“Google Gestapo. I also have another tiny URL forward slash Google Gestapo references. Google Gestapo is not just YouTube and Google its parent which is Google was manipulating search results and trends and poles and everything during the election, the only people that hacked the American election were the British, the Clintons and the social media that is under the control of the
Zionists. Hashtag Google Gestapo in my view includes Amazon which is banning books, reviewers and reviews. Facebook, Google, meetup which is sponsoring with the anti-defamation league, meetup is co-sponsoring with waived fees which is an undeclared illegal campaig contribution. 1087 hashtag resist meetups yet they cancelled the $77,000 paid hashtag unread Meetup..
they canceled us without due process I mean it’s clear that meetup is part of Google Gestapo and is under Zionist ADL control,
at the same time you have Twitter and YouTube and I would add Wikipedia which to take one small example Bill Binney and I are among the the rock stars, if you will, from the intelligence world… I believe Wikipedia is controlled by the Zionists as well … I’m waiting to hear if I’m going to get funding from a major benefactor this coming week, but I plan to fund a legal summit and a technical summit whose goal is to bring everybody together who wants to sue any element of hashtag Google Gestapo and create a
massive class action lawsuit against all of them, not only for violation of title 7 anti-discrimination but in the case of
some of them for their violation of all of the regulations and laws pertaining to common carriers and people who provide services of public concern, it’s clearly established that the First Amendment Trumps private property and these people, notably Facebook and
Twitter and YouTube have all made assertions about being town halls and open to all points of view and so forth.
My personal opinion is that no social media Enterprise should ever delete a channel without a court order anything less than a court order is arbitrary capricious and torturous interference and is also subject to claims for damages to your income. .. but in the end these people are going to lose, so we have a new strategy called sue and screw…Google has become very very evil. (Robert David Steele)”

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