Anti-Kremlin protests continue in Russia's far east for 24 consecutive days

“Anti-Kremlin protests continue in Russia’s far east for 24 consecutive days”
Moscow — Thousands of people took to the streets in Russia’s far eastern city of Khabarovsk for the 24th consecutive day on Monday, continuing a rare spate of ongoing anti-Kremlin demonstrations in the region sparked by the arrest of a local politician.
Sergei Furgal, who defeated an unpopular incumbent for governor from Russian President’ Vladimir Putin’s ruling party in 2018, was arrested last month on charges relating to murders from 2004 and 2005 and transported to a jail in Moscow. Putin then appointed an acting governor, Mikhail Degtyaryov, who had no connection to the region.
While Furgal’s arrest was seen by many as politically motivated, Degtyaryov’s appointment, which wasn’t welcomed locally, pushed the demonstrations in a more anti-Kremlin direction.”
“Chants of “Russia without Putin,” “We are power here,” and “Give us Furgal back” were heard at the protest on Saturday that drew some 10,000 people despite pouring rain, according to local media. Official estimates put the crowd at roughly 3,500.
While anti-Kremlin demonstrations are common in Russia’s capital Moscow, as well as its second-largest city, St. Petersburg, they are rare in more remote areas.
Sergei Alov, a Khabarovsk resident, told CBS News in a telephone interview he had never witnessed such large protests in the region before. He noted that the popular governor’s dismissal had united both long-time Putin supporters and an opposition-minded young generation.”

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