Ukrainian troops blow up and destroy Russian Z tank

“Ukrainian troops blow up and destroy Russian Z tank”
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“The Sun
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DRAMATIC Call Of Duty-style footage shows the moment Ukrainian troops blast a Russian tank… Putin’s troops can be seen cowering behind the vehicle which has the distinctive Russian Z marking on it.
The footage was taken from a Ukrainian armoured vehicle which came across its Russian foe in a village.
The Ukrainians catch site of one Russian tank and open fire then drive on to the next block.”

“turkey2003: vor 37 Minuten
For those who are curious the vehicle destroyed is a BRM-1k. A armored reconnaissance vehicle developed in the 1990s. It’s max protection is 12.7mm so it didn’t stand a chance against the 30mm cannon being fired. Also in the beginning its hard to make out but he also smokes a tank. Possibly a T-72.
Edit: the vehicle shooting is a BTR-4 and uses a 30mm cannon along with anti tank missles. “

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