Global Gestapo 10: Dr. Rauni Luukanen-Kilde: Visionary, Whistleblower, Voice for Humanity
“Global Gestapo 10: Dr. Rauni Luukanen-Kilde: Visionary, Whistleblower, Voice for Humanity”
“Problem, reaction, solution scenario, where you have a pandemic being posited as the new major threat of the next century or rather this century and then all of the
bio defense that we have to muster with bio surveillance and environmental surveillance and so forth, so this is really a prop for the surveillance industry and for the war industry for
the defense industry and .. this is how they keep pushing their way into the future by creating newer and newer problems and meanwhile we’ve got the u.s. naval bioweapons lab, bio warfare
lab that literally creates bioweapons. (Ramola D)”
It’s almost as if the news we watch is scripted fantasy, it’s a play, it’s a puppet show and and what’s really happening is this technocracy has been marching forwards.. with the telecommunications
companies and with the industrial military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in 1961 which has … literally taken over so you have this merger then of the elite and
the Mafia and the military and intelligence agencies and as Raunie Kilda pointed out our prime ministers and presidents they don’t have any power, in fact they are controlled themselves with these same technologies, correct, yes that’s the other clip I wanted to play actually when she talks about George Bush being controlled and not only George Bush, all of them… these are technologies they’ve developed in secret and it is massively rolled out, so Raunie killer would say: we’re all targets , we’re all targeted individuals , so it’s not just a stigma upon you or me or you know Dr. Raunie Kilde. It’s we understand what’s happening so maybe…they’re there the boot’s coming down a little harder on us.. but coming down on everybody. (Eric Karlstrom)”
“It is … the thing that she talks about that these weapons are being used by the shadow presence the shadow government composed of the Mafia and the CIA and the FBI and so on and everybody else these weapons have been used and been fine-tuned for a very long time. (Ramola D)”
“RD: oh you are muted I’m sorry you muted right now oh you are unmuted now.
EK: okay my intention I didn’t touch any buttons so yeah this is this is the world that she saw this is the world that we see this is the world that you and I and many others are
trying to prevent we’re trying to stand up for freedom of thought freedom of human choice the rights of the individual the dignity of the individual but our elite care nothing for these thingd.
RD: the natural evolution of humanity, the natural evolution of the human brain, the human consciousness, that’s what they are trying to stop, right..
EK: ..and the notion that the humans are the crown of God’s creation .. and I would agree with that.. I would say there is something amazing about humans that is very very special and
they’re trying to destroy and suppress that, so they become then the enemies of all human progress, they have taken the dark side, they want ab io robotized population that they can
control and genocide. Well, that makes them the enemy of humanity that makes them the enemy of God, that makes them the enemy of of everything that is sacred, so you and I, we’re on
the right side of this fight, they’re on the wrong side of this fight and we need to widely publicize the dimensions of the battle which is now occurring, of course they want to paint us this paranoid schizophrenic delusional blah blah blah, the old psychiatric reprisal, but in fact we are freedom fighters for Humanity and we can point to the people and the agencies that have have killed people like Dr. Rauni Kilde, it’s murder, it’s a slow kill torture murder program, that needs to be punished, the individuals need to be identified, they need to go to trial , they need to be punished, in order that this kind of thing stops.. one of the subjects I was hoping we could we could develop here is: who killed Dr. Rauni Kilde? Well, this is a murder mystery, it’s a murder mystery unless you do some investigation.. take a guy like Gerald Sosbie, an FBI trained investigator, he could solve it in a minute, he knows who killed dr. Rauni Kilde, you know who killed Dr.
Rauni Kilde, Dr. Rauni knows who killed Dr. Rauni killed, you know it, it was the intelligence agencies that have ruled in, in various sectors of society to become the perpetrators to harass and torture and terrorize these these people like her that are classified now as TI’s, but all they are really is human beings who are trying to your lives and defend humanity from this program to bio-robotize all of us, to control all of us, to genocide two third of us.”
“schmotta schmotta: vor 6 Tagen: LOCKHEED MARTIN majority shareholder is THE JESUITS! Bank of America is JESUIT owned also.”
“DeWayne Stafford: vor 5 Tagen: Psychiatry has painted itself into a corner by their own definitions of mental disorders.”
“schmotta schmotta: vor 6 Tagen: … She hated going to the Dr. She was feeling quite tired in the end when she left her home to go to hospital in Finland where she was radiated..
She was a source of revealing the depth of state criminality involving these silent weapons. Dr. informed us of how dark & EVIL CIA NSA fbi are & what LIARS & TRERRORISTS they all are.
She informed us that the US military is 50 to 60 years advanced in technology & THAT the U.S. MILITARY IS IN POSSESSION OF technology that is 100 to 300 years in advance of science academia.
Likely TELEPORTATION. One important issue that is never discussed is “THE INVISIBILITY CLOAKING & INVISIBILITY SUITS that CIA engages the use of all over the USA in their targeting crimes.
“schmotta schmotta: vor 6 Tagen: It is important to report on the DRONE WEAPONS HORRIFIC HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES by DEEP STATE JESUIT OWNED MILITARY CONTRACTOR “LOCKHEED MARTIN” who operate a COMMAND CENTER in California created to support Lockheed Martin DHS contracts to TARGET & TORTURE U.S. civilians. LOCKHEED MARTIN DRONES TORTURE!”
“schmotta schmotta: vor 6 Tagen: Both the white pope is a Jesuit & the black pope is of course a jesuit ruling over the military arm of the vatican.
Vatican means “The head of the Serpent”. Interview Vatican Jesuit maven Eric Phelps. He is the foremost expert on the history of these EVIL to the CORE JESUITS!”
“The Critical Media Channel: vor 6 Tagen: through the deception in MSM & other so-called -strictly controlled/managed- source material;
Intelligence industry’s (CIA) term “USEFUL IDIOT”: (Excerpt) “In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.[1][2] The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.[1] The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is unsubstantiated.[3][4]” Source:”
“Bryan Tew: vor 6 Tagen: Remember, the Hive Mind Teams are composed of cognitive researchers. This includes Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Behavioural Scientists, etc.
For Verification Process in Mind Control Technologies to be effective the Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, Organized Stalkers, etc., must not only create Conversational and Situational Scenarios to capture the mind control victims attention at regular intervals, but they must continue to develop each Conversational and Situational Scenario to generate enough Synaptic Responses of the victim that the RNM Supercomputer can determine a coherent pattern of thought from and integrate back into RNM data.
Dr Matthew Aaron claims to be a Neurobiologist. What is a Neurobiologist? It is a NEUROSCIENTIST! When will Targeted Individuals WAKE UP!
EXAMPLE: See Dr Matthew Aaron & another Government Perpetrator who goes by the name of ‘Meegs’ create Situational and Conversational Scenarios and then repeatedly inject themselves into each scenario to further develop the synaptic responses of their victims:
These people are not concerned with legal constraints or any particularly acceptable way of life. They simply use anything their victims enjoy, hate or appreciate to abuse and provoke them, regardless of the victims behavior.
So if they give you a compliment or a abusive comment during the day, realize that they are only doing it so the RNM Supercomputer and Hive Mind Teams can see how you will respond when they or the RNM Supercomputer turns around to negate it and torture you nightly with repetitive Remote Neural Attacks of that same Previous Memory Reference (compliment or abusive comment) and the Motivational Impulse (your emotional response to the compliment or abusive comment).
Remember, any set of brain waves can be remotely captured, held and perpetually replayed in the victim’s brain.
Remember they are trying to alter your daily motives and emotional perceptions.
The Remote Neural Monitoring system is designed to provoke you emotionally so they can generate response statistics which the system will use to determine how to interpret and link descriptions with data captured about your memory references. That is why they are constantly trying to keep you talking, or constantly stopping you and asking for directions, etc.
So always ignore prolonged random encounters with people you don’t know. You’re not being rude. Just refusing to allow them to manipulate you.
Once they have consistent statistics the system will use previous ‘choice references’ and inject them into your subconscious thought during normal activity which is also referred to as ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the response was your own and influence you to complete or describe the reference by making the appropriate verbalizing or performing a related action, which is known as ‘Verification’. You can fight and/or control this if you learn to defeat these memory attacks by learning to read active memory.
Once they see what you respond to emotionally, or intellectually, they will fabricate ‘conversational’ or ‘situational’ scenarios (Street Theater) based on events or topics they know will capture your attention.
The Perpetrators and Stalkers are using Street Theater against their victims to establish Memory Anchors (previous sets of brain waves).
Again, any set of brain waves can be remotely captured, held and perpetually replayed in the victim’s brain.”
“hadi fehlauer: vor 4 Tagen: Thank you, you two great soals for exposing these cruel weapons over and over. 🌷🌷
My husband,as a cosmology/physicist got recruited/choosen by these German Intel BND decades ago.
The moment,when he found out he did not want to do their “spying job” thus wanted to leave, he was driven into a horrible MIND control program. (sleep Deprivation, hyperaction, depression,
Blood pressure crisis, anxiety out of a sudden etc), a BND frickg female Doctor labeled him with a falsely created Psycho diagnosis, before he could leave his employer at Munich Pullach forever.
I am proud of him, although they “shot” him fown on his knees that he stood up again, ignoring them fully, for he is a highly intelligent, wonderful pure heart human, who AFTER his “knockdown” was given another chance to share his wide knowledge with his new employer, one of the best IT companies,worldwide.”
Mark T.: vor 3 Tagen: As far as the mystery of TI selection, (and we’ve heard so many possible explanations) the ones “chosen” from birth intrigue me greatly. Theirs often seems to be familial in nature, especially the SRA victims (they are certainly targeted, but in addition to being chosen from birth, are otherwise captured/kidnapped and held). It would be helpful to see some stats on these items in particular: 1. their blood type (a lot of RH neg I suspect); 2. their lineage-particularly in European lines; and 3. their forebearers’ possible involvement in the mystic arts, paganism, witchcraft, seances, etc. So much of this appears to have its genesis in the spirit realm. Does the darkness want to “reclaim;” or just destroy, the descendants of their old enemies? Then there’s the military family angle. Again, I’m focusing on those reporting to be “lifetime” victims.”
“va Nohel: vor 6 Tagen (bearbeitet): I think that the the Zionists and the Jesuits are responsable for our targeting. They might be Jews but many times aren’t. My grandfather was Jewish and could escape from the concentration camp. I think this is why I am being targeted too. Michaael Tsarion talks about the Power of the Jesuits on Stalin, Lenin, the Pope, Trump, etc. are Jesuits. And the Zionists are Neo Fascists who want to control the World. The satanists do their ritual sacrifices and we are their food. Israel belongs to the Rothschilds and who are the Kazarian Mafia. They are Ashkenazi Jews. They are many times not religious and not the real Jews. I am not anti-semic as my grandfather was a Jew but I am anti-Zionist who is political. The Jews are also victims of the Zionists.”
“Amari Mai​:… how many poor souls have they messed with?
Jean Marie Bizeau: ​Radio chips.
Jean Marie Bizeau: ​It´s been around a long time.
Enlil Kaliyuga​: Bonsoir tout le monde.
Jean Marie Bizeau: ​electromagnetic applications weapons and mind control needs to be put out for the masses. Educate the people.
alchemy432 the fool card magician: ​LOL only 23 people watching this but 23 million watching the mk of aria grandie trending on Jew tube.
alchemy432 the fool card magician​: stop calling yourselves targeted individuals, the governments name,
for us people is enlightened individuals.
Scott Payne​: It’s the human soul they are after 😞

Linda Gordon: ​humans destroy all creatures in their path…emslave torture dismember for sport , fake healing from the medical mafia and the vampire zombie slaughter and secretion harvesters.
Don Lovell: ​they sure are capable of doing it, chemical rings, involving agriculture (chemical ag), habitat… to protect and provide fundings.
RavioliCannedShard: s​he really really hated porn and people who watched it…
Scott Payne​: Perps are using “Invisibility Technology! 😞
Amari Mai​: they don’t even bother hiding it these days, look at the new abortion law just passed.
Don Lovell​: info weaponry, to bring in the religious fundamentalists …
Don Lovell​: medical mafia, using vaccine, and covert ionizing to consultation chairs, fake exam table assaults, beware of medical mafiosa.
Linda Gordon:​Dr Kilde was my inspiration for coming out with my healing products ….the Rothchildren pulled a d.e.w. on the house I was in and destroyed my truck, psychiatrist are being used to imprison.: VYSTOPIA
Don Lovell:​ It´s hard to digest all of it, even our very minds and souls, demonically taken over.
Jean Marie Bizeau: ​remember it’s all weaponized…they tried to put a smart meter on my water. I was right there and said I’m emf sensitive, they said nothing about it, they got to come back and take it off.
Don Lovell: ​trifield meters can detect the EM platforms, expect chemical assaults from same.
RavioliCannedShards: ​they want to control every aspect of everyones life!
Linda Gordon​: we need to target them back.
Iva Nohel​: In Switzerland the middle class is disappearing.
Nitram Case​: their weapons have driven many individuals over the edge of sanity, into the abyss.
Scott Payne: ​They come in your house and move things to show that they have power over you!
Mark Watson: ​Switzerland is fine, so long as Billy Meier’s compound stays.
MK ULTRA​: Why isn’t Trump being arrested for torturing and killing Americans from Fusion Centers?
Linda Gordon: ​yes I know they do…they steal documents too.
Jean Marie Bizeau ​Don: We don’t drink their water and I have a good filter on my shower.
Amari Mai​: the powers that be like to herd us all into towns and cities, we’re easier to control that way.
RavioliCannedShards​: First of all home land security wouldn’t tell you.
Linda Gordon​: Trump is part of the nwo.
Diana Pythia: ​Are there people in the background? or is that a third party on the line? so strange?
RavioliCannedShards​washing dishes
Scott Payne​In my study of DT, I believe, can’t prove it, would be to quietly kill off all TI’s 😞
Linda Gordon​: his uncle stole teslas work with uncle vanderveer bush at m.i.t.
Linda Gordo: n​he’s no outsider
Juliet Charley​: The DSM is managed and created by the UN.
MK ULTRA​: Why isn’t Trump being called out and impeached and arrested for torturing and killing Americans?
Jean Marie Bizeau: ​absolutely Linda
Linda Gordon: ​UN is the Rothschild, Rockerfeller Clubhouse.
Juliet Charley​: We are already under the NWO like it or not. …
Nitram Case​: indeed.
MK ULTRA​: They want us to believe Assad is killing his people, but Trump is torturing and killing his people.
Amari Mai: ​I´m in the UK…
Ian Szekely: ​Do any of you recognize their stupid game of secret messages they don’t want people to know about ?
Scott Payne​: Dr. Kilde said that there were 13 people who control the world!”

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