Global Gestapo 12 —The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate – Yanked by Youtube

“Global Gestapo 12:—The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate”
“Note on Global Gestapo 12, Yanked by Youtube on Wrongful Charge 1.609 Aufrufe•25.09.2019”
“Ramola D Reports
5050 Abonnenten
Note on GG12 being wrongfully yanked by Youtube, what it was all about, why it does not meet Youtube criteria for hate speech violations, does not incite or call for violence or hatred but engages in public investigation, exploration, and education. Further, offers candid conversation on counterintel ops inTI activism, being independent, being retaliated against, and the importance of exposing and reporting these crimes against humanity.”
“I am reporting that there are many federal contracts testing non-lethal weapons on the… population I am reporting that there are other non-consensual experimentation projects many of them
the areas of cybernetics what with involving the use of wireless telemetry body area networks, RFID implants, sensors etc etc, so this is an ongoing investigation and I continue to do the
best that I can interviewing people and putting their stories out so apparently… this is not something that is very liked by the Intel agencies were struggling to keep these things
secret, it is impossible in this day and age to keep these things secret, so in any case we talked about a whole variety of things and we talked about the counterintelligence operations in
our own midst among Ti activists…”
“News Now Massachusetts: vor 3 Wochen: God Bless Us All From these abuse and retaliation us ti’s go through.”
“Елена Михеева: vor 3 Wochen: Youtube violates community guidelines. Try bitchute, vimeo, rutube, etc.”
“In any case calls to violence are strictly verboten and I am absolutely against them inside a hatred of anyone or any group also is strictly verboten. I’m
very much against that, I think every human being on this planet is precious and I think every human life is precious and I think all of us ..need to honor that humanity, unfortunately we’re living in a time period There are huge swathes of the population mostly in the hidden and secret agencies and hidden and military departments that are experimenting on people who do not share these values and do not share these moralities and ethics they are happily using and experimenting and insulting people and of course you know killing people around the world as well with all of these wars and the weapon buildups etc I’m against all of that, so there’s no likelihood whatsoever that I would engage in hate speech, I now coming back to this issue of .. talking about Zionist, supremacists and Imperialism, we cannot deny history, we cannot deny history and so and it is important as truth seeking investigative reporters to to go after and look into the true stories behind actual events and situations in the world and that is sort of what we did on this podcast very briefly of course…he calls the Jewish mob stalking up in Canada now..
this is the article I wrote about being hit in the heart massively while I was writing the articles exposing targeted justice and freedom for targeted individuals… I’ve been hit hugely
the last couple of weeks I decided I had to report it I did report it I also spoke in the video about the hubris we spoke in the video by the hubris of signing assigning a living death
sentence to targets and this is something the FBI, CIA, DoD and DOJ, NSA and DHS are responsible for, this is most definitely a crime, we spoke of the protocols of the Elders of Zion, we spoke
of the crimes against humanity being committed by the surveillance state, we talked about Satanism and luciferianism and some of its precedents and historic background, we talked about being
independent, being intellectuals, academics and being innocent and civic-minded, community-minded people who are being attacked, we were analyzing, excavating and truth-telling, we issued a
call to all educator to seriously pay attention to what we are reporting, we spoke of AI-hiving supercomputing, Internet’s of things in humans, the transhumanist agenda which seeks to
subsume or subjugate all of humanity and this is as people know a very key subject and focus of mine, because I am exploring science and tech and I’m certainly exposed to
exploring it from the point of view of ethics, morality, humanity.”
“Bryan Tew: vor 3 Wochen: Ramola, go the doctor and get a prescription medication called ‘Beta Blockers’ to protect your heart.
They are targeting your cerebral cortex with fabricated and falsified brain wave signals causing heart to beat irregularly, rapidly, violently etc.
Beta Blockers help to disrupt their ability to manipulate your cerebral cortex to control or manipulate your heart by the blocking of fabricated and falsified brain wave signals..
It’s a form of CHEMICAL SHIELDING and does help. It won’t stop the attacks but it helps protect your heart.”
“If you seek additional information you can contact Dr Robert Duncan. He has been tortured worse than I have although he probably won’t discuss that with you. He doesn’t like to talk about his attacks in the past. They also targeted his heart. He takes beta blockers each night.
Dr Duncan is the one who told me to try Beta Blockers. They won’t stop the attacks. Just help protect your heart.
Beta blockers (beta-blockers, β-blockers, etc.) are a class of medications that are predominantly used to manage abnormal heart rhythms, and to protect the heart from a second heart attack (myocardial infarction) after a first heart attack (secondary prevention).”
“COSflip USA: vor 3 Wochen: This was a heartbreaking one for me. I realize that there are people in every area who are evil. I love Israel and the true Jewish people. There needs to be a balance as with anything. We need to be careful not to give false blame to one real group or another. Of course Satan, the great deceiver would try to have people who are not really who they say they are do evil in order to assign false blame and therefore trick people into cursing themselves. We just need to be careful and ask Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to us. At the same time, I realize that some of the people who put cameras in our home back in 2012 were claiming to be from this group and they wanted us to know we were being watched. Jesus (Yeshua) said HE WILL take care of them! I pray they will be exposed and brought down along will all those who are doing this evil!”
“I’m certainly exploring and investigating our reality and our history with intent to understand how we could all be in the state currently where we could be so attacked and so subjugated and so suppressed by an absolutely out of control surveillance state this is something that people need to think about and speaks out and certainly you know I am doing my own thinking and speaking so I have no idea why YouTube you know yanked this video. (Ramola D)”
“Fred Last: vor 3 Wochen: Keep up the good work in the global fight against organised domestic terrorism.”
“Gods Elect: vor 3 Wochen: The only hate speech is speech they hate !!!”
“Mark P: vor 3 Wochen: They categorize opposition towards their odious agenda as “antisemitism” and “hate speech” in an attempt to shield themselves from well deserved criticism. Even a fool could see this.
Yasmine Nasserrafi: vor 3 Wochen: The problem today in America, is that we have violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There is not such a thing as “hate speech”. Making expressions of free speech a criminal act by the government or censoring it by social platforms like google owner of YouTube, a military Intel contractor, is the problem. And those who have been brainwashed by them to divide the nation with this false accusations!”
“Spirit Shadow: vor 3 Wochen: Indirectly, the powers that be , are showing us whose side they are on or what ethnicity they are! Is artificial intelligence controlled by them? Who wrote the software for A.I? Have no fear, after all ,we are already Targeted individuals!
No name: vor 3 Wochen: Video probably yanked by a pro-Zionist, and he couldn’t handle the Truth!”

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