MMA Hero Fights All Challengers AND China’s Social Credit

MMA Hero Fights All Challengers AND China’s Social Credit
Feb 6, 2020
“The David Knight Show”
“An inspiring tale of one man who had everything taken from him, punished by China’s social credit system because he offended the nationalistic pride of President Xi. Bloodied but unbowed, this MMA fighter embodies the indomitable human spirit in his physical and political fights. And his persecution is a warning of what’s coming to the West.”
“We are walking in lockstep into a medieval type of darkness where we have a totalitarian society, supported by technology and if we don´t wake up and do something about this we are going right down the path if China.”
“It´s not just about Fake Martial Arts…He thinks Tai-Chi is great, as aerobics, exercise for the elderly.. and it´s great stretching exercise and so forth, but …if they want to do this in terms of Martial Arts, you have competition, I don´t have an opinion… the nationalistic pride of these traditional Martial Arts Forms…China is extremely sensitive about these issues of national pride.”
“The Fake Martial Arts Guy, so obviously he has never been in a fight before. Even if he is a supposedly a Master of this No-Touch Martial Arts, he had never been hit in the face before.”
“To me we are watching an old man being violently humiliated on what has to be the worst day of his entire life…65 years old..the level of delusion that brought him to these moments. His psychic abilities were not working these day…his no-touch fighting style..I see people, vulnerable people..what they are being sold is an empty lie..something that would fail them in their most dire moments of life.”
“China is the beta test side.”
“The ridiculous stuff, like the No-Touch Martial Arts
and how this guy, who is a Master of the No-Touch Martial Artists, what happened to him the first time when he got punched in the face. The first time he got touched. (Laughing)”
“He himself is nothing special, he is just a mediocre MMA Fighter, past his prime.”
“He says: I am just a mediocre MMA-Fighter. He is 41 years old and you can see he is not in the best shape, but it was unacceptable what happened. Now first of all when he scoffed at the guy, they doxed him and his family, which put him in danger, because these people, the pride there involved in that, they would kill him for that and so then when he does accept, because they did the doxing, that makes him mad and so he accepts the offer, the goes there and he takes on this Tai-Chi Master, takes him out in 30 Seconds and now he has got a bigger problem, he has President Xi and the chinese social credit system that is going to punish him.”
“The Chinese Government really wishes he wasn´t doing what he is and so a campaign of Harassment, Censorship and Humiliation has begun against him. He has his Gym closed down, his social media accounts deleted, he has been forced to apologize, he has been fined 10000 of thousands of dollars forcing him to move out of his home, his fights have been shut down by the Police, he has been accused of being a spy and has even been harassed and ostracized. This Clip is showing a group of 8 Tai-Chi students blocking Xu from leaving his hotel…When he was disowned by his martial arts gym where he told for 20 years…emotionally charged life stream, as the 40 years old martial arts breaks down
in tears recounting the isolation and torments his family had to endure.”
“This all came to an absurd climax, when in 2018 Xu faced his most high profile opponent, the Wing Tsun Master Din Hao.
… for spitting in the face of chinese values. In front of an audience of Millions..and from here the Wing Tsun Master is repeatedly pummeled and hurled to the ground..and finally after his sixth knock-down with 40 seconds left in the first round…and Xu is still taking on Martial Arts Masters remaining undefeated after 17 fights and continues to endure a campaign of harassments and humiliation.”
“He has got a belly, he is 41 years old, but he keeps going.”
“You can´t stop me from fighting.”
“An indomitable guy, you cannot dominate his spirit, you cannot dominate that. I look at that as one of the most inspiring stories.. You think the Chinese Government wouldn´t lie? Whether it is bioweapon or whether it is out of control Air Pollution… The Hero who is standing for the integrity for what he does and what he says, no matter what they throw at him.. but the Chinese Government is destroying everything in his life and they are taking away everything from him. It is wonderful to see the human spirit alive in that man.”
“Why they stole all this bioweapon technology…to be seen as the dominant power. Can you get any Truth out of these people? NO, you can´t…I am talking about the tyranny.”
“This is an opportunity to confront Reality of what is going on in all our bioweapon labs. All this stuff blew up in 2015..Sending live anthrax to people and then they discovered suits with holes in them.. and of course the CDC is doing this all the time. Bringing in diseases and making them more lethal and making them more easily spread..whether it´s our country or their country or whether it´s done accidently or deliberately, it´s going to happen, sooner or later.”


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