Did Jesuits Create the Legend Behind Noam Chomsky?

“Did Jesuits Create the Legend Behind Noam Chomsky?”
“In our most recent Brief, Eric (who is a wealth of knowledge for a young guy), said he believed that the legendary rise of far-Left linguist Avram Noam Chomsky was enabled by the Jesuits. Eric believes they gave the Jewish pundit (whose ideology is Left enough to be called “Communist” without exaggeration or hyperbole) his breakthrough theories in language.”
“As I began looking in to this accusation, I found it carried a shocking amount of circumstantial weight.
Chomsky has had his way paved and paid for him as so many Communist theologians do; by indoctrinating your children in “institutions of higher learning” such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) and the University of Arizona.”
“However, prior to that, Chomsky received his education from an unusual and seemingly humble source; the University of Pennsylvania.”

“Perhaps most interesting of all, is the mysterious Reddit blogger who makes the accusation that the “secular” University of Pennsylvania is secretly run by the Jesuits.”

This adds considerable weight to the idea that Chomsky was handed his linguistic breakthroughs because he wrote his “Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory” the year he received his Doctorate from U of PA.
Was the 27-year-old Jew really that brilliant or was he relying upon the centuries of knowledge gleaned by experts?
From its inception, the “Society of Jesus” (a.k.a. the Company of Loyola9) has carefully trained its priests to go into foreign lands and become foreigners. In China, Jesuits became so Chinese other Catholic orders accused them of watering down Catholicism.
Since then, Chomsky has been a lightning rod for far-Left doctrines that just-so-happen to also be espoused by the Catholic Church; but because he’s a Jew, the Professor takes both the spotlight and the heat.
When the far-Left Huffington Post opined about the need for “social justice” in South America, it lauded Chomsky for leading the Pope Francis charge.
Left out of the article was how the Jesuits invented “social justice” and how it has devastated that continent since the 1700s.
I covered this definitively in my book Illuminati Unmasked.

If the Jesuits run the University of Pennsylvania and if they gave Chomsky his linguistic breakthroughs, then he would be beholden to them and eager to help them in any way he could.
One way would be to keep Murder Incorporated in business.
Although, at the peasant level, Rome pretends to be vehemently “anti-war”, at the control level, all major wars are needlessly created or enflamed by the Vatican.
When I learned this, I shocked even myself (as a so-called “Conservative” who spent his life in the military) by writing an entire chapter in Illuminati Unmasked (Chapter 4) regarding how all modern war is needless and serves the Great Harlot of Babylon in three purposes:”
“I. To make obscene amounts of money.
II. To slaughter the commoners and cull the “useless eaters”.
III. To punish the enemies of Rome.”

“Did Noam Chomsky receive correspondence from Pat Tillman and dutifully turn it over to his friends at the Catholic-controlled CIA?”
“In this interview, Chomsky admits being contacted but refuses to give details.”

“A series of interviews can be found still on heavily-censored YouTube with “Kay Griggs”: a woman claiming to be the ex-wife of a Pentagon Special Operations (Marine Corps) attaché. She makes some shocking allegations about how sexual deviancy, corruption and treason rule the Pentagon.”
“Given the exploits of men like McChrystal and the fact that the foundation for the Pentagon was laid on September 11th, 1941, just a few months before Pearl Harbor,16 based upon the design of the Farnese family castle, they are accusations as plausible as they are disturbing.”

Source: http://johnnycirucci.com/did-jesuits-create-the-legend-behind-noam-chomsky/

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