Court Cases and Neural Control – Techno Crime Fighters' Forum 19

“Court Cases and Neural Control – Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum 19”

“Monica Try vor 1 Woche:
Implants have to be their preferred attack source. To say they are not necessary is to muddy the waters.
Verichip were expecting to make a fortune until their labrats or mice got cancer, THEN THEY CHANGED THE NAME and THEN SOLD THE COMPANY. HIGHLY INDICATIVE OF NOT WANTING CLAIMS IN THE FUTURE. TI’S torture because of implants and the rat cancer evidence should defeat encouragement of mass worldwide rfid implants.”
“Judi Cecchetelli vor 1 Woche:
I’m in ☺ 13 years of experience in being a test experiment.
Traveler2017 vor 1 Woche:
Jeff You can take all the polygraphs you want as they are not admissible as evidence in any court. Real evidence would have to come from video that shows a crime being committed by someone who can be identified. It’s basically your words against agency departments and personnel. No court is going to side with an individual against the agencies no matter what his background. Evidence would have to be not only overwhelming but you would also have to be connected to someone high up. They only fear those that get back at them either monetarily, politically or personally. You pose no threat for them to worry about anything you might do.”
“I am a victim of a mind hive and psychological warfare, after hearing this interview I am concerned as to the intent of the individuals connecting to my brain. If I can not find a way to block the signal I may be forced to expose the individuals that have been internally terrorizing me. Andrew Furey Targeted Individual from Aston PA.”
“Piggsy Lamb vor 4 Tagen: I’ve been hit by a scaler weapon on a few occasions which has a static feeling and incapacitates, my phone line is tapped often. I have inter dimensional disturbances which go back to the age of two/three which could be psychotronic attack, I have caught some entities on camera.
My cousin is fighting ISIS, my Uncle works for NATO, I am very spiritual probably starseed. The enemy isn’t human in nature.
vor 4 Tagen
It is very important for authority to eliminate victims and victims family members as soon as crime is reported. Have you ever wonder, when you report serious crime and nothing takes place except more serious crime follow, such as cutting fuel pipes, break pipes, tempering with breaking system, draining oil out, slash tyres with knife and breaking windows and it continue. You report crime which are taking place and more crime takes place. This is gang stalking and neighbours and gangsters are been hired. This is where one must think because if you involved with people around even they are the one who has started but you are one and they are tens of them planning and planning to destroy you so when this taking place, it is done to discredit you so when authority takes you to the court because you are chanrged of some crime, authority will bring people living around you not direct contact but statements where witnesses claim they are in fear so statement is OK and this way you are done for good. Possibilities is you are in mental hoppital because you may harm others. This way you are dead while living so life is worth nothing this is what they do to keep you quite. They do this to keep all under the carpet because it is better financially for authority to kill few victims than arrest tens and expose their crime which is damaging to the country and political party in power so better to keep hidden so other nations do not know what crime their citizen may face so bad for business. Now it is exposed worldwide.
hadi fehlauer vor 1 Woche:
Hi guys, my husband and I lodged a lawsuit at Heidelberger Staatsanwaltschaft.(prosecutor) We even personally handed our papers and fotos (proofs) at the Heidelberger Amtsgericht. Heidelberg Court.
It is about 2 years!!!! that we haven´t heard a damn word from the Judge, let alone a call or excuse. Appr. a year ago, I tried to call the Staatsanwalt/prosecutor and at that time he excused being SOO busy at work, because his collegues were on holiday.(it was summertime when I called him). Furthermore, the secretary tried to “defend” our phone calls to the Court at Heidelberg Court and Staatsanwaltschaft.(prosecutor).
Before we had also filed a charge at the local Polizeipräsidium MANNHEIM Germany, because we had to report an apartment Burglary. The local police officers, a guy and a woman came to inspect the door. My husband and I were told that it was a burglary without any traces.
We showed the bathroom of our small apartment, where obviously vandalism took place. My cosmetic articles were spread on the ground, nothing was stolen, my bathmirror was broken and the mirror was put into the toilet and the toilet was broken as well.
So up to that situation the police officers tried to convince us it were normal burglary and at that moment when we reported frankly to them that we also got terribly injured and radiated with microwaves, probably, the officers just started to “smile” at us and left, at once. We have photos taken with – especially my husband being awfully radiated the time, when we spent in that little apartment(A student house btw).
Loddfafnisodr vor 6 Tagen: My frontal lobes are evaporating.
uclamotte -Five Wise Crew vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet):
Another CIA turned whistleblower. Good job to all of the people putting so much effort into exposing this heinous crime against humanity. There are obviously some people in the intelligence community with a conscious.
Freedomfighter099 vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet):
Katherine Horton you express that you want
to file a class action lawsuit, by having target individuals file affidavits
which you plan to use as your foundation for a class-action lawsuit against the
intelligence agencies.Straight off the bat I have to say, you will never manage to have any cases heard by a court, the way that you are planning
to go ahead with this lawsuit that you speak of, because there is just an abundance of problems and legal rules that you have not taken into
consideration at all. Here are just a few examples: 1: Jurisdiction: you cannot have targeted individuals from all around the world in a class-action suit against let’s say
MI5, 2 moreover if you were to file a class-action lawsuit against MI5 you have to be able to prove that every person in your lawsuit are being targeted
specifically by MI5. On what grounds are you going to file this lawsuit? For damages, human rights, there are many things to be taken into
consideration especially since you want to file a class-action suit, which means everyone has to be suffering exactly the same way, exactly by the same perpetrators and so on, which you need to be able to prove. The European Convention on human rights is obviously the most appropriate way to go forward when being denied ones human rights which targeted individuals generally are, and in these cases you have to exhaust all national remedies, before you can bring an application to Strasbourg, it is nearly impossible to go against the state and especially the intelligence agencies, you won’t get anywhere near them and the judges and the court moreover will happily deny you justice knowingly know that nothing will happen to their careers, most likely the opposite.
These are hard truths and I don’t discourage anyone from filing lawsuits however this pipedream is doomed to fail, and a waste of time and effort which could be put into something more foughtout.
Loddfafnisodr vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet):
All this “left brain” talk seems to have went completely over your head (whether you’ve listened to it or not). There is not even a 1% of “right brain” thought in your apathetic, horrendously schizoid scheming contained in the above comment of yours, you poor, poor lost soul — it is anything but hard truth.
At least your name checks out — you’re defeating any true possibility for freedom with shit like this.
vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet)
Pure non-sexual love sets you into the highest vibrations, by social quantum programming, setting you on the top layers of the human’s pyramid of the society. The Matrix programed like that! The Matrix programming does set ( gives a huge RF quantum boost ) the unconditionally loving people programmed to go up- you have to ask the Google guys – they know the best. But those that conduct experimentations- whatch the victims- they are jealous that they are not boosted up but their victims are boosted..The Matrix is Satanic from the beginning – the digital slavery is the slavery – every slavery is Satanic, no matter what your religion teachs you… uploads his hate on me just by standing beside, changing a dirty diper of an old person, that been abused by society, he/she by the gradient of charge uploads her hates, wishes and thoughts on my radiochips perpetrating my identity- the quantum brain chip interface doesn’t have a FireWall to resist to the hate in the Quatum Matrix, that Windows and Google preparing us to live in 2025…All these hates and their hopes of revenge are going to be uploaded on the cloud, accordingly to the Google report we all will be connected via Wi-Fi to the Google, including all our financial accounts. Welcome to the Digitally computed Quantum Hell. The bankers will stay on the “digital quantumised heaven” what so ever…
I have to say that you are doing a GOOD JOB- no matter what special services manipulate you now. You give us hope- that is what we need: the hope and INTERFERENCE…
vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet)
.. OUR “HANDLERS” ARE SERIAL MURDERERS. It is far beyond the fascism what the TIs victims going through. Hitler gased and burned people once only. The handlers kill the TI over and over to separate the soul from the body, reviving the victim by using the same Nano radio chips…
Is it possible to address the issue to the World Health Organisation and to the United Nations? I realized that clandestine operations must have been approved by the Ministry of health of Canada, Russia and United States but we must make them to acknowledge that the cases of the non- consented experimentations do exist and those do debilitate people causing them to purchase those drugs that they would never consume while being healthy…
We have to make to recognise the danger of these technologies and make them to take the laws and regulation accordingly to the Human Rights we already have. I realise we may deal with non human species that take human form or possess human form but if there are technologies to register and manipulate those entities it should be a law how to handle those that try to possess you. Using Nanotechs instead of creating conspiracy cases. There are ways to neutralise the entities that use the Nano techs against the humans by using the alcalization ( vodka ) or make your blood acidic ( lemon juice )…They supposed to develop the strategy for targeted individuals by acknowledging the danger of the Nano techs..”
Cita Previa vor 1 Woche: Non-compliance !!!
We are fighting AMT-SS-SPRACHE. Their paycheck depends on their compliance. As a community we need solutions not more drama we are being thrown under the bus.
We are dead in the sea the courts are part of the beast system we can only argue universal natural law or the law of the land.
Find like minded…
Have faith in our neighbor but one must discern real authenticity insist in our authenticity their masks will shatter.
vor 1 Woche
FREEHUMANDATA it would probably be possible to make an enquiry through the United Nations but it would
not serve much purpose or change anything in the statuses of targeted individuals except maybe some recognition on an international level, however I
don’t have any experience and I have not researched this remedy, because any decision from United Nations in this regard wouldn’t be respected or have
standing against the government perpetrators who carry out these experiments and weapons testing.
vor 1 Woche
I wonder how court cases can actually be won by TIs, if the intelligence services control the judicial system, mainstream media, and the police itself. ?
Freigeist Ela vor 6 Tagen:
also das wundert mich auch sehr ! Wieso sollten exakt die, die (nicht nur) involviert sind, aufgrund eines Gerichtsverfahrens helfen ?
willowfinearts vor 6 Tagen: Freigeist Ela
Ja, sie kontrollieren alles.
Freigeist Ela benutzt du aceco fc6002 mk2 ..
vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet)
The amazing hypocrisy of social media. I posted a comment and provided an important link to your channel. From this device, you have 13 comments and the comment I posted from another device is missing. From the device I use to post a comment and provided an important link, it states you have 23 comments and my comment and the link provided is visible. The only comments I see here on both devices are the comments mostly posted by perps attempting to mock you. You are being robbed by not being able to see all of your responses, Dr. Horton. I have no doubt that all of social media is owned and operated by the CIA.”

“Solved 911
vor 2 Monaten
Fuck those criminal gangstalkers. We need to hunt everyone of them down and blow their fucking heads off. Then kill their worthless gangstalker in training children. When I die I will turn into a fucking demon and hunt all of you fucking ganstalkers and your worthless children and kill all of you fucks!!! I wont stop until your fucking whole family is dead bitches!!! I hate all of you with all my fucking soul!!!!!!!! You made me now deal with it.
Selwyn Greenfrith
vor 2 Monaten
@ uclamotte
I think coercion and mind-control are at play but especially more mind-control. And some kind of mind control that is even more diabolical than indoctrination.
uclamotte -Five Wise Crew
vor 2 Monaten
Selwyn Greenfrith —The part I think the perps have not considered, people who are being harassed are going to start fighting back. The perps are trying to provoke their targets so they can be removed from society but the perps need to also consider that their provocation may also get themselves removed from society, permanently.
Selwyn Greenfrith
vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)
Psychopaths/psychotic monsters with a lack of foresight? mind controlled? dimwitted? coerced? def. played and controlled by the Jewish ‘harrowhead’ – makes me come up with the word: ‘gangsteins’ as a synonym of “perps” with lots underhint to Gang stalkings Jewishness. The Secret Relationship Between Targeted Individuals And Jews indeed.
Anne Lane
vor 2 Monaten
Jan Smith
vor 2 Monaten
We are in big trouble. We have to address these DUMBS. The military industrial complex. It is to take humanity really down… right down to our carbon atom and replace us with synthetic humans. I am telling you to let you know that a fake alien invasion will be the scenario that the elite will be performing. REV 13 and 18. the fire in the sky and “give unto her double” . The target is NYNY. I am giving the warning on my You Tube channel. Spread the word. I am not trying to scare you: I am informing you that the ELITE has done this before. We are on a cyclical roller coaster ride and if you really want to wake up you have to know that REM sleep is the 4th dimension and that is where they take your consciousness and slip you into an avatar body. Hollywood: look at them. They have all this technology and they know what is going down. They want a compliant society. One that will not over-ride their plans. WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE CONTAINED. HUMANITY IS MEANT TO FLY AND BE INDEPENDENT AND FREE!!!! WE ARE AMAZING, BUT DUE TO THE elite having secret technology we are just now finding out. We have work to do. Follow the money= DUMBS= BLACK OPS= MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX= CHEMTRAILS=BAD FOOD=BAD WATER. LISTEN TO MY VIDEOS. JUST LISTEN. WE HAVE WORK TO DO AND WE HAVE TO STAND UP NOW. The 5th trumpet is now in progess. Listen to my vids. I am lining up real news with the bible and the masons use the bible as a script. Bottom lines is this: YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ONLY YOURSELF. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH A FALSE LIGHT. THEY WILL PLAY THE DOUBLE ON YOU. GOOD GUY AND BAD GUY WHEN IT IS THE SAME FACTION.”

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