Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The REAL EVIL – Bill Gates & Robbie F. Kennedy, Jr.- Two Heads of the Same Coin.

“Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The REAL EVIL – Bill Gates & Robbie F. Kennedy, Jr.- Two Heads of the Same Coin.”
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Dr.SHIVA and a Mother of an unvaccinated child share the Ultimate Truth about the REAL EVIL – the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment Robbie F. Kennedy, Jr. and Bill Gates – the true enemies opposing the Revolution for Truth Freedom Health, Bottom’s Up from WE the People.”
“Learn, Teach and Serve.”
“As a humble catalyst.”
“We all want Truth, Freedom and Health.”
“I don´t need the views.”
“From Political Systems there are forces of..what you would call the obvious Establishement, then there are the forces of all of us out here, change makers, bottoms up, and then there is a 3rd Force is called the not-so-obvious Establishment, which in many cases is more evil than the Establishment..
how the manipulate public opinion..Then they victimize, they actually find other minions, proxies, to promote their views, so they appeal to the masses. In fact they try to impose new leaders on movements. … To manipulate people. Right when movements come bottoms up.. Right when a real Leader comes bottoms up, to be your true warrior, to be one of your knight fighting for truth and to inspire you to fight what the not-so-obvious Establishment does is that they try to impose fake leaders, fake proxies.”
“So let´s go back to some basic physics here.”
“In fact the entire Kennedy Clan needs to get out of the way, because they are the institutionalized not-so-obvious Establishement.”
“Nell Powers: ​RFK is against Vaccines but he is with the Deep State.”
“tkcobaugh: ​Kennedy is anti vaccine. Why would you discredit his efforts? Just because he is anti trump? Disappointed.”
“F Dijkstra: ​London Real is Mason!!!”
“THISWORLDIS CRAZY: ​Dr Shiva is The Lone Ranger.”
“Holy Cats!: ​>>>You Tube Chat is not monitored<<<”
“Anonymous: ​there is a division in the Kennedys, RFK Jr. was always the good guy, my opinion, so i’m surprised.”
“Virginia Fascetto: ​London real is fake people wake up.”
“JOHNNY_NonStop Inc.: Bbill Cooper was right.”
“In this exercise here is both of these individuals that you’re going to find out work together to want to impose an
operating system on all of us, you see Mr. Gates understands operating systems, he stole one and sold it later to IBM
and that’s why he was able to monopolize the entire personal computing market for many many years, because he owned the OS
then he started owning the apps on it. Mr. Gates and Miss Clinton what they want to do is they want to own our
operating system and what is that operating system that operating system is a human immune system, because by
owning the immune system which is imposing mandated vaccines, the opportunity for them is to ensure that all a big pharma which are their partners will own a piece of the pie a
multi trillion dollar industry, that’s what’s going on here, they created this fake hoax this entire ..quote-unquote pandemic to put the fear of God into us and therefore we will bow down to enslavement to.. immunity cards etc and mandated vaccines., that’s what this is about, this is not about
Public Health and both of these individuals here both of them are part of a grand global elite movement to ensure that all of us are mandated vaccinated that we lose our freedom, because they serve their masters which is Big Pharma one of the important things you’ll see here as I walk you through this M0. Gates created the vaccine Alliance Gabi and Miss
Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative got about a hundred million for one of their initiatives within the Clinton
Global Initiative and .. hundreds of thousand dollars directly and that came from the Gates Foundation, so that’s they have a direct relationship so there’s nothing you know
that everyone should not know these people aren’t two separate individuals they’re tied at the hip they’re tied at
the hip as a part of this entire movement of the global elite for mandated vaccinations and there’s a motivation for this, because they as you’ll see shortly the entire pharmaceutical industry is failing and what they need is they need a new
revenue source which is vaccines.”


“I believe if we all get this we can change this fast.”
“Monsanto and Bill Gates are top donors to the Clinton Family
Foundation so they’re very closely connected he donates money to her and Monsanto has donated money to her.”
“You see the celebrity culture of this country, the Hollywood culture, the Kennedys, many people can get, very
nice people, can get victimized that’s the other piece, brainwashed by these people: oh my god it’s the Kennedys, oh my god it’s the Kennedys why are you attacking the Kennedys, because the celebrities and the Hollywood culture are used to manipulate people.”

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