My Experience as a Targeted Individual

“It´s with a heavy heart to make this video, kind of my last words. It´s really unfortunate to make this video.. I am a victim of covert harassment and
electronic harassment and gangstalking. I am what´s called a targeted individual, there are 1000 of targeted individuals.. we are..subjected to some
“painish” treatment… Gangstalking.. sadly it´s a government program, it roots in programs named MK Ultra and CoIntelPro, which should have been
eliminated… The Goal is literally to isolate the person, make him destitute and financially unstable to the point where they can´t take care of themselves,
many targeted individuals live in homeless shelters and on the street and they employ various tactics to accomplish their goal of destroying targeted
individuals… ..They employ isolation tactics… They blackmail individuals into stalking you, harassing you, looking at you… Targeted Individuals
are typically regular joes…ordinary innocent people… another way they coerce everydays citizens…they tell them lies.. they employ these tactics
to make me appear crazy.. To the Targeted Individual who hasn´t yet discovered that there are a targeted Individual… People are paying extra attention
to you, people are staring at you in strange ways… There is a saying that people do anything for money and basically they are doing it, not only for
money but also based on a lie, it´s weird because they get this sort of altruistic thing, because they think they are helping to prevent crime..,
because they get money for it, but what they don´t realize is that those people are participating in an ungodly program that is designed to debilitate
people like me, ordinary citizens…this is not fair, because we didn´t do anything to end up on this list… The Targeted Individuals start to
withdraw and isolates himself and..that basically helps them to continue with the Gangstalking Program, which is just designed to destroy him…
(Myron May)”
Update: 11.10.2015
“Myron May was the FSU Shooter and a self admitted Targeted Individual. He really was a non violent and gentle man who was forced to do heinous acts by the CIA. He made these three videos explaining why he did what he did. So this is like a dying confession and these were his last words. Educate yourself about Extreme Second By Second Surveillance of innocent citizens in their homes. Remember that TI’s are innocent citizens and many are activists. This is simply disclosure: Myron May Died at FSU’s Strozier Library in the early morning hours of November 20, 2014. Please see what he has to say. He wasn’t crazy nor was he stupid. There have been many mass shootings in which the shooters seemed crazy yet may have been sane if they had not been Mind-Controlled. For instance Dr. James Homes, the bat man shooter, Colorado Springs shooter had a doctorate in neural science. Why then would he would give up everything to dye his hair orange before killing people at random in a movie theater? Many of the mass shootings make no sense just like Myron May’s.”

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