Octagon · The Empire of Darkness

Octagon · The Empire of Darkness
Released: 15.06.2013

Released: 13.10.2013
Updated: 5.9.2015.
-The Enemy within-
>>>”The Octagon – The Empire of Darkness: They are ruling the world. They are everywhere. Just follow the signs. The enemy within, the interior army, the enemy both foreign and domestic. Just follow the signs. The worldwide police force as octagon nazi
templars from octagon Switzerland. NATO is a part of Octagon. Octagon rules over Pentagon. The NAZIs are within the NATO. They are rubbing Sand in our Eyes. Just like the pharaonic Viper Snake that is hiding under the sand. You should not underestimate
Nazism has nothing to do with protecting the whites. So Nazism is in fact an organization against the white of Europe. Octagon is the military part and hexagon is the political part (Freemasons). Watch the 8 dots of the submarine, which is the
executional force of Jahwe. The word Satan comes from the pharanonic and semetic word Shaitan, meaning a snake, and the snake is the pharanoic honed Viper, which hides in the sand underneath the surface..We hide amongst you, you cannot see us, until we suddenly strike with deadly power. They all do it. V Symbol for fast striking Viper. V for Victory is the Templars V. Octagon is the encoded key password for the Templars and for Switzerland. The Templars founded Switzerland in 1291. The Swiss financed the Germans. //. and even the pope has to obey them. //
We the People must show these young nazis where the real enemy is and the enemy is not the immigrant or the foreigner.
The Obelisk is a phallic symbol…it is the symbol for the circumcision. An old pharaonic tradition for the Slaves and a covenant with Satan. This is the symbol for the pharaonic warfare. Mix first…and fight the enemy from within, as a Virus and strike unseen as a wound Viper, means the satanic hand…they had to take over all position in society, you can´t recognize the enemy anymore, the enemy within is very real, the fight is from the inside out..Penetration has indeed succeeded…As these Pharaos rule the whole world… Ka is pharaonic for the soul when still alive and Ba after Death. And wehn Allah stands beside it it becomes Kaballah.. Mer or Merkel is the pharaonic word for Pyramid.. The soul as in Mer ka or Merkabah, almost like America.. So let´s all unite mankind, we have no choice, forget about Religions and Races..and get rid of these Pharaohs together…Now what are these crop circles warnings us for…These Pharaohs have their basis in Switzerland.
So Nazism is in fact an organization against the white race of Europe.
Audi the Illuminati Car from Ingolstadt…
SS = Skull & Bones. SS stands for ISIS, in hebrew only the consonates are written.
So Hexagone is the political wing for the Freemasons and Octogone is the military wing for the Nazi Templars,..here is the Swiss secret service, so it is not a coincidence that this is Octogone..In fact the Nazis are using the 8 as a code, on YouTube in the Internet, because the h is the 8 number in the alphabet.. (Sean Hross)(2013)”<<<

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