UFO Files – The Brazilian UFO Crash: The Varginha Incident

“UFO Files – The Brazilian UFO Crash: The Varginha Incident”
“People, Senators, Congressmen and the President are fed up with this huge amount of classified billion and a half pages, it’s been estimated. One of the good things about the Varginha case is that presumably almost all the witnesses are still alive and will be for some time, so we’ve got some hope here major effort is expended to get more witnesses..”
“If survival is a key issue and that all of the information is saying our own survival as a species could be tied with whatever these extraterrestrial biological entities are involved with, our discovering what the issue is seems to me to be paramount … if survival is the big bottom line answer, what is it that the extraterrestrials know that
the rest of us don´t.”
I think that undeniably and unquestionably we have been and are being visited by extraterrestrials but quite what their motives are and quite what´s going on the jury´s still out on that one we need to know about. (Nick Pope)(Ministry of Defense)
Based on 25 years or so of research and history and citing analysis, doing case investigations, film photography
still photography, video and so on. I have concluded that they are here, whoever they are, wherever they came from, whatever they´re doing other intelligences are messing around on our planet and I guess it´s up to society to realize that and come up with some sort of a response before it´s too late.
I think the major reason for reticence to discuss this subject publicly and for the extremely high level of secrecy is embarrassment. I don´t think it´s so much that they think the public is going to panic rather that they, the officials in charge of this information, are going to look rather impotent, were it known that there are extraterrestrials invading our Air Space against whom we have inadequate defense. (Tim Good) (Above Top Secret)”
“In January, 1996, in the town of Varginha, Brazil, a number of ‘aliens’ were apparently sighted, captured or killed by locals and turned over to US authorities. As many as six aliens were supposed to have crashed in the area, and were described as 3 to 4 feet tall humanoids, with dark brown hairless skin, big triangular heads with three short ‘horns’ and huge red eyes. It sounds like a fairytale, but there were more than a hundred local witnesses who swear to what they saw. We talk to the ‘first responders’ on the scene of the crash, the local Fire Brigade, as well as the local soldiers who assisted in the capture. We also talk to the local hospital staff who actually claim that they ‘treated’ the surviving creatures. And we talk to the girls who first saw the aliens and the dozens of eyewitness who saw them in the town. Mass delusion? Too much tequila? The evidence is shocking.”

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