Techno Crime Fighters' Forum 50 (Stop 007)

(50) Revelations – Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum 50 (Stop 007)
“In this 50th edition of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum, the Joint Investigation Team look back over the past episodes of the show and make some new revelations. The team members also discuss the global holocaust program that is being conducted by the international intelligence agencies, which are actually all part of one single global secret service, the One Agency. This is the weekly public report of the work of the Joint Investigation Team, which is investigating crimes committed with directed energy weapons, military neuro/biotechnology and systemic corruption.”
“that video that they did was taken off YouTube an entirely censored.”
“our founder of techno crime fighters forum Dr. Paul Marko has passed away. I have posted .. in his honor here on the on
the website for techno forum and because today is the 50th episode I think you know we have to remember that is
entirely thanks to Paul Marko and Mindy Arkin that we even got this far if it hadn’t been for these two people I
don’t think we would have gotten together. I don’t think that the joint investigation scene would have been
founded and they basically pulled us out of the ashes and uncreated these things so I am deeply grateful for them.”
” it’s totally brushed over the fact she’s got locked-in syndrome what exactly is locked-in syndrome? Do we know? ..because we have victim reports where they are locked in as in paralyzed by the brain computer is it maybe which is something I really
want people to look into it’s locked-in syndrome maybe an artificial phenomenon that is a result of military experimentation because you take a human being who’s perfectly healthy so you can experiment on their full body but you block their speech
Center and you block the ability to move how hard is it not that hard given that the intelligence agencies here I have
the perfect ability to open and close my hand they also have the ability to prevent me from opening and closing my
hand right they haven’t stopped me from speaking it which is probably their mistake you know they said oh gosh you
should have given her a locked-in syndrome not you know giving her a YouTube account but anyways.. (Katherine Horton)”
“Please don’t give them any ideas, please.. it’s a very legitimate speculation to speculate whether these syndromes that
are suddenly popping up out of the blue and that are actually projecting the brain as being unable to help the body
the brain suddenly being shut down’s legitimate at this point in time to speculate whether the military is doing
that to people ..this is what they’re doing to us, they are hitting us, they are hitting each one of us who’s been
thrown on these terrorist watch lists wrongfully and is being surveilled and targeted, they are hitting us constantly
with stimuli, they are in a sense what they are doing is they are overpowering our brains and they are inducing PTSD
.. post-traumatic stress disorder in all of us by hitting us variously whether it’s directed energy weapons
that are directing and directly or you know into the brain people are getting v2k etcetera and and then on the streets
we are being hit with such massive COINTELPRO, I get such an incredible COINTELPRO, it’s ridiculous, it’s
absolutely ridiculous ..all the time.. etcetera etcetera so you’re always in a state of ..high adrenaline, no doubt .. on the edge
of your seat, trying to drive with care, while there’s an absolute mayhem total public endangerment going on all around
you hazardous driving all around you , so they’re putting you in that state of extreme trauma constantly and so you’re
in a state of PTSD and I understand that the whole trauma-based mind control experimentation of the CIA which is now
been expanded and is now being run also by the Air Force by the Navy and by the DoD is related to trauma right
traumatize the brain, traumatize the neural pathways and then try to you know shove stuff in with their neuro
techniques of sending frequencies to your neural pathways so because they’re trying desperately to pump information in and to modify your behavior, modify your thinking. (Ramola D)”
“Now by deleting my videos with Richie Allen ..YouTube is, I think, conspiring to cover up crimes against humanity, because they are blocking Public Interest broadcasts, so I’m absolutely serious, I want to make this a legal point, I also want to make it in court and I don’t think they can go on like that, because .. I don’t know what
their community guidelines are, but their community guidelines do not Trump the the public health and public .. life sustenance and national security interests of the United Kingdom… or ..any other nation for that matter, so I am massively annoyed
about my videos having been deleted.”
“and I’m trying to write an entire this is one of my projects writing an entire list of diseases and illnesses that are
massively on the rise including Alzheimer’s including Parkinson’s including autism and you know other things like diabetes and we
really have to ask ourselves is this may be the result of directed-energy weapons and neuro and nanotechnology this is
maybe nanotechnology damage to the brain and actually directed energy weapon technology to the brain but all
of this needs to be considered. I mean it’s easy to cause diabetes when you are basically using directed energy
weapons to to burn out the cells ..that if you do that you can make you know tons of bucks for the pharma industry because people
will be insulin dependent for the rest of their lives. (Katherine Horton)”

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