence indirectly concluded that Morgellons was not a disease and was in fact a psychological disorder. The CDC agreed and stated, “This comprehensive study of an unexplained apparent dermopathy demonstrated no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link”.
Morgellons has historically been linked to genetically modified organisms (GMOs; a specific bacteria known as Agrobacterium), Lyme Disease, immune weakness and environmental toxicity.
According to researchers at the State University of New York, “Agrobacterium represents a universal gene and protein transfer machine” and hence laboratory (genetically modified) creations now have the ability to alter the DNA of humans. Hence, agrobacterium allows horizontal transfer of DNA and would be a likely culprit in the creation of Morgellons although other environmental factors appear to also be involved.
Following up from the CDC study, in January of 2012, new independent research just published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Research found that Morgellons is in fact a real disease. Based on extensive physical, microscopic and fluorescence examination of skin, hair, tissues, calluses, etc. of three Morgellons sufferers, the researchers reported several interesting findings:
– Abnormal functioning of the follicular keratinocytes (genetic alterations in DNA caused hair follicles and skin to malfunction).
– Fibers, which under the microscope (100x), had a unique floral arrangement and colors of blue, red, white, green and some brightly fluorescent.
– Some fibers “appeared as root-like growths.”
– For the first time, demonstrated that Morgellons fibers contain keratin (structural protein which makes up the outer layer of the skin) which means the fibers were created within the body.
– Alterations in keratinocyte (skin) expression was most likely due to spirochetal infection from Lyme Disease.
The filaments from the Morgellons patients were confirmed to contain keratin via immunohistological staining with antibodies specific for human keratins. This means that fibers present in the subjects were found to be biological in origin and are produced by keratinocytes (proteins in the outer layer of skin) and grew out of the body.
These findings are consistent with the 2012 CDC publication stating that over 80 percent of non-biopsy material taken from patients had a protein composition.
The researchers concluded that the fibers “are clearly biological in nature and are not implanted textile fibers.” It may be probable to assume that since these fibers under the microscope which contain floral and root-like structures that the origin may be via a cross contamination of DNA from plants and humans by way of GMOs.
This study opens the door for future research which is desperately needed in the environmental and epigenetic causes of Morgellons Disease with Lyme Disease and GMOs being the likely areas of interest.”

This is the latest info about the insanity (he made a joke…but it is true…they have a radioactive emission) of Morgis aka Myco-Lyme-Nanotech of the Eugenics NWO Crew…
Only 1% have the visible fibers, but 100% of the world is contaminated…you can´t ignore also have myriads of foreign-state nano fibers inside you (enemy within)..everyone.
“Jim Piver 14 hours ago: Morgellons are REAL!
They’re radioactive, sub-atomic nano-particles created at CERN solely for depopulation by Deep State illuminati New World Order trans-human satanists and spread in chemtrails by holographically-hidden HAARP-guided flying saucers, fueled with Element 115 and piloted by a civilization of shapeshifting reptilian.. living underground at Area 51.”
WendyO GoffO: 3 years ago: EVERY single person at CDC should be in PRISON along with obama and his entire party!!!!!!!!”
“scott richardson: 3 years ago: Good job what a pathetic government and media we have, not surprised Dr. Phil is in on the action – all part of the eugenics program hard at work.”
“Scott Payne: 3 years ago: Dr Phil…..The Shill?”
“Yup, Shill for the NWO!”
Wiki-Liar makes me laugh…Gov Mafiosi Impudence… They call it a mass psychogenic illness,…unbelievably stupid…as if the world had forgotten the magickal word: OBJECTIVISM and Microscopic irrefutable proof and analysis. Alone the fact that 90% of people are so ignorant and indifferent gives them such an easy play…hardly to bear for any human being with a slightly reasonable view of Reality.
“DAS sind wohl keine Spinnenweben. Ich habe versucht sie zu fotografieren, da sie mit dem Auge sehr gut am Himmel, zu erkennen sind, sie fliegen überall. Ich bin etwas schockiert.”
“Elke Martin Barcjerdu Morgellons sind Fasern, die versuchen in deine Haut einzudringen! WENN es Morgellons wären… Also ich würde einen SEHR weiten Bogen darum machen! Tiere in der Umgebung müssten dann befallen sein, mit schwersten Hautausschlägen und quälenden Schmerzen. Diese Fasern lassen sich NICHT heraus ziehen.
Wolfgang Witt Bitte ein paar Fäden sameln und in einem weißen Druckerpapier eipacken und mir schicken. Ich lasse davon eine Analyse machen. Adresse per PN!
Claudia Salmon Daran habe ich auch schon gedacht. Wäre die beste Möglichkeit, um die Bestandteile analysieren zu lassen. Würde ich dir gerne zukommen lassen, sobald ich nochmal welche entdecke. Wie sieht es denn bei dir aus, sind dort keine?
Gernot Fröhlich ich hab das 2012 gemacht und an 5 labore gesendet – keine einzige probe bekam ich zurück – bei einem Labor sagte mir man sogar, ich verletzte damit Datenschutzrichtlinien dritter… blabla… es is eine Frechheit das Ganze…
von mir kannst du gerne noch proben haben auch wenn du magst… 😉 welche analysen machst du damit?
Claudia Salmon Da steckt doch was dahinter, sonst hätten die aus dem Labor nicht so reagiert. Würde es sich um Spinnenweben handeln, wäre die Reaktion wohl anders ausgefallen und es ginge bestimmt nicht um Verletzung der Datenschutzrichtlinien “dritter”, wobei man sehen kann, dass andere dahinter stecken. Es wird doch bestimmt von irgendwem mal untersucht worden sein?
Jahwes-doughter Mercy super Idee…finde ich gut…am besten jeder der UNSICHER ist sollte dieses tun.Und auch gut ,wenn aus anderen Teilen Deutschlands mit der Region drauf schreiben,es auch einschickt.Denn nur so kann man wahrlich aufklären…
Cynthia Bauer: die Antwort von dem Labor sagt schon alles .”
Histological examination – dermatological specimens
All patients were clinically diagnosed with MD by a healthcare provider based on the presence of skin lesions and/or skin crawling sensations with intradermal filaments that were visible with a hand-held microscope, as described in previous publications [4-9]. The dermatological material that met our diagnostic criterion was mainly in the form of calluses embedded with filaments, many of which were blue or red. MD calluses were easily removed from patients as they were composed of thickened skin that has separated from the dermis at the stratum basale. Histological examination of cross sections revealed epidermal layers from the stratum basale to the stratum corneum. In MD calluses, collagen and keratin filaments could be seen distributed throughout the epidermal tissue or projecting down from the stratum basale towards the dermis.
Dermatological specimens consisting of callus material from the following patients were submitted for histological sectioning and examination: 1-4, 8, 10-13, 15, 16, 18-20, 22, 23, 25. Biopsy sections were submitted for histological examination for patient 24. Sections of hair follicular bulbs and attached follicular sheaths rather than sectioned calluses were submitted for patient 5. Samples from patients 6, 7, 9, 14, 17 and 21 were used for culture and/or PCR detection only.”
Lyme Patients vs. CDC: Class Action Suit
12. April 2015 ·
Our study confirms that #Morgellons disease is a true somatic illness associated with #Lyme disease. The proposed clinical classification scheme for MD should aid in the diagnosis and treatment of this complex illness.
#LymeDiseaseChallenge #OK #Skin #Borrelia #Next
CDC needed 4 years….
“July 13, 2013
NHI (National Health Institute) LISTS MORGELLONS AS RARE DISEASE!…/browse…/My-first-letter/M
“May 10, 2010
After a lot of work and evidence from me to convince German physicians that Morgellons disease is real, I finally succeeded. The Lyme clinic (BCA) in my own hometown now states officially the existence of this disease called Morgellons. Latest information:
The clinic attests to Morgellons disease for their patients, but mainly to make more money without accurate serology or treatments. Myself and even most German Lyme association or foundations gives them no more credit at all!
My personal opinion is that BCA jumped from the Lyme to the Morgellons bandwagon, for the purpose of attracting also more Morgellons sufferers now with empty promises! Furthermore, BCA’s basic claim that Lyme disease is curable (also in the final stage?) is more than despicable to myself and many other patients and German Lyme associations and foundations. Every other laboratory and physician in your own country can do the same job just as well. You don’t need to come to Germany for treatment, just because you may think that German medicine is superior! Medicine for Lyme and Morgellons in Germany, the USA, and many other countries is mostly the same standard-crap! Actually, it is really funny (both strange and amusing) that American Lyme patients come to Europe for treatment, and Europeans go to the USA for the same. What travel madness that is, and all based on mistaken presumptions and hope! So, it is up to you, individually, to choose whether you use BCA or not.”
“- Globale Vergiftung durch Chemtrails & HAARP
Heute in Köln… — schockiert.
Bild könnte enthalten: Wolken, Himmel, im Freien und Natur”
Michaela Sina Nlngr Hier auch im Ruhrgebiet hab heftige Kopfschmerzen und Müdigkeit…
Dabei hat sie früher auch an das geglaubt…. Jetzt will sie bei der Polizei arbeiten vielleicht deshalb und neuer Freundeskreis.
Assi Waterman Vor 3 Tagen Nähe Cham
Bild könnte enthalten: Wolken, Himmel, Baum, Nacht, Ozean, im Freien, Natur und Wasser
Ellen Jacob Rügen Neu Mukran
Bild könnte enthalten: Himmel, Wolken, Baum, Pflanze, im Freien und Natur
Ingmar Veeck Ihr braucht gar nicht rauszugucken, die Quantengravitation der Skalarwellen sollte, für feinfühlige zumindest, durch eine interne-mikroseismische Vibration spürbar sein…
Carlita Mazzoleni Dafür wirst aber ausgelacht. Wenn ich sage, ich kann nachts im Büro nicht arbeiten, weil da dieser pulsierende Brummton ist, lächelt mein Partner nur milde.
Rico Pohlan Bestätige ich glatt! In der Nacht, ohne Nebengeräusche, ist es besonders deutlich wahrnehmbar … Die Menschen, die dies so feinsinnig wahrnehmen, scheinen wohl jene zu sein die am nächsten an ihrer/der Quelle Natur dran sind. Oder anders ausgedrückt, mit ihr verbunden sind.
Jana Steinke War echt extrem. Hätte fast das gleiche Bild gepostet.
Luciana Rossi Check into the Secret Space Program and its many criminal factions, including Dark Fleet. Starseeds people for instance dont have a human soul but alien soul.. This is the direction to go.
Robert Blank Many of them “volunteered” to come to earth to help with this transition so yes they have an alien soul. The best ones are being sought after and targeted by the MK ultra guys for obvious reasons. Extra wipe of memory is needed.
This fight is a hard slug…….
Luciana Rossi Most of them do not volunteer, they are prisoners just like human souls. They are very much sought for their earlier alien lives. That starseeds are here to save humanity is just a myth.
Robert Blank Did I say save? That is the biggest misconception on this planet and makes the rest of the reply unreadable….
Ingmar Veeck Luciana Rossi They volunteer…but you automatically become imprisoned by the NWO System via myriads of implants and emf grids. That happens inevitably when you descend.
“Don Hyde Some religions or faiths say like Baha’i Faith that they do not believe in reincarnation. While others do. So who is right or wrong or whatever?
Phillip Horsburgh My intuition is that the deception continues after death unless one is aware enough to realise this before death.
Michael Dundee One would hope not to be plagued with dementia when that day inevitably comes ?
Phillip Horsburgh Awareness is eternal, its not lost when consciousness sleeps.
Don Hyde Why The Baha’i say your spirit continues on developing in The Spirit Essence World.
Beth Eyre I think more people in this group have recollections of past lives than those who do not, the numbers would be interesting. My understanding is that we are a human form with a soul (your memory bank of all your past lives (Akashic Records?)) with a Universal Consciousness (interconnected so we all ‘see’ the same thing…more or less 😀 ) Sub-Conscious and Conscious Mind and most importantly your spirit (your Divine Infinite BEing…SuperConsciousness) Your memory is wiped or blocked when you incarnate here.
Robert Blank If we believe the Sumerian records our lovely scientist who “enhanced” us by meddling with out DNA, clamped off the longer lifespan strand (or however you call this) to 120 years. If we were to get older and live longer the chances are you start to educate yourself and grasp why you are the enslaved one and ask questions and probably revolt. They can’t have that. A mandatory wipe of your memory every life is far easier to control.
It seems that ever since we entered a different density of the galaxy we travel through with the solar system we receive info/downloads that leak through and we are starting to slowly remember……….
Robert Blank Now you might understand that the current rulers even think 120 years is too long so lets give them “slaves” poisonous food, water, air and mind programming………death will come even quicker if you cannot bypass this.”
“April 28, 2010
Deathly Airborne Fungus In The USA!!
Scientists are slowly waking up now. Read the article, and see who gets harmed by this fungus. Humans, animals, and insects all get infected, all with symptoms similar to those of a Morgellons fungal infection. The facts are the same as those I wrote under “Epidemiology” about Morgellons spreading. But this deathly fungus is not Morgellons, let’s be clear!!”
“CIA Documents Show How Deeply Doctors and Health Professionals Were Involved in Torture”
“Issues: Torture, Medical Neutrality, Global Torture, US Torture”

Beatrix Gratz Schrecklich, warum reagieren die Menschen nicht endlich ?
Anne Bn hirnmanipulation durch HAARP Elfwellen und Skalarwellen,handy Pc Navi usw…
Beatrix Gratz Marc Lange Sich endlich dagegen wehren, Aufklärung und Fotos wurden genug gemacht .Das meinte ich damit,
Arkadij Friedt Wunderschöne Farbspiele … wenn man nicht wüsste, was dahinter steckt.
Frank Schinner Ueberall gleich,Katastrophe.
Ingmar Veeck: Alles wird wohl denen abhängen, die “ee” im Namen tragen…die breite Masse ist sehr schwer zu mobilisieren (ohne Belohnung)…und ohne direktes Engagement.. Tipping Point / Critical Mass…
Zsanie Ve Bhirke Was ist ‘ee’ ?
Ingmar Veeck da fängt es schon an…das sollte ein Witz sein…schon die Kommunikations- und Kognitionsbasis ist nicht einheitlich..wie wollt ihr dann eine einheitliche Revolution hinbekommen?
Zsanie Ve Bhirke Ingmar Veeck Wieso ‘ihr’ und ‘es fängt schon an’? Es hat damit vor 1000en Jahren angefangen und du hast als erster das Wort ‘einheitliche Revolution’ gewählt. 😀 Es ging um Empörung.
Hast du eine Lösung, dann verrate sie ‘uns’ doch netterweise.’
Ingmar Veeck: Revolution ist die logische Folge von untragbaren Zuständen und einer totalen Militarisierung der Gesellschaft durch den U.S. Kontinent und die EU-Zionisten.
Jason Schulz Die Masse lässt widerstandslos ihren Verstand verblassen und ihr Bewusstsein behindern….und es wird immer schlimmer werden. Es ist wie ein Ball, der den Berg runter rollt. Vielleicht ist es ein Aussichtsloser Kampf.
Zsanie Ve Bhirke Demnach geschieht sie sowieso.
Ingmar Veeck Zsanie Ve Bhirke Nein. Denn das Pentagon will ja alle Hirne bis 2030 unter seine Kontrolle bekommen, deshalb das schnelle Entwickeln von Quantencomputern. Das Human Brain Project (Mastering The Human Domaine) versucht bis 2030 den kompletten Willen der Menschheit zu brechen, bzw. sie so zu implantieren, dass die Kriege in die Wohnungen der einzelnen verlagert werden und die Menschen den Feind im eigenen Körper haben und so gar nicht mehr wehrfähig sind, weil sie intern durch den “Enemy within” schon 10 Jahre vorher ausgeknockt sind und beschäftigt gehalten werden durch die interne und Umfeld-Sabotage. prädiktive- und präemptive Zeitlinien-Sabotage. ..Wenn alle aufwachen…und schnell genug handeln, verlieren sie aber dennoch.
Peter Stingl Solange noch soviele nicht daran glauben, oder sich selbst über die eigene Erkrankung von Ärtzten etwas anderes erzählen lassen, wird es verdammt schwer die Massen zu Protesten zu bewegen. Nichtstestotrotz, ich bin dabei auch wenn wir nur wenige sind.
Zsanie Ve Bhirke Die Masse bekommt das leider garnicht oder nur sehr eigeschränkt und verschwommen mit, es existiert nicht wirklich in ihrer Welt, also unternehmen sie auch nichts. Gestern war ich den halben Tag mit Leuten draußen, die Geoengeneering nicht interessiert obwohl der Himmel dicht war. Dabei habe ich schon selber nicht mehr ‘gesehen’ was für Monsterwolken über uns hingen weil ich so verwickelt in deren Themen war.
“Der gefährlichste Feind der Wahrheit und Freiheit bei uns – das ist die kompakte Majorität. – Henrik Ibsen”
Zsanie Ve Bhirke Das mag so werden, oder vllt auch nicht. Ich bezog mich lediglich auf deine Formulierung ‘Revolution ist eine logische Folge von…’ also müsste es heißen ‘Revolution wäre unter anderen Umständen eine logische Folge…’ Ich traue den Eliten ja auch einiges zu und dass es weit krasser ist, als das was so allgemeinberedet wird, könnte eine Möglichkeit sein. Wenn es Wesen gibt, die das was du beschreibst wollen, werden sie sich keinen Zwang antun, nach wirksamen Methoden dazu zu suchen und sie einzusetzen, vllt auch unter dem Motto ‘doppelt und dreifach’ hält besser. Sie dürften bereits einige Macht haben und ich sehe es teils leider recht ähnlich wie du es beschreibst. Außer es gibt da noch andere Kräfte und Wendungen.
‎Maria Den Breejen‎ – Globale Vergiftung durch Chemtrails & HAARP 7. Oktober 2017: Wie mobilisiert man EMPÖRUNG….?
Wie lange sollen wir der vom DRECKSPACK initiierten Zerstörung NOCH zuschauen…..???

65770cookie-checkCDC has confirmed that Morgellons is a real disease / Lyme is a U.S. Bioweapon / NIH and Digital Dermatosis
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