New Human Hybrids Are On Earth and They Have Abilities That We Cannot Comprehend

“New Human Hybrids Are On Earth and They Have Abilities That We Cannot Comprehend”
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Is Homo Sapiens Sapiens being assisted by NHI’s to evolve through a series of complex programs into a new ‘upgraded’ species? What is the evidence? How is Contact with NHI’s linked to human labels: Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, ‘letter people,’. Are the labels indicating a genetic dysfunction or possibly an orchestrated phenomenon to upgrade humans? Why do some individuals feel more connected to ‘non-human intelligences than their human family? If so, what does this mean for our species? The late Command Sergeant Robert Dean mentioned his time with NHI’s was shown by them ”Humanity is a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece.” Are we indeed an evolving species being assisted to discover who we really are? If so, what does this mean for humanity?”
“The indigenous tribes may try to emulate the gods, they in fact they were the gods, with these kinds of skulls and it’s
everywhere and in every country we found these particular skulls and here’s another one Akhenaten’s bone is denser
and fundamentally different to the right normal bone in a similar mummy, so the ancient gods, really interesting, isn’t it? How through mythology and we’ve heard about these gods, all over the globe, many different kinds.
What I wanted to show you here is the Mantid.
Many many thousands of people have interacted with
Mantid beings, they’re known, as I say, across the globe.
In Australia they’re called the Mamu, but this is a picture
taken from South Africa of the Mantid beings and this is what they say the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the hoser,
called the Mantid being the one who teaches and point to the sky, in Bushman legends the Mantis was the God who came down from the heavens to share knowledge with mankind and reported to be ancient, wise and master geneticists. I was talking about this this morning.
The gods then gods of mythology and religion are they extraterrestrials after all archaeological and
anthropological evidence of visits by many of them interpreted as gods. When we look and see Ganesha, the Indian God, the one below is drawn by an experiencer, called Jane. This God visited her, so are they really gods or are they non-human intelligences that may have appeared like gods, because of their abilities and their technology.
One of the things that has been fascinating is how much the
children and teenagers with conscious memory have told me about how they understand their hybrid nature they are
quite comfortable with it and this is Zach who at the time was only 16 and this is what he said the hybrids are expressing their consciousness through their DNA as is the new human the hybrids are part of the new human archetype we are evolving into, the label’s don’t matter, the humans are evolving, our DNA is advancing and will express it in any way possible and it’s contained in our DNA, there is scalar printed memories of all other beings in our DNA, has passed through. We can express it in the new human template, we express it in the hybrid forms, such as Indigos, crystals,
etc.. it’s the energy they’re expressing or perceiving through their reality lens and what they’re emitting, so he’s giving us a real insight into how different these upgrades of hybrids are. Scientists now, and I mentioned this this morning, admit there’s a second code which controls the genes.”

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