“!Autumn Targeted in NZ: 1500 Abonnenten”
100% this was staged event okay, so then also on the 201 where all of the bigwigs Bill Gates Foundation and many
different other bigwigs and big corporate companies came together to simulate the corona and you can see it right here they also work together and working together with
The Rockefeller Foundation okay and this document which I’m going to show you now it’s called the scenarios for the
teacher of Technology and International Development okay you can find this on the Rock Foundation website okay
now this is the interesting part about this now if this document goes into great details it literally opens up the
Pandora’s box and showing you exactly step by step from the very beginning of their agendas to make the corona as
successful as possible and to go live with it on purpose to justify all of the that you’re seeing right now the
lockdowns the also the forced vaccinations which are coming in now in the near in in the near future, okay, now I found the holy of all holy grails of behind all of these people and
all of the plans I found their master plans, okay, and it is information highway, a lot of you all familiar with the
committee of the club 300 or the committee 300, okay, the committee 300 is a group of three hundred of the most
wealthiest people around the world that have many many different corporate corporations and corporate companies and
these people have high-level influential powers over all global governments worldwide they make in design and create
literally the ability or should I say take total control over the way government is ran everywhere you look at whether it’s in the United States whether if it’s in Europe whether if it’s in Africa even in the third-world countries okay it
literally controls every government and it works very close together with United Nation.”
“This Corona is not a real live pandemic, it is a fraud it is a lie that all the global elites, including all these
corporate club committee 300 and many other members and supporters and sponsors of it we’re all behind staging
the lie as a smokescreen, okay, so I want you all to pay very very close attention to this because it’s going to
really rock your world, because I found the literal holy grail of all damn concealed planning and very very deceitful designs that were created by these very people right here that made everything you see around you come to a reality even though it was a smokescreen that made it possible,
watch careful and they go on to many that they were using crisis actors, okay, acting out all that you see worldwide,
including in Iran, okay, because a lot of the Iranian people are disturbed about how many people are dying in there and
they believe that it’s real, because some of us got that you know influenza some of us got the colds and all this stuff
and they think it’s all related to the corona virus okay but it is not okay it is not just watch me when I say and
listen to what it says on this video real quick.”
“we actually see a backlash against global governance and
actually these two things are links in fact the very there they already identifying a backlash against global governance okay say that’s referring to people like us people like myself who is against one-world government we believe
that everybody should be a governor government of their own a culture of their own not to form any borders together.
There’s no reason into it other than you’re trying to enslave the world that’s the whole purpose while they’re trying to mobilize everything under one central control and this we’re what we have one master one currency one religion and that’s worshipping the Masters so and that that right there I’m
not going to do and we’re not I’m not for this game that they’re trying to do, so anyhow so they’re already been
studying us for a long time they would create you know beta tests to see and study how we would respond and act
upon those beta tests and as way to to set into place laws that protect them with their agendas to go to move forward and to also imprison us if we get too close or try to expose them for their corruptions. They would use all of our
systems and institutions to turn against the American people and also against every individual person worldwide and
their governments were also behind the one-world government.
Iran was behind it, I mean every country Iran, Turkey, all of the Middle Eastern countries were all for the global governance they all already were on board, everything, they were all pretending to be enemies with each other, so that they could keep you always focused on the enemy always creating issues that you focus on the issues instead of focusing on what these SOBs were doing behind the scenes and now you see exactly what they were doing they were not just creating a one-world government, they were going in detail
with their one-world government and you notice how he calls us out and causes nationalist backlash against globalization that’s what he says right here and that’s what he was talking
about about the backlash.”
“Corona as a smokescreen so that all of these places that in these little ideas and that they’re trying to come up with
the put you all on the spectrum, on a global control grid and 5g was the chosen grid they want to put you in, in other words every man will be microchipped and they will be entered
into the 5g network where they can share and transfer information about you all and transfer information about you all over the world… in a millisecond , so you can see the infrastructures, okay, cities …digital identity okay that’s
one that therefore the five g is about the biometrics okay being implanted in everybody but notice how it’s all hidden under the corona screen under the corona smoke screen okay cybersecurity financial and monetary systems banking in capital markets so they can now control you all of your banking movements and activity worldwide under one central control system no matter what you do they do it it belongs to them they aren’t they controller they do whatever they want
with your money they could even make your money delete it on your account and you will be completely deleted from
surviving in this new world order. Supply chain and transport this is right here the banking in capital markets okay international security on on Internet of Things and healthcare delivery , geo-economics and global risks okay you
can go on and on and on and on and on five spectrum to see what that goes in okay and it gives you it focuses on
changing in the cities and urbanization infrastructures, future of computing public financing and social protection and sustainable development and me guys I am telling this stuff is big, big, you can’t make this stuff up. I told you already, we found the Holy Grail, we told you these people, the corporate companies, were the ones behind all these games
they were the ones promoting this they’re the ones constantly building and building and building and building the ability and using staged actors to act out these scenarios that they were designing, so that they can get all of your freedoms 9/11 was created by these people. Now you ask were these people from? Mossad, Kabbalah, every one of them, they’re all members of the Kabbalah, everyone of them, they are all members of the Kabbalah, Illuminati, the Freemasons, the
Skull & Bones, this is what you’re seeing guys, this is their work, the art of the demons, this is what they do best sitting and planning and planning how they can destroy the lives of every human being on the planet and also creating
subhumans and artificial intelligence, you remember we cover that a while ago let’s go and do that right now artificial intelligence right here ok that’s going to be under the five create the five value creation okay and it goes into also Republic of Korea and automotives okay controlling the automotive industry, internet and things and infrastructure future and economics and sustainable developments and eight
and agile governance and digital communications and also European Union retail consumer goods and lifestyle…. artificial intelligence, which is right here, use of robots, making us either subhuman or using robots to replace the
humans all together.”
“human control, look that over autonomousd weapons okay shaping trustworthy artificial intelligence and tiny robots
with giant potentials okay and when humans become cyborgs…that´s brutal guys.”
“the gap between the need for elderly caregiving and existing supplies is widening, by 2060 there will be only one caregiver in europe for every 51 people aged 80 or older, according to the European Commission’s projections,
as elder caregiving needs a needs increase in so-called care economy is emerging, it is having a significant impact on the workforce as it leads to increased absentism and decreased productivity, okay, hinders gender and say they’re
talking about killing them, they’re talking about eradicating this problem. Guys, they’re talking about killing our
elderlies and this is what they’re referring to they’re not no problem to our society. The elderly are never and has
never been a problem to our society we have always managed to work around them, even new companies emerge and keep the
economy going as long as these companies are going gives people employment and also keeps the cub economy going, you see how these son of a bitches keep lying and keep building and building up and reason to do away with people and to do
away with a membrane change that goes into a negative direction instead of a positive direction, they’re looking at is a headache, a problem in these to be addressed.”

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