HR1111 Literally Turns The US Into The United Nations New World Order!

“WE’RE DONE FOR! HR1111 Literally Turns The US Into The United Nations New World Order!”

“29.010 Aufrufe•31.10.2019: Lisa Haven: 426.000 Abonnenten”
ashley spitzer: vor 3 Tagen: When they say Peace and Safety sudden destruction will follow.
kris c: vor 3 Tagen: THERE IS NO PEACE WITH MAN / NWO AKA THE ONE WORLD SYSTEM. ONLY CHRIST IS THE TRUE PEACE . 1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
larry craddock: vor 3 Tagen: @kris c Powerful verse of scripture! God bless!
renda Seigler: vor 3 Tagen: Yes that is prophecy.
Patti Chambley: vor 3 Tagen: When they say peace and safety then the end will come.
ElvisMckim: vor 3 Tagen: The Bill is treason against the US Government!
jeff: vor 3 Tagen: blue hats , the u.n. are invaders.
Drew Taylor: vor 3 Tagen: The UN peace keeping force would be a foreign invasion..
Brian Deacy: vor 3 Tagen: Also the U.N.has a compound in Utah. We. Need to get the UN out of this country !
Swift Bird vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): The UN being in control through HR 1111 is a precursor or setup for a bait and switch for the Sanhedrin’s ‘70 Nations’ to take over and fill the void after the UN goes broke. Beware the gulags and guillotines!
Irby Swatsell: vor 3 Tagen: Civil war is on the horizon. Get prepared NOW!
Kath Bowring: vor 3 Tagen: It’s sad that everything the government seems to do turns into a control mechanism.
Dandahermit Seals: vor 3 Tagen: That’s the definition of the word — Government-‘– Duh???
Jon Sinkkonen: vor 3 Tagen: Govern=rule Ment=ment.
Arsenio Delacruz III: vor 3 Tagen: Lock and load enemy is about to kick the door in …
Theresa Savoy: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): The UN is just a front for the Rothschilds…..that’s already been exposed.
Eugene Boyd: vor 3 Tagen: Just looked up HE 1111. HMMM does this apply to the DEMON CRATS as well?
Steve Vachaviolos: vor 3 Tagen: U are aware there are bases here in the u.s. Loaded with U.N. vehicles.
Daniel Saxton: vor 3 Tagen: Sounds like the “Third Reich” to me…!
L Kimberly: vor 3 Tagen: If so, “continued…”
A1A Roadside Assistance of Charlotte ROAD ANGELS: vor 3 Tagen: ENEMY Of The STATE “We The People” USA, Inc. 1871.
F Abey: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): 2:30 “This lady is for globalism.” All politicians are for the NWO.
Salpertia: vor 3 Tagen: Lol. The return of Jesus. Yeah that’ll be peaceful.
CAROLINA PATRIOT: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): I’m 68 years old, I have never shot anyone, but that status is highly likely to change if UN personnel start populating my area…
Brian Thompson: vor 3 Tagen: Using ‘peace’ to destroy the US constitution, individual liberties, the USA as a soverign nation and establishing a global dictatorship! Count me out! True peace comes through the Prince of peace – Jesus Christ!
Off Grid Junky: vor 3 Tagen: Things are moving so fast….Birth pains are here folks..!!!!!
Justice Traveler’s: vor 1 Tag: They have compounds everywhere. Main headquarters is New York. Are The People ready for War? It is here on America’s soil.
Merlin Hathaway: vor 3 Tagen: The U N blue helmets make a damn good target We will never be a N W O.. I am a Vietnam veteran…
Jim Taylor: vor 1 Tag: I’m a USAF vet. I’m with you. It’s our duty.
Justin Ferguson: vor 3 Tagen: Kick the UN the hell out of America I never pledged allegiance to the UN. Treason !
Bay: vor 3 Tagen: UN = a new religion usurping the role of Christian belief of peaceful existence.
María Garcia: vor 2 Tagen: Will never happen a pipe dream for the evil elite demons. They’re all going down with it to hell.
Susan Graham: vor 3 Tagen: Even so come quickly Lord. I’m praying for people to wake up.
Bronco 95: vor 2 Tagen: To silence and control patriots, and to destroy America is “UN peace”. Hot civil war any minute.
KAL EL: vor 3 Tagen: Can you imagine a U.N. peace keeping force in Chicago?
John Young: vor 3 Tagen: KAL EL They would become Rat food !
John Abel: vor 3 Tagen: they wouldn’t make it through the first night.
Denise Bridges: vor 3 Tagen: When they speak of peace…..destruction.
Kevin Lee: vor 2 Tagen: Everything under the guise of peace. The system conquers the world through peace. Fake peace, that is!!!
Connie Hedges: vor 3 Tagen: The UN is a joke when it comes to peace keeping. Just look at the middle east. This makes me want to buy a gun myself.
ThatDude: vor 3 Tagen: Add in the advanced armed robots and it’s a wrap. They don’t miss.
Buddy Mckimmey: vor 2 Tagen: The home of the UN is in the little city of new york.
Scott Ferguson: vor 3 Tagen: NWO and depopulation are the TWO main things on the United States agenda! FACT!!!
The beloved daughter of Gihon Yah: vor 3 Tagen: Folks, the new world order is here ever since the creation of the dollar. It says on it “novus ordo seclorum”. What this bill will do is bring ONE WORLD ORDER.
Ed Ca: vor 2 Tagen: the Crooks are cleaning California and making land CHEAP for Chinese Communists and other Communists SOBS.
David Rife: vor 3 Tagen: Screw the UN. Just because some lawless congressman push through a law, dose not mean that the people will follow a unconstitutional law!
Bruce Diehl: vor 3 Tagen: 1111. The number alone means God’s wrath. This is punishment. He is allowing this.
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.11.2019: Hm..very interesting stuff what you all write…makes the big puzzle clearer to solve.
Billy Dean: vor 3 Tagen: And another federal government to be controlled by the UN/NWO….
Dee Dee: vor 3 Tagen: If it’s about saving lives why are they spraying poision in our skies, poison gmo foods, poison vaccines, poision Flouridated water…
VanGilder Michael: vor 3 Tagen: the one that surprise me the most is, I can’t believe it took this long. From when God scattered the people and confused their languages. It has taken about 8,000 years for people to come back together and push against God again. And people expect something different this time. hahahahaha. err.. It will be different. God tells me that this time it will come with fire. So I guess they got that one correct.
Valentine Charlesworth: vor 2 Tagen: How many of these people were Shot and Killed by the POLICE ?
Observing Paranoid People: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): The UN has taken over control of the Federal building in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Todd Hendricks: vor 3 Tagen: Nevada has the largest portion per capita of preppers . Strange the in choose headquarters there. Prepping is big time among the Mormons.
Scotty Jordan: vor 3 Tagen: The founders didn’t vote the British out.
Kenneth Bell: vor 3 Tagen: Peace through violence and wars and total oppression …
Yolo4ever777 King: vor 2 Tagen: It is a mind predicting Artificial Intelligence, California Berkeley 2009 pop science announced mind reading machine, then corruption has gone to the next level, DeepFake, Faceswap, Synthetic audiovisual, visualswap, Feedswap, Loopswap and so on.
Ken G: vor 3 Tagen: You are an emotional woman. Men will deal with this. Period…
Mark Hendel: vor 3 Tagen: Doesn’t 1111 have something to do with Lucifer or something like that I guess I’ll have to go back and look it up unless somebody can tell me..
Daizla Bobb: vor 3 Tagen: I Thes. 5:3, Dan.8:35 Amen Lisa there will be no peace on this earth till Jesus comes, these people true agenda is not peace its control, enslavement.
Tania Perez: vor 3 Tagen: We are screwed.
George Rost: vor 3 Tagen: We will Keep or God Given Freedom. …
Richard Chrisp: vor 3 Tagen: Violence has been in the earth going all way back to The beginning of time , when Cain killed Abel ,there will only be perfect peace when Jesus comes to rule and reign.
John Grytbakk: vor 3 Tagen: Incredible. It’s all being lost. And very fast.
DethMetal Rox: vor 3 Tagen: Peace is their code word for oppression.
new new: vor 3 Tagen: Yep H.R. 1111 stinks to High Heaven of the New World Odor and needs to be fumigated.
Joe McConnell: vor 3 Tagen: The joker film has three instances of 1111 on all the clocks in the film. Predictive programming at its finest.
The Watchman’s Midnight Hour: vor 3 Tagen: The Enoch calendar shows our Nov 11 is actually 9/11…1111=911 Does this hold water? Is this 911 hid under the guise of 1111? Who knows…
Donna Schumann: vor 3 Tagen: People all over see repetitive numbers 1111 or 11:11 —that is God warning us!
Juliet Kilo Dreamtymefarm: vor 2 Tagen: the beast system in motion.
Mary Smith: vor 3 Tagen: More people die of medical injury than from any other cause.
Todd Aoki: vor 3 Tagen: The UN and NATO are the real TERRORISTS!
Paul Newman: vor 3 Tagen: This is old news.
Graham McNeill: vor 3 Tagen: Thought America wasn’t going to be the world’s police force?
L Kimberly: vor 1 Tag: Predictive programming. Remember that “puppet movie” (they literally used puppets with almost no integration of fake and real)
TheConshuscriterion: vor 3 Tagen: 1111 is considered the Devils number!! As per the U.N. Blue used is designated as #5b92e5 hex! I remember reading from an old occult book that a soft blue is also perceived as the devil’s color!
ConspiracyRevelation: That is likely true…their major cruel attacks are with the numbers: 1111, 211, 110, 112, 911 (ironically also the emergency call numbers in U.S. and Germany, no coincidence here), 511 (CIA-Anon-PsyOp-Number), 11111… Kabbalistic-Zionazi-Psychopaths in Charge, obsessed with numbers and date control. They want to control the destiny of the world with inorganic militant archontic substances and evil machinations..(The Criminals In Action Terror Makers..).. instead of letting nature take its organic course… artificial sabotage is their name.

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