Russian Energetics, Mind Cloning, Mind Farming and Mind Control

Russian Energetics, Mind Cloning, Mind Farming and Mind Control. Aka Mindtrap-Mafia.
The rabbit hole at the bottom line… Longitunal Timefrequency Mind-Trojanization aka artificial Demonic Possession. Targeted Individual Control Demons of the Shadow Government.
Aka Archontic Infection of The Mind-Brain-System.

The Russian science of “energetics” — developed shortly after WW II by a tremendously massive Soviet effort of some of the best nonlinear scientists on earth — did solve some of the perplexities of our modern physics, of psychology and biology, etc. And under Stalin’s iron boot, the new and spectacular Russian scientific developments were immediately placed into extended weapons development.
“Presently, the Russians can clandestinely duplicate the mind of a targeted individual, in the duplicate mind they can “alter” portions to produce “different behavior” if that alternate mind is inserted into the targeted individual in the West, and then they can do several things. they can just leave it in that individual as an extra “multiple personality,” so they have the ‘perfect spy” that hears everything the person’s ears hear, sees everything his eyes see, and also receives all the thoughts that his true mind thinks. And they can put that on the TV screen in Moscow if they wish. With the portion for which he actually encountered evidence, Bearden gave examples of the military use of such capabilities in Oblivion.
Sadly, the West still thinks that the human “mind” is just some electron wiggles in the brain, and that we are like a giant “nonliving” computer.
As you can see, we are referring to a gigantic leap forward in what the West calls “biological weapons” and in “biological warfare”.”


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