Livestream with Dr Rashid A Buttar – Discussion on The Stay Of Action Filed Against the FDA
“Livestream with Dr Rashid A Buttar – Discussion on The Stay Of Action Filed Against the FDA”
“You can’t submit this type of action to the courts,, because in someone’s infinite wisdom the process to get the fda to stop you have to go through the fda as has been passed through legislative action in the past that the first and
foremost recourse that we as a public have is to file
an administrative action with the fda so it’s almost like having the fox protecting the hen house and in order to complain about the hen house being invaded by the fox you have to appeal to the fox, so if that makes any sense,
that’s exactly the situation that we’re in right now so the administrative action this administrative stay of action has
to be filed first through the fda and then the fda’s own division that oversees this will make a decision yes it will
be granted or no which is more than likely they’re going to say no it’s not be granted or no which is more than likely they’re going to say no it’s not going to be granted because again they’re not going to go against themselves right so it’s a very very strange setup and yet that’s the setup that’s been put in place years ago in order to allow the fox to continue to do whatever the fox wants to do.”
“So it’s widely expected the fda is going to grant the emergency use authorization fast track approval for
this vaccine, for this experimental covid vaccine and the reason i say it’s experimental is because that’s exactly
what it is, everyone knows that you know it takes
six seven eight years for a vaccine to go through its
proper channels and even then having said that there’s no safe vaccine using the current administrative protocols that are being utilized that are considered safe.”
“it takes six seven eight years but now they’ve rushed
this vaccine and everyone is excited about this vaccine but think about it for a second this is a vaccine that’s been created against something that is less dangerous than the 2018 flu that is 2743 percent less chance of killing you than
you dying in your car from a car motor vehicle accident
and that’s so that’s what we’re creating we’re creating a vaccine and and against something so insignificant and now the vaccine is going to be thousands of percent time more dangerous than the actual condition that is supposed to prevent you from having and this is the reason that this action was filed the stay of action was filed.. again, remember, you can’t go through the court system you have to go through this administrative action first..”
“the pcr test is designed to check the sequence the genomic sequence of a virus or bacteria or whatever the case is it is not designed to to elucidate whether whether something is
infectious or not now the pcr test is just picking up a signature, so to do the pcr testing for an infectious process would be like … the analogy that i make it’s like taking a camera and testing the water temperature with that camera so the camera is a very good device …it is a good device, but to check the temperature of water no it’s not going to work at all it’s in fact going to be completely faulty there’s no justification to try to use a camera to test temperature of water and that’s the point it’s the wrong tool for the wrong job.”
“So this is absolutely ludicrous to try to say that this is a
pandemic and a second wave and this is a Pfizer’s own former chief science officer saying this alright and of course you know that the german lawsuit against fact-checkers ..e it’s going to force them to prove the legitimacy of these COVID tests.”
“We are not going to be guinea pigs and we’re not going to be
subject to this vaccine that has not had the science that has not stood up to the criteria of scientific process and has
been completely based on faulty data, we’re just not going to do that because..what the consequence is right if we start taking this experimental vaccine all sorts of different health problems the amount of pain and the amount of discomfort and the amount of agony that people have had in the test groups it’s just unbelievable so much more detrimental than the actual viruses caused and then the number of people that have gotten uh sick with uh all sorts of other more significant problems since just transient things like nausea and vomiting and body aches and
they’ve been people that have actually died from the vaccine too but nobody’s talking about that just from the vaccine these were people that were healthy they didn’t have any problems but they took the vaccine then
they died, so we are not going to be subjected to this we i already know i’m not going in there thousands if not millions of people throughout the world that have already
said they’re not going to be subjected to this but this is about public policy and if it becomes public policy they’re
going to roll this out, they’re going to mandate this for
fights for travel they’re going to start …scrutinizing people asking people for papers already in canada they’re stopping people in Vancouver and in the northwest they’re stopping people at routine checkpoints and the police
and the military are checking ids and if the husband and wife or the man or woman or whoever’s in the vehicle if their ids
don’t show the same address they find the driver and they remove the other person and arrest the other person for violating social distancing and allowing people to come together from different families, because you have to
prove that you and the person in the car come from the same household and if you can’t prove it if you can’t show it on the same id they’re going to arrest one and fine the other,
this is ridiculous for something that doesn’t even exist something that doesn’t cause anybody to get sick that’s not
killing anybody or very very few people that’s killing far far far less people than even a car accidents uh cause death so why we’re not preventing people from driving cars, we’re not um prohibiting cars we’re not ..outlawing cars,
so why are we preventing people from traveling or getting on a plane or going into a restaurant um and saying that you have to have a covid testing you have to wear face
masks you have to do .. these other ridiculous things like social distancing because the virus is very sophisticated and knows not to not to mess with you when you’re sitting down and eating but when you’re walking then you know you’re susceptible so now you have to wear that face mask or to
have social distancing…I mean this violates every aspect of common sense.”
“This is what the lemmings do, they go off the cliff, this is exactly what nazi germany did by forcing propaganda into people and changing their common sense, this is why ..when you start seeing how stupid people are that you start wondering maybe it is time for a culling, because people are too stupid to see it from themselves, they’re walking right into this.”

“So this is a strong warning for the U.S. Military about operation Warp Speed. I don’t think, I really need to even say this, but i’m going to say it because it’s a good reminder war criminal’s tribunal at the nuremberg trials and the doctors trial is actually very very relevant here. Adolf Hitler’s personal physician was 43 years old, Karl Brandt and brant
was also the Reich commissioner for health and sanitation and was indicted by the u.s prosecution with 22 other nazi doctors. Brant was found guilty of participating in and consenting to using concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs and horrible medical experiments, supposedly for the benefit
of the armed forces, he was sentenced to death by hanging
along with six of the doctors who received the death sentence. Now why do I bring this up and am I trying to threaten doctors? No. I’m not trying to threaten doctors, but i’m just reminding doctors that they have a ethical and fiduciary responsibility and here’s examples of people that did not follow their their mandate and they suffered the ultimate price, but for even military people remember
that if you’re given an illegal order and you carry it out,
you are guilty of a crime alright, you can’t say that hey i was given an order i’m just following orders you can you can’t get away with that that is not going to be sufficient
alright so if you’re the member of the military and you’re going to be asked to um roll out this mandatory vaccine remember that you don’t end up following an illegal order okay this has happened before especially from when the results are massive deaths and injuries that are coming from
these mandatory vaccines but i personally believe that these
people aren’t going to want it…being a chess player I can see that… you’re preemptively placing your queen and your bishops and your rooks and your castles..I mean your uh bishops and your knights and your rooks and your queen in positions to prevent the opposition from coming in and it’s preemptive, it’s a preemptive positioning, if you will, that’s what i see.”
“at that time the word communism was only feared in the western world, okay, everyone else it wasn’t a big deal now i want you to remember something that is socialism in small doses that leads to communism, now communism, guys, if you look at communism from a philosophical standpoint, it’s a great philosophy, if you’re a sheep or a cow, alright, but
as soon as you enter the factor of wanting to have a better life for yourself or your children so you’ll have somebody that works harder, works longer you know is willing to pay
the price of of more effort as soon as you have somebody like that then communism will never work it’ll never work for humans because there’ll always be somebody that wants something more and is willing to work harder. Communism works fine if there’s no incentive to work communism works fine
if you’re a cow or a sheep or under some other form of herd animal that has no incentive or desire for a better life and it’s fine just chewing their cud in their paddock
but if as soon as you enter the factory of human desire
into it communism will never work socialism will never work it will never be sustained for very long and that’s what the problem is and people forget these idiots that are out
there including one of my own family members who ran on a platform as a socialistic democrat i’m like how stupid can you get did you forget that they have been
literally millions of americans that have died over the last 250 years fighting against socialism. I mean did people just forget that i mean world war one world war ii the korean war and again many of these things were political bs things that we got involved in but it was essentially to prevent the advent of socialism uh taking over our country and now you
know it’s like our forefathers knew they they were so unbelievably aware of what the future would hold that’s one reason they made the first amendment freedom of speech and the second amendment the freedom to bear arms so that you could protect yourself all right they knew that this could happen and this is the reason right now the the aspect of socialism being slowly infiltrated and people thinking that that’s the way to go it just defies any logic if you want socialism hey i’m i have put my life on the line as a soldier
and many millions other of other soldiers haven’t many have already given the ultimate sacrifice of their own life to stand up for freedom so that you could exercise your ability to express your opinion using the first amendment and say
whatever bullcrap you want to say so you want to say socialism is great or you as a communism is great from fine you you were able to do that because people like myself and many others who are no longer with us put our lives
on the line so that you could be as big of an idiot as you want to be so that’s no that’s not a problem but as soon as you start to demand those type of changes happening it’s time for you to pack your bags and get the hell out and go to any one of the many of socialistic countries that are out there
because there’s a hell of a lot of people that want to come over here and and leave their socialistic countries behind
there are more people wanting to come to the united states not because the united states is a socialistic country a communist country it’s quite for the other reason so when
people say that socialism is great or communism is great you know what great if that’s what you believe then pack your bags and get the hell out and go over there nobody’s keeping you from from going over there but now you’re trying to change it over here change it over here when you weren’t willing to fight for freedom and now you’ve got the freedom to actually express yourself so what are you going to do
you’re going to start creating these type of problems start propagating this guy in a garbage you know it’s just amazing to me that this is how people think okay so i just want you to want to go on and talk about how one goes around goes about creating a socialistic state and i want you to see these these aid to levels of control and tell me if you see
any of those happening right now the first one is medical care control the medical care and you will control people
alright i know that this has been something that they’ve been trying to do for years because they’ve come after me so many times, because our message has always been about autonomy and having the freedom to choose the type of medical care you
want so they want to control medical care and and once they control medical care then they’ll control the people second is poverty you increase the level of poverty as high as possible and because poor people are easier to control and not fight if they’re provided with essentials to eat right and actually let me pull let me pull the screen up so you guys can see this because it’ll be good for you guys to be able to read along alright the third and let me just go
ahead and get um let me just make this bigger so you
guys alright so medical care was the first one medical care
um that’s the first one then we’ve got poverty increase that level of poverty as high as possible poor people are easier to control and will not fight if they’re provided
with the essentials to you care of their master’s hierarchy if needs and then they’re not going to be hard to control third one is debt you increase debt to an unsustainable level and that way you can raise the taxes and once you raise the
taxes then you can actually take over by creating more poverty essentially fourth one is to eliminate the second
amendment or if there’s a country that doesn’t have a second amendment essentially take away people’s guns get gun control remove the ability of the individual to defend themselves and their nations and that way then you can increase a
create a police state and take over next one number five
is the well-being of the individual take control of all aspects of the well-being of an individual which means
controlling their income their housing their food and basically taking over their lives because that will only make
that individual dependent on the government because if they have to depend on the government for housing and and their income and food then they become more like docile sheep, because they rely on the government okay next number six is education take away the the ability for them to read books
and in modern day society it comes down to videos and and podcasts and such take away the ability to have
open dialogue and to learn you take control of what people read and what they’re learning and you listen to and ensure the control of what the children are learning in school
and start inundating them with propaganda you can control their minds especially if you can get them before the age of
seven remember what the jesuit said give me a child before the age of seven and i’ll give you the man, number seven is religion eliminate god from the lives of individuals and eliminate god from government and god from school and because people need to believe in something greater if there’s no god
that they’re getting in governments and schools and their lives then they’ll it’ll be replaced with socialism and you
convince them that it’s socialism that’s best for them so you remove the religion or replace it when this indoctrination of this theory of socialism and the last one is you create division you promote the class struggle you divide people into rich and poor or black or white or whatever else
you eliminate the middle class and this would cause more discontent it’ll be easier to tax one group and
with the support of the poor and so you know tell me if any of these eight uh seem familiar to you and all eight are here this is what they’re doing so we are literally
fighting for freedom guys this is not uh theory we are actually in the process of fighting for the future of our country future of our way of life future of our children uture of our children’s children and so do something whatever it is do do something alright whatever you can do do something.”

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