Virus Gnosis DNA Gene Mod / Scientists Discover Trillions Upon Trillions Of Viruses Falling From Sky Each Day

Virus Gnosis DNA Gene Mod / “Scientists Discover Trillions Upon Trillions Of Viruses Falling From Sky Each Day”
“Lana Givant
6 days ago
From a friend in cow country.
I stopped at favorite restaurant hang out, where most local farmers and cattle people stop. They all were sharing their story of how the cattle and milk cows were dying a slow death almost undetected till fast mode to ill to even help, their bodies shut down unable to make or replace red blood cells, ya you got it ,they are dying from auto immune dif., blood in the milk. The WAR IS HERE , AND OUR OWN PLANES ARE DOING THE SPRAYING, OUR OWN PEOPLE ARE DOING THE SPRAYING, IT IS KILLING NATURE, ANIMAL AND WATER AND US, THIS IS OUR WAR. !”
“ZiggyLu 2022
6 days ago
I’m soooooo glad you did this video! I’ve been trying to tell people that chemtrails are being used to drop plagues on us so that we will run to the medical care system so we will be owned by their system. Anyone who has gone to a doctor today knows that the hospital seems to own that person. Most importantly, eventually when we need the medical system we will have to take the microchip implant, so that they can see our medical records. Satan’s cunning plan to get us to take his mark and suffer for months in the tribulation time and then be separated from God…The Bible predicts it.”
“Dan Aldred
5 days ago
ZiggyLu 2022
Right, it’s such a demoralizing dilemma.”
“deejie weejie
6 days ago
Chemtrails are one of many elements of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 (Depopulation), along with vaccines, GMO food, etc”
“Ashton 09
6 days ago
Thank you for the post. We have horrendously toxic skies consistently in Los Angeles County. The chemical mix they use for the chem-bombs is especially lethal , causing severe migraines , muscle soreness, irritated eyes & nausea. Doctors are not a viable option. They’ve also released tiny hybrid (GM) Mosquitos here, which carry manmade virus. The bite never heals. I had a 3 day ‘flu’ from one of those Mosquito bites. The water contains toxic Hexavalent, Chlorine & fluoride which is unsafe for even washing hands & laundry. It is not joyful being alive at this point in time. Amerika is a toxic wasteland that needs caution ‘keep out’ tape surrounding it.”
6 days ago
Yes, they can activate viruses with frequencies. Just like grave diggers that dig up old graves with the black plague virus – light frequency brings the virus awake again. Grave diggers have died this way.”
“Weather Mafia1
6 days ago
The ocean is the biggest culprit for viruses showing up. However I do believe we are in a big experiment. I talked to a few people about becoming ill within a short period. Feeling fine one minute, then suddenly becoming violently ill. Friend of mine in Arizona and several people she knew had to go to the hospital. It is the E. coli.…It is being placed in the clouds.”
“Victor Cooper
6 days ago
All hands on deck, All hands on deck , vigilance is the key, have no fear, we are standing for mother nature , Good will prevail.”
“Nat Zee
6 days ago
Similarities between a virus & a parasite. Parasites can live off of hosts. Sounds as tho their goal is inserting such parasites/viruses to change/manipulate dna? Always have to read between the lines w/ these vile ones. A bit of truth sprinkled over the mountain of lies.”
6 days ago
We are all on the Island of Dr. Moreau!
Robb from Canada
6 days ago
Another subject that people need to know about is FUNVAX…THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.
Susan Dew
6 days ago
MY mother has been the hospital for over 2 weeks, with a lung virus, that they can’t identify.”
“Politically-Incorrect, A Canadian Viewpoint
6 days ago
Viruses never fell from the sky ever!!- not in my 54 year lifetime! This is complete warfare against the citizens! !!
Thank you Carol. This is off the charts !! ? ”
“jennifer siagian
6 days ago (edited)
notice THEY only say Scientists” no actual names.. OK yea we know THEY are spraying bios onto us this is true but what I see here They want to FEAR us as They kill us.. and They have this “rule” They do have to tell us what THEY are doing .. so that’s that.. Psalm 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. So WE are are… WE are still here despite Their best Efforts to Genocide us.”

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