Incredible UFO Contact & Extra-dimensional Footage Revealed by James Gilliland
“Incredible UFO Contact & Extra-dimensional Footage Revealed by James Gilliland”
“Buddha in the Clouds”

No, that was over in China, but they’re waiting for that.
That was the sign. There’s several other signs that happened over there, and that was the sign that it’s time to go forward and release humanitarian funds and turn this planet around
and take it out of the hands of the tyrants basically.
And so that was part of that, what I was shown in there was the spiritual component, the volcanoes with undeniable faces in them, everything and all the lights spheres of volcano goes off
and all these light spheres go down into the mountain.”

So this whole world we live in is multidimensional.
And a lot of people think their body and their personality, and that’s their world. And they’re in reactionary mind.
They’re just reacting to what they see on the news and things like that. And we need to get out of that, get beyond that and realize we’re actually a soul. And that soul is eternal.
0And that soul is actually multidimensional, all the way back to this source. So when you expand in awareness and consciousness, you’re gonna start taking in these other planes and dimensions, and they’re all within themselves.
And so contact really comes by going within, not looking for something without. That’s a distraction. But when you go within and you start expanding in consciousness, you’re going to take in, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional beings and four dimensional beings too, The problem is in the fourth dimension,
the lower fourth dimension. That’s where all the things go bump in the night, the crazy stuff, greys, reptilians, demonic crazy stuff. And so you have to really learn how to heal unseen negative influences, maintain your self-authority.
And that’s what we teach here.”

“And we have a saying, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re enlightened. And just because you’re an ET doesn’t mean you’re benevolent. So we have to maintain our self-authority when we’re experiencing these things. And what happened to me is I had a couple of near death experiences, but the second one I was blown wide open, and I could see the beings and everything and I had no tools. And when these beings,
when you recognize them and they know you can see them,
a lot of them will come after you. So it was kind of hell for a little while until I gained the tools. And I studied with Yogis and Lamas with a Tibetan foundation, with a TIC, teaching of the inner Christ. And I picked up all these tools on how to clear these entities and work with them. And there’s a saying, and the yogis talk about that, the closer you get to Nirvana,
the more the demons reared their ugly heads, because you become a threat. So when you’re aware of who they are and what they’re doing, you’re a major threat, So you’d better learn, get a tool bag to deal with these energy.”

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