Is The Kabbalistic Tree of Life A F@&king Joke?

“Is The Kabbalistic Tree of Life A F@&king Joke?”
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Lord Osiron
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I’m taking this back to the basics to show why I say the Qabalistic Tree of Life is misrepresented in mainstream Occult circles. Using the Single Digit Code I’ll show why my True Tree is a better and much more congruent way to represent the Tree of Life…The Jewel of Creation.”
“Tree of Life from the Kabbalistic perspective is this
basically the pre-formation aspect of reality it explains the formation process from godhead to the physical material world and this is separated into four worlds… and these
three upper worlds are pre-physical and this is physical but that’s the exact opposite of what this really is what this really is it’s the whole thing, these three upper levels are the physical reality, including your body and this ten here is representing what we consider Godhead in…”
“I used to call this the tree of death and stagnation, but that only applies if you present it the way the Kabbalists presented it, but this is actually a very ingenious structure …and this structure is the true Tree of Life.”
“When you apply the proper creation of the
physical material is actually very ingenious because it goes through the 1 through 9 which is the physical body and
the 0-point, the physical, but it’s not really zero, because I always say there is no such thing as 1. There’s only a 0-2, because the reason I say that is, because consciousness by default is a dual state, as soon as you become conscious, it is automatically two states, there is no one, okay, so what that means is the zero state of zero and one zero state
when consciousness develops becomes a 1, so without consciousness, just a still dead body, it would be 0 and 1, but with consciousness, it becomes a 1 and a 2, zero becomes a 1 and the body that was 1 becomes a living 2 – so 0 & 1 & 1 & 2 are interrelated and the only difference is life ok so what happens on this tree is you go through the body in the 10 represents the zero point is which is what this is in relation to the physical body…If you apply the proper overlay it’s very ingenious and this is a physical body and the elements…”

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