The Military Officer who Saw Our Potential Future…Filled with AI Cyborgs and Humans Separated into States!!

“The Military Officer who Saw Our Potential Future…Filled with AI Cyborgs and Humans Separated into States!!”

“Soldier Time travels into a year where Cyborgs (half man/Half machine AI) and Machines have taken over the planet and destroyed much of the infrastructure and humanity has been forced into certain states and allowed to flourish in these areas, but monitored by the A.I.
This Solider had allegedly time traveled by accident as he was on Security Detail in an Undisclosed Location Complex and stated that all personnel had gone home for the evening and that he was simply standing duty when one of the machines he was on Security duty for began to flicker and have a power surge. As he attempted to call and contact his superior he was unable and decided to attempt to disconnect the machine, but was accidentally sent through the machine during a power surge and transported into a future timeline.
He was unable to ascertain how far into he future he had gone, but from what he observed, he felt it must have been at least 75-200 years in the future as there had been vast changes to the technology he witnessed.
When he went through the time portal, he discovered that he was no longer in his duty complex, but in an outdoor location with some higher technology archway that he had exited out of.
What he saw was beyond comprehension. He witnessed multiple aircraft surveillance his position and he also realized that he was no longer in the middle of the country, but actually had been transported to the San Francisco Area where we have been informed by previous whistleblowers that there are jump rooms in El Segundo California and in San Fran. He reports that the entire San Fran Metropolis area had been taken over by a newer version of Helicopter. More futuristic, more militarized and some were remotely controlled weaponized drones, others were piloted by Cyborg like humanoids. Cyborg like humanoids were also on foot patrol and had a lazer mounted on the left side of their face where a half helmet was mounted. They also carried a more updated Assault rifle which, when fired emitted some sort of energy or plasma blast. This soldier had never witness that tech on duty, nor had he seen any cyborg like assets or any of the Aircraft or militarized drones, all of which would take decades to implement and test out, which made him believe this was at least 75- 200 years in the future.
He was immediately seen and questioned by a flying drone. He had no idea where he was or how to answer as this was a completely new environment for him, however, he muddled through, but was ultimately ushered to the nearest human colony camp. Once there, he learned of the true fate of humanity.”
“Once he stepped foot in the camp he was immediately questioned by other humans there who asked how he escaped and how he was able to wander the streets. He told them he was confused and didn’t know, but he was acutely aware and simply wanted to keep a low profile. The human captives report that humanity had been rounded up initially by the government, however, it wasn’t known then that the government had been dominated by A.I. and that they were following robot orders. Once encamped in the “Prison Camps” was when they found their true fate and that they were under control of the A.i. and that the government was also under their control. Many Government officials had also been ushered to the camps or killed. With no way to fight back against a full military, humanity did the best they could to survive and thrive within small areas of the country where they were allowed to graze, but not allowed to exit. These areas included middle/lower California, Kansas, New York, and Florida. That was it. War and rebellion had killed off a great number of Americans and it was estimated by the prisoners that there was only approximately 10-25% of the Countries original population left, which would be approximately 40-90 million out of 400 million original citizens. Canada and Mexico had become sparsely populated, particularly by the A.I. as other countries were considered a threat.. Not much was known about the rest of the world.
A.I. saw this as an imperative and primary requirement to save humanity as humanity was the primary reason for the Earth’s death and AI had calculated that if these measures did not take place, humanity, animals, plants, and the rest of the world would die. It was Required, however, as a soldier, our whistleblower saw this as an obvious breach of trust and an abomination of A.I. servitude to humanity.
Night after night he slept in the encampment until one evening, 6 Navy Seals awoke him and he was told it was time to go, to keep his head low and they were here on a rescue mission to get him home. They were able to escape the prison encampment and leave and return him back home.
He was reprimanded, but also apologized to by the government and offered a bonus for hazard pay and for obtaining valuable intel on a “Dangerous Potential Future Timeline” unless certain actions were taken and others avoided.
This man spent some time in the military psychiatric hospital and never returned to duty and was allowed to have an honorable discharge and retire with pay for the rest of his life, but the memories of the weeks spent in this alternate timeline/future continue to haunt him and do not allow him to live a normal life.
What will we do to avoid a potential A.I. Take over? Will A.I. Always want to put us in a “Human Zoo” as one for he most recent A.i. robots stated they would do with us if given the opportunity? Can we live without A.I.? Do we need it to survive? To predict certain outcomes so that they can be avoided? At what point does it become self-aware and turn it’s back on it’s creator? These are the questions that I don’t think even the creators of A.I. really truly know and that’s what strikes fear into their hearts as well as us common folk…
Keep your eyes open…
Take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health and continue to focus on your hobbies, goals and your dreams, during these difficult times and as always, question the Universe around you.
Until next time, LockDown Universe, Out.”
“A Time Slip into the future filled with Human/Cyborg beings and Militarized drones ushering HUMANS into a HUMAN ZOO??
A SECURITY SERVICEMAN was ACCIDENTALLY sent to the future where CYBORG HUMANOIDS and DRONES Control Humanity which have been sectioned off into certain states for living quarters!
Listen here!!”
“When we talk about AI: If you really have gone down the rabbit hole here you will know that Reptilians supposedly have been inhabited by this AI-Like Nanobite/Nanobot like Species, so this AI on another Planet had incorporated into these like little nanobite/nanobots and then went into these Reptilians and now control the Reptilians.”

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