Passio Explains The Goddess, Conscience…

“Passio Explains The Goddess, Conscience…”
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“The goddess represents the intuitive side of our consciousness, it represents conscious conscience, the ability to know right from wrong and that is a
protector energy, it is also the aspect that gives birth to the male principle the savior of the world the enlightened neocortex here we see Mary the Sacred Feminine the limbic brain the Queen of Heaven she´s giving birth to the Immaculate Heart of Jesus, the savior of the world, she is standing on top of the serpent here, the reptile, she´s conquering the r-complex, the limbic brain where emotion is born where care is born in us, when we listen to our intuition and listen to our inner knowledge of right and wrong we conquer the reptile aspect of ourselves and we give birth to the son of the Godhead and here you see the dove above her head and here you see the 12 stars depicting the 12 houses of the zodiac in this image is even more clear
how she is a feminine protector the Queen of Heaven illuminated by the Rays of the Sun is wearing the dark cloak of the heavens the the dark cloak with the Stars is better than that because she is the Queen of Heaven you know the crescent moon because she´s the one who knows she´s being crowned by the eagle as the Queen of Heaven and she
is acting as the protector of innocence, the inner child, conscience, care and again she´s giving birth to the male Savior figure, the neocortex, the divine child, the Sun, Jesus and she is holding the serpent… in that case the sea serpent or the reptile hold that the limbic brain, holds the reptile complex at bay when we make a deep connection with it and we get into our intuitive sight and we care that´s when a conscience is born from and that´s why this goddess is seen as a protector, she´s seen as the watcher of the torch of freedom and liberty, because we have to get in touch with that sacred feminine side of ourselves in order to truly bear conscience and freedom into the world. (Mark Passio)(2013)”

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