Kevin Annett & Katherine Horton talk about the problems of global organised crime.

“Kevin Annett & Katherine Horton (Stop 007) talk about the problems of global organised crime.”
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“There’s a type of chip that seems to connect up with the nervous system, maybe with nanotechnology tech bound tentacles what that chip can do is cause remote-controlled pain and it seems to me because I’m suffering from that as well I’m chipped like this, so I was assaulted both with heat-generating implants, but the typical on the typical day I am being tortured with pain with remote-controlled pain and these chips can because even though it’s just a tiny tiny chip because it’s hooked up to your nervous system, it can create the pain sensation that is just out of this world and I suspect that is because the once you take the charge, so it’s kind of like a little electronic device and the charge it holds and then the electric signal it can generate is much stronger than what the nervous system and the brain can generate, so in other words , really ramped up, the amplitude and cause absolutely agonizing pain. (K. Horton)”
“How do you deal with it when that happens to you? (K. Annett)”
“Oh..well, when they really turn it up, you’re utterly helpless, so what the intelligence agencies have now done is they have created a new type of concentration camp which is your own body and so the typical victim would suffer pain torture, they would also suffer sometimes heats of burning of the tissue and then also they put these chips into the genital area, so these victims would which is actually frankly most of them but many are very reluctant to talk about thism they would be raped by remote control and this is basically, they can induce erections or orgasms, completely by remote control, for the sole purpose of humiliating a victim and trying to break them down…and the kind of the way you can break down any sort of victim.
Aluminium is still the best shielding I know so far. (K. Horton)”
“Cell Tower, Power station, your own Wi-Fi router, you can kind of block the signals or dampen them by, for example wrapping your head in aluminum foil and that really, it does help , so in my case the pain is reduced, but it take sometimes up to half an hour to an hour and I think that’s the charge these chips are ready holding that. (K. Horton)”
“A question for you as well in a lot of the work I’ve been doing for many years in the last 10 to 15 years this phenomena happens more and more people will show interest in the whole issue of child trafficking the genocide that is documented, all of this work and all of a sudden like a light turned off they’ll not only lose interest, but become very hostile in a very irrational way , not because of anything I’ve said or done, but because of obvious things that have been implanted in their mind, now, because it happened so commonly , now how would you diagnose that if you heard about that what do you think is going on?”
“There I think that falls into the category of neuro technology, so neuro technology is as I see it basically a combination it’s the most advanced form so we have the directed-energy weapons they are very ancient they are like 1950s, 1960s type of weaponry that was actually research openly for 1970s, now the chips are also much older than people realized I’ve heard from this some microwave weapon expert that people were already chipped in the 1960s and 70s, okay, so chips were very bigger like the size of a rice corn but … still now they are miniaturised okay so that’s ancient technology, now the newest thing and this is what um I think this is what has been our researched in the 1980s its 1970s 1980s and has then been deployed worldwide in 1990s is neuro technology and to me it seems that neuro technology is the combination and basically the further development of the previous two , so neuro technology typically is as far as I can tell involves chipping the scalp with a bunch of sensors and the setup is very similar to do you know these eeg caps where you have all these many many senses around the camera now the typical victim would have exactly that type of number and executive distribution all around the scalp, so with that they can monitor the brainwaves and I should say, I have them for sure, because I managed that I managed to record them with the UM but the bug detector I managed to find are the stronger imaging chip implants but they’re also so many that that sometimes hard to tell apart but sometimes you can tell that these things are on because when these chip implants emits so they are communicating all the time they inflame the tissue , so … typically what I noticed fast is that I would have these sore spots on my scalp I didn’t know where the hell they came from and with time I realized oh it’s always in the same spot ..and so there’s some points where they’ve chipped .. it falls under the category of bio sensors..
(K. Horton)”
“Very important, so my marriage has been broken up through this targeting, but when my husband and I were together and we started being targeted, very intensely, the first thing I noticed is, that he would wake me up in the middle of the night absolutely groaning in pain, this was totally unusual and when I tried to wake him up, I couldn’t wake him up and when I placed my hand above his head , just to kind of see what’s going on, I reached into a very high intensity directed energy beam, so they were hitting his head, they were causing him pain and I think they were doing aversive conditioning and I think this is how you can really make people turn on others.. (K. Horton)”
“It’s interesting because so many of us had that experience in a relationship where suddenly the person’s and turns becomes unfaithful, has all sorts of strange ideas about you out of nowhere and it can happen within 24 hours or less that’s what’s astounding about this. (K. Annett)”
“Absolutely and I think when we because that’s exactly what I experienced I found that my husband changed personality…we had a good relationship before in the end of broke up, of course targeting puts the weight on it , but also I noticed at some point that he had memories of me liking or disliking something and which is not true …so that they conditioned a certain image of me into his mind and he would say things like: oh, you always do this and that and I would think hang on I may be done at once ..not all the time, now I think what’s very important is to realize that you can have this our pain training and I think when you’ve really trained somebody the only thing you can you need to do is give them a cue and suddenly they’re in that role , okay, so it’s not over 24 hours that they change a person, it may be took weeks and months but it’s a kind of silent training and then they activated the trigger and this person suddenly kind of they’re conscious brain picked up this stuff. (K. Horton)”
“Like electronic hypnosis. (Kevin Annett)”
“But it’s a kind of silent training and then they activated the trigger and this person suddenly kind of they’re conscious brain pickups it’s not like electronic hypnosis really yeah and they can do it to the eyes as well you were telling me the implant to create hallucinations and things absolutely so um that is a very.. Absolutely so um that is a very important type of implant you know about so um if I understand it right now I’m I’m sure there’s much more sophisticated technology but the oldest and simplest technology is putting a type of very advanced contact lens on the eyes and it’s it seems to be from what I understand are a type of thin film technology it’s almost like having a transparent little computer screen like an LCD screen on your eye that is completely invisible under visible light but if you use an ultraviolet torch that you shine on your on your eye you can you can show that there’s an extra layer because it would suddenly reflect in
weird colors like bright green or bright turquoise or… stuff like that so you can actually make these things visible now what they do with those implants is that they give people a nightmares very vivid nightmares or they give them dreams that are kind of like .. almost like a premonition..there are some some scene would be played out and the next day it actually happens and this is how the CIA can lead people to think that oh they’re talking to spirits or their ancestors or some kind of religious experience because you feel that your your dreams mean something but in actual fact it is recorded footage that is played to your eye implants and with your eyes closed and your brain in Norfolk State you will watch this movie and then you will think it’s a dream but it’s not and the way to tell them apart as I understand so far in the investigation is that victims would report that these these dreams are very vivid very correct lists crystal-clear sometimes they move in the dream and I think what’s there happening is that their brain waves and hooked up to a virtual kind of virtual reality simulation and they’re moving really the
the movie script responds to how they think they are moving through them through this. (K. Horton)”
“I found is that now they bring out these things and they say oh yeah but chipping is great because hey you can open doors with it you can chip grandma who has Alzheimer’s and then if she wanders off you can find her and they totally gloss over the fact that actually these chips are planned and implemented to be used for torture, to really disincentivize you from doing anything
against this crime cartel. They are used for monitoring you , wherever the hell you are, they will know if you are going to a doctor if you’re going to laywer you’re going to the police and then the third stage is to rewrite the thoughts and opinions of your loved ones and you … that’s not mentioned. (K. Horton)”
Now you said before that when somebody has chipped their whole family is as well is that now in in we’re working with survivors talking about the intergenerational effects all of this is obviously something much bigger than simply targeted individuals right oh absolutely I found that well actually it’s um Katherine Austin Fits, she is a very well known financial advisor and financial analyst and she said that in America there are 350 million targeted individuals and they split into those categories two categories those who know that they are targeted individuals and those who don’t so in other words the plan that is already implemented and if I think well surprisingly successful is to chip us all that’s the plan and if you hear news about the internet of things (IoT) you always have to think that’s exactly what’s coming but they’re not telling you the full truth the full truth is it’s gonna be the internet of things in your body you’re gonna be hooked up to the Internet that’s where the real money is not talking up your toaster the point is to have your toaster control your body implants and your thoughts by remote control that’s the real deal. (K. Annett)”
This big global corporation already exists maybe in the next episode I can present evidence for this massive corporation and when you trace it back this corporation is ancient it hasn’t
reached this global size just yesterday and it goes back to an ancient corporation owned by the Vatican and I believe it’s called the Crown Corporation so behind all this behind the big international arm corporations that we know is actually a much older corporation that owns them and owns them too through very very shady financial shenanigans and very opaque financial
ownershipstructures but at the end of the day I think you can prove by various methods that all the hold of all the roads lead back to Rome okay so kind of like a bank and the Vatican Bank
exactly exactly so I think this is what we are under and this is how we are you know all these are victims of the church and the state I prefer and also all the victims of communism by the way
if you analyze that you realize it has been this the same networks the same mechanisms that led to for example the genocide in Canada and in the United States but also the genocide in Russia
and China and I prefer to just talk about the victims of the crown corporation as opposed to victims of child abuse, satanic ritual abuse or victims of Communism. (K. Horton)”
“I think they’re all the same it’s interesting in the 20th century whether you call it fascism Stalinism whatever the system was was the system of totalitarianism, of
absolute state control now that’s what we’ve got now it’s like it’s evolved towards that the world is been Nazified if you like and this seems to be what we’re talking about. (K. Annett)”
Absolutely..which you can find on the dollar bill movements of the capitalists you know covet signaling and then you realize hang on we are dealing with the very
same organized crime network worldwide. (K. Horton)”
Lilly Grace: vor 3 Tagen: This is a genocide kill program the government is paying for Thank you for all your hard work informing us of all the horrible things that they’re doing to us.
Roman Sobak: vor 2 Tagen: ..I’m in Australia where public awareness is low and victims associations nonexistent but you give me hope and inspiration.
Miriam Chartier: vor 3 Tagen: I had found a chipping my right hand in my 40’s and the Dr the next year removed another from my left hand. I found my names in The Bible Code…
HH 117: vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): I was chipped by military abduction technology in 2016. Photo posted about my right hand with the chip on my Twitter account. However, there were also two other cuts looked like laser as well. From the microwave weapon assaults in 2014 and the insane amount of other DEW assaults in 2016 including military drones and 2018/2019 EMP and drone attacks, have stage 4 breast cancer. I have actually been mutilated, crippled, tortured, made deadly sick by DEWs.
A J Witken: vor 13 Stunden: Oxford is probably used as an experimental laboratory…..also the Secret Space Program whistleblowers suggest they have the technology to identify specific DNA fingerprints and choose their subjects by DNA categories?? They are exploring what they can get away with before people rebel……good for you Dr. Horton sharing your story…
Dr. Elizabeth Martin: vor 17 Stunden: Dear Dr. Katherine, PLEASE do not trust this fellow. He has been conning/using women over the issues of child abuse, etc for a long time. Alfred Lambremont Webre exposed the fact (after Alfred himself has believed him for several years) that Mr. Annett’s organization HAS NO MEMBERS. Have you checked this? It is only this man, and he is untrustworthy IMO. Best regards – cheers.
Tony Griffiths
vor 2 Stunden
I would love to know if they have some device/chemical to cause oedema, giant swelling… I blew up March 2017 two weks after a presentaion by Vanessa Beeley at the Karl Marx memorial library Clerkenwell Green. We were attacked by stink bombs, about 6 (I think) by one female who left after crunching them on the floor. This may not be accurate. Something poisoned me !
Pain 9 out 10 for a year !! Still there but not so much !
Conspiracy Revelation: 1.3.2019: Yes…they have…and they won´t get away with it. The Nazion-Eugenics-Oil-Banking-Vatican-Pharma-Military-Alphabet Inc-Gruesome Corporate Medical Pentagon Military Crime Cartel Monsters.. The Highest Powers are watching the show – inclusive the Holy Mother of the Universe – and they will get their karma boomerang sooner or later full throttle….
Katherine Horton – vor 1 Stunde: Sounds like implant torture and Directed Energy Weapon attacks. Victims are continuously being physically tortured with these two even without biowarfare bombs.
Tony Griffiths: vor 1 Stunde (bearbeitet):
I thought I had got somewhere after walking throught it i.e. pain 9 after 1/2 mile 1 mile etc until Nov 2017 when I could get 5 miles moreorless without it. I did a 4 month course on GsMaf (colostrum) in 3 months, double dosing the 1st month. 10 days before the finish I develope BPH. On Jan 1 2018 would you believe the urethra gates came to a complete close. Here we go again ! Now I’m trying to avoid the NHS butcher’s wagon with their operation which virtualy guarantees a hospice in the near future. Am trying to stay off the euthanasia wagon train ! Am fairly sure they have been having a go at me for years. I WILL NOT SHUTUP !
Edith Dawson: vor 6 Stunden: This is a spiritual battle between good & evil. Pulling down of Satanic “strongholds & principalities.” Lodges in every little town. Each with a Baphomet statue in every closet. At the 33° ceremony the candidate must bow before the Baphomet. The Order of the Eastern Star “The Women’s Club” performs charitable good deeds to cover for their sins. There is an inner & outer membership. The outer group has no idea what they are involved in. 32° & under know nothing. The dupes who protect the rest. The inner circle perform the blood sacrifice rituals. So this is a matter of understanding spiritual warfare. The Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. has a basement with a blood sacrifice alter beneath it. As we know they can print money out of thin air. The global financial network is protected by Satanic ritua l & demonic overlords. Evil is so out of control it is worse than the Days of Noah. We are near the End of the Age. There is a vast underground city around the world. The boltholds where they plan to hide during the planetary genocide. In addition to watching global headlines been digging into prophesy to connect the dots. Just a couple more events on the timeline before the switch to the Millennial Reign of Christ. I’m totally focused. Matthew 13:24-30 Tares are gathered up First to be burnt while at the same time the Wheat are safe. Imagine the entire planet wiped clean of these evil bastards. Christ asked us to occupy until He got here. We can try to do as much as possible but this is in Gods hands. Stay up on world events & pray like your life depends on it.
Елена Михеева: vor 6 Stunden: Looks Dr. Horton is unaware of the split between Catholic church from the Orthodox Church in the 12th century. Better be informed at least watching Keri Burner, a whistleblower on the Vatican crimes, otherwise her system analysis fails.

“Livestream vor 13 Stunden: Dr. Katherine Horton adds some commentary on the interview with Kevin Annett regarding the Breaking News about Pope Francis and the Vatican that was broadcast a few hours earlier.”
“Big things are happening okay so I want you to understand the full scale of this because we are so kind of lulled and dumbed down listening to the news .. as they are kind of hitting our
head we’re kind of in a zombie trance mode and it’s only when you look back through history you realize …holy cow you know what exactly it’s happening here right what exactly is directing the Vatican and of course what is actually happening is that the whole operation is now being wound down and you have to understand how big this is after thousands and thousands of years this entire operation is now being shut down now I already is now being shut down now I already made the point that the the Vatican is not just that little place at the center of Rome it is a huge sprawling financial architecture it is you know a huge sprawling architecture in our contract law if you you know a big massive corporation that has many many corporations as front organizations and as vehicles … corporate vehicles to own other structures it is many many more things it’s also network of tax havens for example the city of London, the square mile, is part of the Vatican / crown
corporation architecture so our jersey and guernsey and washington DC are private extraterritorial area at the center of Washington right and there are many many other tax havens and there’s also the unseen tentacles that’s reach into all the governments and certainly completely control all the intelligence agencies around the world, so when when I refer to the Vatican in
the back of my mind I think about all of these things as well I also think about Deutsche Bank which is why I brought it 2 up on the show because I want you guys to have it in the back of your mind and kind of like .. right off spraying and are trying to spray in little clues that make you think like hang on why is the Vatican a transnational criminal organization or why did I say that Deutsche Bank was a transnational criminal organization and why did I say they’re all the same and why does you know Kevin anat agree say after you start doing your research and understand
how Deutsche Bank hangs together with the Vatican.. (Katherine Horton)
Jeanne Marie Bizeau​: Bombshell..
TJ Jones​ummm: Webre was outed.
Freedom warrior​: Vatican Catholic Church is a cult really but there is alot of good people caught in it.
Scot Shut hats​: OK smart is the new sexy.
TJ Jones​: wasting time.
Linda Gordon: ​Rothchilds altered their genes to withstand radiation and nanosprayed metals…qiping out naturally occurring life.
Freedom warrior: ​plus I think they got a machine that heals them physically.
Dancingkay: ​Military industrial ?
Linda Gordon​: I can help with the brain tumor if youre willing to go vegan.
esthetic Aggregate: ​royals are (((royals)))
Dancingkay​: Wow? Jesuits too?
Ty McCullough​: motorcycle gangs, jesuits, and freemasons are the ones screwing with me. Oh and the GOd damned mormons.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​They sure as hell are!
Cyber George​: The concept of God goes way beyond being religious !
Freedom warrior: ​next the royals should be arrested criminals.
B K​: …you’ve wasted, and continue to waste, so much time and energy…
Ty McCullough: ​the jesuits are the military of the vatican.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: ​only a Perp would call it a delusion…
Jeanne Marie Bizeau: it’s all algorithms.
Clinton Ortiz: ​It’s all about a One World Order.
Dancingkay:​Hmm 💥💥💥🔫🔫🔫Vegas, =Banks, = Stock trades.
Cyber George​Most: TIs do not work, We had no chance, they were reading our minds!
Rubin Schmidt​: Rothschild’s took over the Vatican finances in 1835.
TJ Jones​: yes but they can’t mimmick emotions, human emotion…
Rapture Ready: ​Vatican? Really. Zionist. All roads lead to Zion.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau​: Rome mentality.
Dancingkay​: Military industrial complex.
Ty McCullough​: there are witches too.
Dancingkay: ​Mason.
Rapture Ready: ​Marching to Zion you tube.
Scot Shut hats​: Knights of Malta also.
Ty McCullough​: The Order of the Eastern Star is the female version.
Dancingkay​: Law Enforcement schools, medical…educators artists alll masons 😳😳😳😳
Scot Shut hats: ​Most Cops all Judges.
Clinton Ortiz​: The Anglo-Zionist “nation.
Alan Stordal: ​6~G= Mass sterilization.
Jeanne Marie Bizeau​: Zionist are part of the Vatican Cartel.
Rapture Ready: ​I am Jesuit educated…slamming Jesuit is nonsense. Communists infiltrated the church to take it down.
Linda Gordon: ​yeah they make test tube designer babies.
Linda Gordon​: and they throw a lot of babies out to get the perfect one.
Scot Shut hats: ​Stooges for the Banksters.
Rapture Ready​: banksters are the enemy.
“Like me I can’t do all the forensics right to find out why the Russian hack was nonsense, you can just look at and say: this is nonsense, right, because hey Russian Intel is the
same as the fucking CIA, so why should Masonic Russian Intel..hack some stuff that’s actually on the territory of Masonic Intel over there in the US, any hacking would be done by the people
who are actually closest right they would actually take pride doing the hacking themselves because hey it’s on their Masonic territory okay that is how it works and if you have ever
been you know confused about that you haven’t reached high enough in the architecture okay so it’s literally that.. simple if you can’t work it out through your job at mi6 right your desk
job then just use systems analysis and you get to this answer but then again turning it around to find protection for our victims and so on it is very very simple to protect witnesses and to protect victims once you have understood this you just simply have to realize that every single city on the planet has been under masonic lockdown for the last 400 years at least, okay, like a sack of rice can topple over in China without Vatican Intel knowing about it, okay, and they have their franchises of local surveillance teams in every freaking village in every frickin town
and on every street corner and most is talking about street corners, flats on street corners are typically surveillance flats because you can look in two directions and this kind of we
know goes back to the time predating cameras and so on and these corner houses would be passed down through .. Masonic lineages and stuff like that so anyway now when you realize this.
.. Vatican Intel know who has done it. (K. Horton)”

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