Bases 37 Part 5 AC Max Spiers Disclosure & on blood groups & music industry
“Bases 37 Part 5 C Max Spiers Disclosure”
“Am 12.09.2014 veröffentlicht:Max Spiers details the “Vampire Virus” the wars of the aliens brought to earth, by the alien elite that has now taken control of all high levels of office across the earth. A virus which killed huge numbers of the warring Draco and Nordic type ETs in a war fought over a 100,000 years..”
“See also Cathi Morgan’s data and take on board the fact humanity is being farmed so these creatures can sustain their control over the earth’s domain.
The reasoning behind Jimmy Savile’s actions must be clearly understood. He Gave something as he Took Away something…This VIRUS.”
“Bases 37 Part 5 A Max Spiers on blood groups”
“Am 15.09.2014 veröffentlicht: Blood groups and HIVE Mind programming, and a direct reference to Northern Ireland. How the Rh-ve B and other related groups are used for a controlled Hive mind, for programming population sub groups for control.
The transfer of data by bio-energetic field mergence is how the Monarch’s exchange data with their masters. The sex act is only a mechanism. (Ref Tranceformation of America)
The Northern Ireland reference is important as its part of shut down of the ancient origins of the current re-emergence of man by the Elite to stop us developing so we remains the resource of these creatures which are a hang over from past alien wars, and the “virus” created to destroy them all those years ago.
Part A of 3 from a highly detailed brief from Max to Miles Johnston of the Bases Project.
These interviews take a great deal out of both interviewee and interviewer. Max was unable to complete this set, and the 3rd and final session ends abruptly.”
Bases 37 Part 4 Max Spiers on the Music Industry
Am 26.07.2014 veröffentlichtIn a highly controversial interview, Max Spiers discusses the Music Industry ,and its now publicly known satanic and ritual;magic connections.
Max is from a prominent English acting, long established family,and discusses how you get famous, Max cautions against painting “All” but clearly shows that bargains with demonic types of beings are made, “if you want to get on” The Music Industry is simply one huge satanic cult.. “if you want to get on” But again “all” being big a word.
Recorded during a heavy rain shower. Its gets a bit dark in places… conversation style, Max says a lot.
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