Polio vaccine worker shot dead is third killed in Pakistan this week

Conspiracy Revelation: 28.4.2019: It starts in Pakistan… Vaccine Promoters are genocidal minions…and they know it. Pasteur himself said: Vaccines don´t work..he made a serious mistake…and these killer Clubs of the Zio-Pharmamafia think they can get away with covered mass murder forever… Pharma surely has some useful sides, but the dark side overshadows their useful side. Do the right thing…if you don´t do the right thing…your life is at stake…even if you think the whole Government is behind your back…if you don´t do the right thing and unconscously promote mass murder…you will reap what you sow eventually according to the laws of karma in the descendental sphere.

“News: Polio vaccine worker shot dead is third killed in Pakistan this week”
“Gunmen: unmen in Pakistan have shot and killed a polio worker – the third death this week linked to the country’s latest vaccination drive, government officials said.
The latest attack happened on Thursday in the south west city of Chaman, which borders Afghanistan, when two female vaccination workers were targeted as they carried out an immunisation programme.
Nasreen Bibi, 35, was killed instantly, while a 24-year-old woman – named only as Rashida – was seriously wounded.
The attackers are still at large and officials have temporarily suspended the anti-polio drive following the incident.
Rashid Razzaq, an official at the government polio emergency center in provincial capital of Quetta, said: “Two gunmen opened fire on two female polio vaccinators in Sultan Zai village, located about 100km north west of the Baluchistan provincial capital Quetta. Nasreen Bibi 35, died at the spot while Rashida 24 is seriously injured.”
Pakistani security officials gather at the site of an attack by gunmen on a polio vaccination team in the town of Chaman in Balochistan province on April 25, 2019
Security officials gather at the site where two polio workers were gunned down as they carried out vaccinations in Chaman, Balochistan
This latest death is the third this week linked with Pakistan’s drive to vaccinate against the virus.
Since the programme began on April 23, health workers have been targeted in several attacks in remote areas – leaving others seriously wounded.
Two police officers, who were guarding vaccinators as they inoculated children, were shot dead in separate incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Unidentified gunmen opened fire on constable Zafar Ali Jan as he chaperoned a polio vaccination team in the Buner district of northern Pakistan on Wednesday.”
Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/26/polio-worker-shot-dead-pakistan-third-killed-latest-vaccination/

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