Fake Metaphysics & the new-age movement

“Fake Metaphysics & the new-age movement”
“Fake metaphysics, New age movement, Spiritual Nihilism, Spiritual Materialism, Alan Watts exposed”
Conspiracy Revelation: 23.1.2020: Alan Watts is really a lower middle quality Zen philosopher, but promoted as if he would be the absolute hype at Facebook.
“Be here now be in the present moment you know sit with a straight spine a you know a tight specific type of yoga posture wear certain robes the burned sandalwood
incense this sort of spiritual materialism this this ritualistic crap has no connection to metaphysics and I
mean not there’s not even a single iota of logic that would ever connect .. people especially stupid Americans and Europeans they get engaged into this garbage that and people that taught that like Alan Watts who was a
drug-using loser sorry but he was he’s a drug-using loser there’s countless thousands of books and like see you’ll
see them at retail bookstores and this is the crap that people read I can always tell you how stupid someone is
what but your favorite spiritual book you know I’ll just use their language because the real word is metaphysics and
that stuff isn’t metaphysics at all but you’ll use the word spiritual because that’s the common vernacular for thee
for the layman who is engaging the spirit what’s your favorite book and they’ll tell me something now the Dalai Lama…there you go down the list of this superficial human fecal matter that people not only read and life’s too
short to read crap that’s my motto my tattoo that is right on my forehead not literally life’s too short to read crap
and it is that’s the stuff people believe in I was like yeah that’s my stuff man I I clear my mind out and I be
in the present moment…Oh animals are always in the present
moment, so your idea of metaphysics is emulating a dumb animal and now I love animals, but so yeah you think it’s good the emulating a dumb animal right you know you’re doing everything like a dumb animal.”

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