Healing and Spirit | Gigi Young

“Healing and Spirit | Gigi Young”
“David Jacuk
I walked in the darkness for many years and after an NDE and a trauma based awakening I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I could have felt the way I do now. After so so much continuous work on the soul itself different avenues of perception are arising. I feel so much love in my heart for all !”
“Tony Rain
?In my humble opinion we must break our addiction to the electrical grid that is our sword that we “live by”..as the old saying goes..”
For me spirit has to do with energy and decisions, soul has to do with memories and emotions. Soul being more passive and spirit more active. I believe in Egyptian it was Ka-spirit, and Ba-soul. Thank you for sharing your energy with us Gigi.
vor 6 Tagen”
“Lisa Williams
After a massive awakening, where I was suddenly aware of higher realms, fully one with spirit, I was attacked by someone who was not who they said they were, put in a psych ward and drugged against my will. It killed the newfound connection to psychic abilities, shut down my 3rd eye, all the bliss of Unity Consciousness is gone now. How could finally finding the perfect harmony with mind , body and higher self lead to more darkness than ever before? Now in so much pain and sorrow, traumatized after seeing how we are all truly meant to live. Dark Night of the Soul and PTSD for over a year, lost everything, living with family who caused so much trauma growing up. It feels like my soul shattered and went somewhere esle, trapped away from me. How to heal from this? I have no strength left to fight any more, just want to die to return home.
vor 5 Tagen (bearbeitet)”
Remark from ConspiracyRevelation:
That is the standard procedure of the Corporate Crime Syndicate Shadow Government Mk Ultra Medical CoIntelPro NWO SRA Zionazis to quell the mass spiritual awakening…and counter the renewal of society and ascension of the world.
The moment your 3rd eye opens the horde of darkness will appear also… it seems to be a critical phase of awakening and ascension and they will see it on their multi-dimensional radar systems too…
Peyton Ashley
This message is synchronistic for me! Spirit has kiss my heart and has radiated through my whole body again and this video validated that experience for me! ?
vor 6 Tagen”

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