Jay Parker: Awaken those around you to Satanic NWO depopulation and geoengineering

Jay Parker: Awaken those around you to Satanic NWO depopulation and geoengineering
“That basically minimum in America there are 10% of the population.. dark generational Satanists, Dark Occult, who go to the Monarch Mind Control Program, not all become caught, there is a personal choice that someone has to make to take the final step to become a Illuminati.”
“You are going to poison them slowly, you are going to dumb them down with a bad education system and with a media that distract them from what life really is about and that of course is your growth in consciousness and learning. We have a education system now which is nothing but moronic indoctrination, it´s totally ridiculous, but the GMO is now poisoning all the planet. …GMO Corn… it was one of the first products to get out massively.. 98% I believe of the corn grown in the United States is now GMO round up ready corn. ..They have set it up, so that the corn produces its own round up inside the plant, so you can´t wash this pesticide off… when you eat that stuff, then those mutated dna and rna fragments go into your gut bacteria and then you start making the same toxines…”
“See everywhere you look… you see this machine of Eugenics… they thought, when they produce this GMO.., they thought, aw this will be great, we will
slowly make them sick, we will make a lot of money from big pharma, as they eat this crap, cause of idiots, right and we will just continue to eat
organically and will laugh at the unwashed masses of humanity as they slowly die from leaky gut syndrome and many of the other things that will coming
up now from this GMO and we will sit back and laugh and it´s an illuminati world.. they are offering you a plate of poison, ..they came up with this because it´s a soft kill slow kill system .. it´s 90% depopulation ..has been on the Agenda for the Elite Illuminati since the mid 20th century…if you do the research you find it again and again and again… once again… you have neurological problems from the Fluoride, you are dumbed down, you are docile, you have an IQ loss from the Fluoride and then you get cancer… 99 Mio. people in America from the 50s and 60s were injected with polio vaccine which had sb40 cancer virus in it.. by the head of Merck vaccination.., where he laughs about the fact that the polio vaccine had sb40 cancer vaccine in it and this sb40 cancer vaccine when you get older in life, past 40 and the hormones change in your body, then the sb40 cancer vaccine kicks in and you develop cancer and of course you go to your allopathic Rockefeller Medicine Corporation and they give you Chemo and Radiation and make sure you die and they make sure they get a.. million dollars out of you before you die…The GMO was part of the Eugenic system, the second part of the Eugenic System of course is the Geoengineering, the Chemtrail spraying… not waste a lot of time..I know people don´t have a lot of time for this.. but basically you better make the time to get active.. Fukushima.. we are already radioactive, we are in big trouble.. ..They have unleashed a Tsunami of destruction on the environment… GMO and Chemtrails have now caused unintended consequences, the Geoengineering Chemtrails were supposed to basically put a lot of heavy metals into the people, the Aluminium, the Barium, the Strontium, this is going to be extremely disruptive to the endocrine system, extremely disruptive to the neurological system and basically people would be in a Alzheimer-like fog by the time the Aluminium and Barium really reach high levels in your cells, which would be a great thing, because if you want to bring in a Police State, you don´t want people who are sharp thinkers and critical thinking people, you want people who are in a neurological fog and that´s one of the reasons they started spraying this stuff, of course the other reason is the weaponization of weather and making weather warfare, using the HAARP…”
“But this Energy, this consciousness and it really is a Consciousness, it´s an Intelligence, is 100% malevolent… The closest thing I have seen in Hollywood related to this mindset and energy level of the Archontic or Demonic Energy or Intelligence, that this 10% of the Human Race is dealing with, would be the Smith Character in the Matrix and the Smith Character in the Matrix simply says: The purpose of life is to end and that´s his whole make-up, that´s his whole mindset throughout the movie is to completely obliterate anything resembling nature or life and that little Smith program is basically in that movie is the Illuminati Elite waving hello to you.. to eliminate 90% of the human race right off the back, we are well on the way there.”

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