Why YouTube censorship is a dangerous problem

Why YouTube censorship is a dangerous problem
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YouTube removing interviews of COVID19 among other censorship issues is a global problem. Here’s why.”
“YouTube censorship. YouTube censorship and censorship in general across say anything company Facebook, Twitter, any of
these large social media platforms, it turns out to be a pretty big deal actually and it’s one of the issues that
are probably at the forefront of technology is one of the biggest problems right now, so you know I was working over at Google and Facebook as well and I’ve observed this firsthand, so let’s take a look at what this article
says it says YouTube censors video with medical doctors and hydroxychloroquine might help trick Covid-19 and
we see other articles here like ..YouTube has been removing some interview with another professor on Covid and
there’s a bunch of other things like YouTube for example bans the men’s rights community, Twitter bans Zero Hedge and I think Facebook has been banned the articles about anti-vaccine, so essentially what we have here is that a lot of these large tech companies that essentially run communications for the whole entire world are telling everybody what to think, now you can imagine that this this could be a huge issue, because we are losing multiculturalism, right, like you essentially have the mindset the philosophy, the beliefs of the West, of America, of Silicon Valley and that very liberal set of people in Silicon Valley telling the whole entire world how to think and pushing their values their propaganda whatever Silicon Valley thinks is right at this one moment in time is going to be pushed out to the whole world and maybe at some point 10
years later, people are going to figure out that all of our minds have been plagued with this branch of thought that
shouldn’t even be there…and it messes everybody up…and there are a lot of really toxic and sick disgusting people out there… they’re usually outsourced by some companies so they’relike contractors that huge companies like YouTube or Facebook are going to hire these people thousands of these
people relate to go through all of the content and a lot of these people end up with post-traumatic stress disorder issues with their own mentality and then they they actually go back and sue these tech companies for even more money and
so anyways you can see that that was the original intent of content moderation just to keep the really bad stuff off of
the platform.”
“If some celebrity is actually using this medicine or product and they’re seeing real results and the whole thing’s fake
news but through that they’re able to actually sell a lot of products so Facebook said okay they’re just going to
disapprove as of this nature but these people became really creative in order to keep their multi-million dollar
company running and what they did is they instead said they reached out to these group creators page creaters with a
lot of influence and they told these people hey why don’t you just publish our ad as a post and they completely subvert the advertisement system, so Facebook no longer gets to review this stuff each one one by one and so that’s why now Facebook kind of goes in and checks even user content user posts and you can imagine that this sort of problem will happen as well on say YouTube where there are a lot of say
unscrupulous creators who are going to say hey if you have coronavirus or something they’re going to advertise you
some magical medicine, a lot of other people out there the main stream masses they just take things for what it’s worth they’re not really informed about how things on YouTube or
Facebook or Twitter can actually be scams in order to get them to buy certain products or services and so that’s kind of how we got into this whole mess but the problem now is that we have these large tech companies which by this point they essentially run the whole world right like YouTube is
dominating almost the entire world, you got Twitter also dominating huge parts of mental thoughts communication everybody’s kind of thinking about these things that’s how we communicate these days and yet these platforms they are
privately owned enterprises right it’s not free speech really okay.”
“you have this sort of messaging spread out by tech companies then the whole entire world is going to adopt the Western philosophies and specifically Silicon Valley philosophy, mindset, beliefs and the thing is the social media companies since they are private they really have no obligation to allow freedom of speech or distribution they can just allow with everything one other platform like if they just say hey
nobody can be negative on their platform that..they can totally create that type of platform if they want and
if anybody has a problem with it they can go out and create their own distribution platform,, their own video platform or whatever,but the thing is it’s just so hard to compete by thi point .. these tech companies essentially have a monopoly on
communication and there’s very little competition otherwise so in terms of competition.”
“and the Supreme Court essentially dictates what the world is allowed and not allowed to think about.”
“I think what China did was incredibly smart so China just banned all of these social media platforms, it’s interesting in retrospect I can see now why they wanted
control of their communications platform and they realized that this communication was essential to the mindset and the way people think in their country and so they said they’re
going to ban Facebook and ban YouTube and what happened was that number one it fueled their own economy, so the
entrepreneurs within their own country got to compete and they built really great services right really
technological behemoths.”

“The problem with Facebook: “The Audience Problem” (and what they don’t want you to know)
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“that happened to be seen by a boss or a colleague and most likely dispose of people maybe they’re drunk they’re
partying they have a hangover they weren’t intended for their bosses to see now if you were to ask me why I personally don’t use Facebook I think it’s because these social media networks can trap you within your own identity when you sign on they ask you to explain who you’re going to be who your friends are what your interests are and then you
maybe over time you want to change it right like maybe at first you say you like rock music and then every time you
log into Facebook you’re reminded that you’re the type of person who likes rock music and you see all of these related
photos and posts from shared groups and pages and you’ve essentially locked yourself within this echo chamber of
rock music when in reality who knows maybe you would be interested in jazz music as well maybe over time you’ll
find you don’t even really like music you know most of us we have a rock phase in our teenage years and then as we get older we just kind of stop listening to a lot of music
and so part of my fear is that platforms like Facebook will just delay your ability to transform yourself over time
because they constantly come in to remind you who you said you were and take reconfirm your identity every time
whereas I prefer identity to be something a little bit more fluid something I can easily change at a whim compared to something that is being locked down…”

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