Be prepared to be betrayed by your family and friends in the last days!

“Be prepared to be betrayed by your family and friends in the last days!”

“Donald Wigfield: vor 2 Jahren: He is right your family an friends will betray you in the last days.”
“Michelle Antonette: vor 1 Jahr: My own son has betrayed me through his Jezzabe wife. She turned him again st me for my beliefs. It’s heartbreaking. The rest of my family 4 brothers we don’t speak.. My parents are dead. I have one person in my life that’s it. I have the lord that’s all I need.”
“Grandma Patty: vor 2 Jahren: I have been betrayed by father, mother, sister, brother, husband, and children. I am ready to walk away.”
“Indiana patriot: vor 2 Jahren: its already happening with my family.”
“Poly Gone. vor 1 Jahr: My family is already lukewarm with me, I can’t imagine how they’ll be in the last days.”
“Sue Litz: vor 2 Jahren: you speak the truth.”
“WiseToLies: vor 2 Tagen: He’s biased being a single child with no siblings.”
“Bill Wolfram: vor 2 Jahren: The road is narrow !! Faith in the Most High God is the only Way !!!”
“Sue Litz: vor 2 Jahren. I love my family but they will betray me.”
“Devorah Carlisle: vor 2 Jahren: HARD TRUTH BROTHER…”
“Just Sayin’: vor 2 Jahren: You are young, but, wise.”
“carri rcarriwill: vor 3 Tagen: my family is on drug and they are betraying me. the other don’t talk to me. I isolated.”
“Hiya Dewd: vor 1 Jahr: It sounds like there are some targeted individuals that have commented. Goes with the persecution of the end times.”
“Saved Seeker: vor 1 Jahr: Been betrayed by everyone I thought were my friends, test the spirits.”
“noel bantola: vor 1 Jahr: Friends and family will betray you and it is happening to many people.”
“Crisis Cast: vor 11 Monaten: I have been betrayed by almost everyone, I have ever loved. I am new and I subscribed. Thank you, great video.”
“Zell dincht: vor 8 Monaten: From my understanding this 5g might have something to do with killing each other. Seems like the war horseman.”
“Ashley Riddle: vor 1 Jahr: Thank you for speaking truth. I’m dealing with this now with a very close family member.”
“dragdragon23: vor 1 Jahr: I’ve learned a very hard lesson with family and friends.”
“Patience Hopkins: vor 1 Jahr: Well it must be the last days damn it.”
“The nations or the True Blood descendants.. I see them these
people waking up and starting down the path of righteousness against and we were an error here we’re an error here
I’m gonna do whatever I can with the son of the stranger like myself or he bridge light it’s just like and we got to get
back to the old paths and people hate you for it, so it should show you that there the divisions already there I
mean .. Roman pagan calendar and go do your little
religious fake gatherings and all your fake festivals and all your abominable things you do or you know you can be the
outcast of society and do like myself and try to get back to the old past be hated by everybody for it, neglected, shun, rejected by your family and friends, but I tell you folks it ain’t need to pass the walk so that’s just goes to show you that really at the end of the day I mean you you can kind of see where that you know your options live with that then I use folks will say yeah at the end they still be very careful as I am this video always be very careful from this day
forward who you trust you tale or you show because you know right now you have a good time. I think we have some few
good years left to prepare and it’s probably gonna start going downhill very fast at lightning speed.”
“I always have a back-up plan, because the time is going to come and people is going to sell you and you need to pull the greatest disappearance act that you ever can. I’m not saying try to work magic, I’m talking literally just disappear off the face of the ability of people, because people will, they will sell you out one day …they rather love a lie more than truth to walk in darkness.”

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