Dangers – artificial intelligence – scientists – AI potentially more dangerous than nukes

Hundreds of leading scientists and technologists have joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the potential dangers of sophisticated artificial intelligence, signing an open letter calling for research on how to avoid harming humanity.
The open letter, drafted by the Future of Life Institute and signed by hundreds of academics and technologists, calls on the artificial intelligence science community to not only invest in research into making good decisions and plans for the future, but to also thoroughly check how those advances might affect society.

“Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has called AI potentially more dangerous than nukes.”
“It’s not clear whether we’d be able to recover from some of the negative outcomes. In fact, you can construct scenarios where recovery of human civilization does not occur.”


Richard Arsenault:
Yes, it is inevitable that if not controlled, cyborgs and AI will destroy human life. Do the math.
The only solution is scarier still — a web of neuro cognitive monitoring that every single AI device will have to subscribe to. In other words, a cyborg’s big brother monitoring them to shut them down if they intend to harm a human or act in a suspicious way.
Problem with that is, what if big brother is corrupt The only solvable solution is for humans to fast forward a thousand years in psychic ability (help us aliens) so we can communicate and monitor the cyborgs ourselves… which of course would mean we are more advanced telepathically.
The whole thing is a dangerous mess. I finally agree with that arrogant atheist Hawking on something. „smile“-Emoticon

They will make all the Police robots…………………. We will then obey or be exterminated…….humanly of course !!
spiritum: trying to divert attention from the evil humanoids,
SSFTC: Sky net is online and it needs soldiers!
NovoShpakova: Plain and simple, most high-dollar sophisticated tech goes into military applications. Why would our corporate overseers care to make our lives any easier, when they’re obsessed in making life increasingly more difficult – all for their control and profit.
Anthony Papagallo: so the Universe loses Homo Sapiens and gains AI, how is that a bad thing?
Mickey Dee: A.I.: Arsehole Invention.
Omar Gro: We have worst problems facing us now!!
The international clique of bankers and “business” men who would kill and poison their fellow human beings for profit.

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