Predatory Gangstalking

“Who are the practitioners of Predatory Gangstalking? They include career criminals, participants in the drug trade, extreme ideologists such as radical Christians, members of hate groups such as White Supremacists, members of motorcycle and street gangs, and homeless people. They are also often people with a background in the military, including disabled Vets. Higher levels in the Predatory Gangstalking organizations include people in military and law enforcement or with same experience, secret service/defence employees, government officials, Banking firms, and so on. It has been reported that top level government security and intelligence agencies use gangstalking tactics in covert operations. What is most baffling about Predatory Gangstalking is that many of the practitioners of this social pathology appear to be regular mainstream people with no prior criminal record, predominantly in the socio-economic middle class. It is presumed they participate for the money or rewards they receive in the form of barter or for a social-conscience feelgood factor.”

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