Report #156: Interview with David Johnson: On Rights, Citizenship, History, & Reclaiming Your Power
“Report #156: Interview with David Johnson: On Rights, Citizenship, History, & Reclaiming Your Power”
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Wide-ranging and probing conversation with expert researcher and scientist David Johnson on questions of corporations versus countries, the constructive frauds overlain variably over humanity from the fraud of the birth certificate to the fraud of US citizenship (which turns out to be indebted slave-ship to the UNITED STATES corporation, run by the Vatican), the fraud of fiat currencies, taxpaying, mortgages, the IRS (a private corporation based in Puerto Rico), bank loans, trusteeships versus becoming the beneficiary, all-caps dog Latin versus autographing your name using correct-sentence-structure-communications-parse-syntax-grammar, the lies of history and the cabal writing our history books, the truth of being born free, not enslaved, as a living being who unfortunately now has to sort out all these frauds in order to understand natural God-given rights, and claim one’s own power within the Machiavellian ever-encroaching, never-content Matrix.”
“The black squirrel lost his turf battle with the Vatican and of course the environmentalist won the battle but the war was won by the Vatican because the Vatican just win
all the people in DC what they wanted, because that’s who owns the United States is the Vatican.”
“RD: so the Vatican tells the United States corporation that’s sitting in the halls of the Capitol?”
“Well, the United States, as you know, it’s a banking receivership, that´s started back in the late 1800 and they took over and created a government for the District of
Columbia, some called the act of 1871, but it’s really called the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, so the United States got its own government for the District of Columbia which basically means that it’s a government of a private corporation with jurisdiction over DC, it’s not a country, it’s a banking receivership.”
“Some people are gonna get angry when they hear this but the so-called founding fathers a lot of them were insiders for the crown.”
“RD: So they were really on the British side even though they were fighting to be free of the British.”
“GANG STALKING AUSTRALIA: ​the Vatican has been infiltrated a long time ago by the people you’re not allowed to speak about.
Carol Denino: ​Your are so right! Gang Stalking!
Barry White: ​(((DUTCH)))
Barry White: ​Bank Of International Settlements.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​USA Corp..
jesus jones: ​Black money!!
future knowledge: ​the rich get richer.
jesus jones: ​black money is not paid any tax.
jesus jones: ​nothing to do with jews.
jesus jones: ​This is ROthschilds that are not jewish.
Jennifer Burns: ​Big companies are making so much money off of torturing innocent citizens.
jesus jones: ​SATAN is corporation.
jesus jones: ​No such beings exist, it’s all hidden.
jesus jones: ​Fiction brought to life but through a deception in text.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​It’s all set up for them. We are slaves.
jesus jones: ​Romney stewart is amazing at uncovering info.
future knowledge: ​money so big, it corrupt entire police departments.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​Isn’t it just so convoluted.. Wow
future knowledge: ​money so big, it corrupted most of the intelligence agencies.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​Yes future excatly.
future knowledge: ​money is power and power is money.
future knowledge: ​more correctly said: wealth is power and power is wealth.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​It’s like the jails and anywhere they can incarcerate anyone. They make money per head…
Carol Denino: ​What about the cashless society that’s coming?”
“RD:but you see there is something else that’s going on right now and that is the surveillance state, the fusion centers, right? The FBI i stelling stories to people, putting people on watchlists.”
“Well,.. comprehend who the FBI is, the FBI is done but a debt collector for what they call tax cheats of the Federal Reserve, they’re agents of the crown, if they had the IQ higher than a fish they’d be able to figure out what they were doing this by reading they don’t read they, don’t read. The US is the UK, the US and the United Kingdom are the same thing.”
“Well, step you have to stop being the taxpayer right forgive me but I’m gonna do this when you hear that you have to stop being the taxpayer, that means don’t be stupid, you have to stop
being the taxpayer, that means do your booking entry under 12 USC 401 one then you have to do all the paperwork to tell your boss to stop taking money.. Well, they all figure it out , because that’s gonna require them to do a lot more thinking that than they’re doing right, now a lot of people who are observers, but they won’t actually do this the deeds, they have to do a live life plan..”

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