Newsbreak 38: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart on Trenga's Ruling on Terrorist Watchlist
“Newsbreak 38: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart on Trenga’s Ruling on Terrorist Watchlist”
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Ramola D Reports: 4810 Abonnenten: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart discusses the recent ruling by Judge Trenga of the Eastern District Court of Virginia that the Terrorist Watchlist is unConstitutional and violates the rights of the people placed on it in the case of a group of plaintiffs represented by the Council on American Islamic Relations who brought a lawsuit against the US government after being abominably treated by Law Enforcement and TSA during border crossings and while trying to board flights.
While mainstream media has done a good job hiding the real truth about the extent of the perfidy engaged in by #FusionCenters whereby thousands if not millions of good, honest, non-criminal Americans have been falsely-watchlisted, falsely-targeted, and human trafficked into military and Intelligence weapons-testing, medical experimentation and bio-behavioral research projects which has involved 24/7 surveillance, stalking within homes and buildings as well as on streets, and silent-assault with a multiplicity of spectrum weapons: microwave, sonic, scalar, other–the fact is, Karen explains, that these programs are real and those labelled and dismissed as “Targeted Individuals” reporting these crimes are in no way delusional.
Karen Stewart suggests writing a letter to Judge Trenga to support her own letter informing him of the horrific nature of the extrajudicial targeting program which includes the use of anti-personnel non lethal weapons, akaRen Wat
Ren Wat
vor 21 Stunden (bearbeitet)
They want to steal and plagiarize the intelligence of those people for themselves, or stop them from countering or exposing the corrupt predators. microwave/spectrum weapons on watchlistees.”
“Ellard Yow: vor 1 Tag: Most interesting is that of the half wits and goons who have been involded in my stalking none have any skills which would allow them to earn a living.
hadi fehlauer: vor 1 Tag: Be strong and hope you are doing ok.????????”
“Karen Romero: vor 1 Tag: Thank you so much Ramola and Karen for this very informative video!
Karen, not only are they Predators, they also go out and stalk with their children!
For anyone to take any form of payment to do these atrocities and take their children with them
to stalk with intent to harm, is repugnant!
I intend to send an email to Judge Trenga, but also will send a letter with my signature. I cannot
stress enough how important a hand written signature is of the utmost importance!”
Jan Smith: vor 23 Stunden: Yes, cops are behind bio metric targeting with DEW.
Ren Wat: vor 21 Stunden (bearbeitet): They want to steal and plagiarize the intelligence of those people for themselves, or stop them from countering or exposing the corrupt predators.
Jan Smith: vor 23 Stunden: bama and Hillary’s list.
Michael Davies: ​Palantir and other companies Dyna Corp and others which are ALL connected to Unit 8200 which is the Israeli NSA.
J P: ​Criminals.”
“RD: Isn’t that sort of the heights of corruption – absolutely- trying to evade evade accountability right unbelievable, so what this really points to is a kind of petty corruption,
petty bureaucratic corruption at every level right we’re talking about the level of law enforcement the level of the sheriff’s office local government and because obviously I would imagine
local government is aware of what the local police are doing what the local sheriffs are doing and then at the level of the fusion center which is usually sort of a state enterprise or a regional enterprise right but the whole bunch of Intel agencies and of course this implicates the intelligence agencies and this ultimately comes down to I think the hubris, the ego and the arrogance of intelligence agencies to happily throw people on the watch list who have no business being there.”
“KS: Yes and for personal vendettas or to protect their criminal activities or whatever it’s creating a super class and we are becoming a tiered society where..this is the the top class and then people like us are becoming The Untouchables correct.”
“KS: I entitled the article talking about the fusion centers basically bribing people to do things they never should do I had called it whoremongering America and Michael said no no no you got a longer title as you can see..debasing America character, so we’ll go with that.”
“RD: Whoremongering America and/or the debasement, it’s both of them, seem to ring, true, right, I mean obviously because this is not the American Character as we have known it or as we embody it. I would hope you know the American character is a stellar character, something to look up to and for just to see what has happened over the last few years is so astonishing and indeed
points to the basement and you know ultimately Karen this is the same Program that’s you know has been replicated worldwide right the English character has been to base the Australian
character has been to base the European character has been to based literally people around the world have been persuaded to act in the most horrific fashions against their fellow human
beings right?”‘
“KS: Exactly, I mean they’re selling them out, they’re betraying them, they’re betraying humanity, they’re betraying civilization and if this goes much further this is again what I’ve
talked about for years, it’s a predator-prey society, it’s a society where people forego learning any type of skill to become predators with weapons that are high-tech, high-tech and
you can use them from far away like any coward loves, so you can use them from hiding and from far away, so it’s a coward society that preys on people who don’t happen to have the weapons and
they can’t defend themselves and they can hide their misdeeds in a group of a hundred or a thousand people, doing similar misdeeds, so it’s a bully and coward war on decent people.”
“RD: So perhaps this is again a hopeful sign that that all of that can be returned to us right that America can become nation again just like England can become a nation again or Australia or any of these other countries they can become their own nations and kind of reject this kind of overarching global Gestapo behavior that this one-world government has been rolling out.”
“KS: Oh I think the crack is in the dam I really do because you cannot justify anything once your Keystone premise has been debunked and it has been debunked this is not constitutional therefore nothing connected to the watch list and the watching of people meaning the harassment and vicious torture and murder of them can be justified and all of these people who participate, including the fusion center people can be now prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity once this is solidified, you know and we need to hear what the remedy is going to be and we’re hoping to influence a more severe remedy than even was anticipated.”
“KS: Well, the more noise we make the more ridiculous their positions are going to be and they’re going to have to either change their narrative or collapse I mean there are new media
outlets coming coming out you know the people have had it with being lied to and given fairy tales you know so the more noise we make the better because it’ll be much harder for them to say oh
it’s just a couple crackpots.”

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