Nano Wars, Transmutation, DNA, AI, NWO, Control, Kautz-Vella Critics
“DNA is a information storing machine…this amazing bio-machine…
Morgellons being nanotechnology engineered fiber using alien and insect dna, being self-replicating device in the human constitution. He doesn´t actually present any electron micrographs or any chemical breakdowns or really he´s very very light for somebody who considers himself a serious scientists on actual real paperwork on real documentation…baby conspiracy…Technology is not new. We actually reprogram our own DNA, that´s not actually the DNA per se but it’s part of the RNA.. but we do actually reprogram our DNA.

bollocks, bullshit, rubbish how dare this man even claims he is a scientist. I know enough about nanotechnology to tell you right now that your body is chock-a-block top to bottom with technology that maybe a billion years old, it´s in the environment, it’s been everywhere, in fact what I’m finding is that they’ve been various attempts to monopolize the nanotechnology assimilation, this Kautz-Vella assimilation, it sounds like
something of a Star Trek movie of the human entity…there probably was an attempt to take over the nanotechnology field, because it’s basically, say a war, a battleground, the battleground is for your DNA, for the magic, for the ability to bend space time, all the magic things and that nanotechnology is far more invasive than that it wants to switch off and on things in your genes, specifically your life expectancy like the telomerase, because we all know the telomerase is the..end of the gene or the DNA that allows replication.. and you need little bit DNA and just in case there’s some copying mistakes and eventually you run out of the don’t run out of the stuff in the sperm department, very interesting sperm does not run out of telomerase, that gene still works there, so yeah selective switching on and off of genes, but of course now when you’ve got hundreds or millions or god knows how many different types of nanotech from different eras all running in your bloodstream and brain and in your body and in your environment
the attempts to try to take control and I can see very deliberate attempts using transmutation.. Hutchinson effect…and eventually you’ll see him actually transmuting something and I can’t make you believe… Riddled with various types of very very high tech entities. Mr. Kautz-Vella tried a Steven we all know Steven Greers is the worst of the worst NWO slave mongers…What really matters is what really happened…these Morgellon fibers came down, invaded us, being programmed by Black Goo, Artificial Intelligence.. Quantum Computers that are based in various locations on the Planet Washington, London… …no doubt that some of this story is based on fact… What we haven´t heard about is very ancient nanotechnology wars… It´s more than likely they tried to turn the ancient technology in the people who were injected with it to stone and they tried to rid the environment of the old nanotechnology and in with the new for control… There are hundreds of fields of nanotechnology.. nanophotonics, mechanical nanotechnology……in fact if you really want to find the answers, the answers are written in your own DNA… the lab and the lab work is going to take a very long time. Mr. Kautz-Vella talks about M-State Materials and Black Goo, in other words he don´t know what M-State Materials are…they are metals, there are 14 of them, they form kind of binary base with each other… What you won´t get told about is vortex mechanics..golden..geometry… people can’t see the wood for the trees.
Kautz-Vella take him with a large pinch of salt, as I say you can use it as a kind of thought material but don’t take his research seriously, really, when it comes to these eight legged spider that was remote viewed, absolutely unbelievable bullshit, really, a scientist telling you about remote viewing.. my colleges to field of study content some five million, I believe, different funguses. Now if you want to be a scientist study the five
million funguses because they’re very very very interesting, extremely interesting… The Nanotech war continues and unfortunately Kautz-Vella looks like he’s on the wrong side of the war…as I say proof is got to be delivered by microscopes and solid chemistry research..
we all know that parasites exist and that they can exist in the mind field, we all know that higher geometry and higher dimensional assistances…..Grey Goo are self-replicating Nanobot Swarms, they are a weapon…Artificial Intelligence and Micro and Nanomachines exist, have existed and will exist. ..Your DNA is some absolutely magic shit, it can do all sorts of things, this technology, these micro and nanotechnologies are being used to control it as a commercial entity, as a thing, so you’re not a human being who God put on this..cosmos full of stars, you are a thing in a petri dish being cultured for somebody else’s gain… what really matters is your level of consciousness, says: do I believe guys who come with spiders and hold a rumble and sell me a lot of butterfly bull…or do I consider the step back and look at the woods instead the´s quite possible that our planet is whatever it is this thing is artificial and it’s been here for a very very very long time and technology is nothing new. ..he’s just selling you another David Wilcock, he’s just selling you another Fear and Loathing, in fact I’m not the first person to pick this up various other people have already worked this out. I just got particularly annoyed when I heard the same thing twice, I don’t like one trick ponies and I don’t like scientists who can´t think out of the box which is selling you the same rubbish over and over and over and over again. I don´t buy insurance from insure salesmen and I don´t buy rubbish from so-called scienctists, there you go. .. Anyway if you want to think of your brain think of it as a very..dive into your brain to see that picture with all the synapses, the connections and the neurons and so on so forth, now I see a cloud of artificial machines around, see this vast ocean of neurons in this vast ocean of jellyfish. Your brain does not belong to you, neither does your DNA and it is being very very very carefully manipulated and the only way to move away from that is by some very very sensible research not listening to wild men who get up on stage and tell you weirdo stories and everybody claps.”

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