All About Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

“All About Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino”
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“so it’s happening people, but you know there’s the fossil fuel giants and all these people they don’t want that,
they’re not they’re gonna fight tooth and nail because you
can’t basically who was it that said if if you can’t put a meter on it it ain’t happening …”
“yeah yeah jp morgan’s made that statement what he said okay
yeah and there are nefarious forces out there we won’t get into that really, but there there are um uh groups out
there that don’t want this technology, now to the detriment of you and your family, okay, what am i trying to do what is
doctor trying to do we’re trying to do what is doctor trying to do we’re trying to create a better role yeah okay and technology is one of the tools to bring about a better world, but this is suppressed technology and it’s suppressed because it’s a new way of living and this technology makes
obsolete in many ways the military-industrial complex

and there’s a great deal of and there’s a great deal of backlash because of that, well, that will be overcome people will see the merit of this new technology, but mark my word, within the next, in the next 10 to 20 years you’re going to see so many inventions so many uh technologies that have been suppressed that come to the come to the light of day and with that you’re going to see a new way of living.”
“and then there from sometimes many times scalar energy will break down into electromagnetic energy, oh i see, so i believe that if you go to the center of our sun
you would find only scalar energy and by the way doctor that’s my theory that’s why the sun never burns out
that’s why the stars essentially never burn out..”
“they always emit some type of energy some type of light,
so that is an eternal light, why? Because scalar energy is eternal, what do I mean by that? Electricity is experiences entropy electricity has a uh diminution of its signal,
the signal will decay, the signal will degrade over the course of a distance, it’s the inverse square law
and the bottom line is with with scalar there is no weakness of signal, the signal is always strong.. it’s an eternal
signal, scalar is an eternal signal it’s an eternal waveform,
now that in and of itself should really catch the attention of people so we have infinite energy from the sun and the
stars right and with that this energy never degrades,
there’s no radioactivity, there’s no chemical reaction, it’s
non-physical pure light, it’s divine light from God.
Well, to me that’s the game changer we’ve been waiting for that presents a new way of living that presents what i consider to be the era of peace that we’re walking into.”
“Right, that’s amazing.”

and if scalar energy can carry perfect information
then the body will receive that perfect information and we can correct.”
“Exactly it never degrades, so when we are imparting that perfect intelligence that was perfect instructions it’s going to create a perfect soul, mind and body yeah now if you consider our not only the physical body but our spiritual body our cognitive functions yeah all of those receive
instructions and what are we saying if we can impart scalar energy a download of scalar energy then we can perfect our soul mind and body yeah that’s the promise here, we can reprogram our soul mind and body with perfect energy perfect intelligence which is scalar intelligence .”
“and i will say that everybody who’s been under our program
is enjoying sound health during this pandemic wow i am saying that not one person who’s under our current session by way of their photograph not one person has been rushed to the hospital with severe complications of covet i have my
entire family and friends on this program some people are in their 60s and 70s, not one person under our program
has been rushed to the hospital with severe complications of covid.”
“that’s awesome”
“since i’m dealing with light i keep everything within that dimension of light so i use photographs of a germ in this case i use photographs of the covid-19 virus and as such when i use a photograph of the covid-19 virus inside my instrument my instrument will look at that magnified photograph of the coronavirus and then send that information into the photograph allowing for the covid-19 virus to break apart,
so a photograph of a germ instructs the instrument to break apart that germ.”
“It’s a custom-built instrument, I do use tesla coils by the way.”
“and this instrument controls the scalar energy spectrum, so as such once I enter into that scalar energy spectrum, that dimension, I’m able to manipulate molecules, atoms and i’m also able to manipulate viruses, so when i’m working in a scalar energy environment i can break down, i can degrade, i can disassemble viruses.”
“yes i do all of that energetically by way of a photograph i’ve never worked with a human being or an animal or a
plant in my life.”
“because this is the clean environment we’re working with
light and we’re working with photographs of people and animals and plants, so this is this new branch of physics that i speak about that the world is eventually going to embrace, this is the non-local universe what do i mean by that well i’m in one fixed location doctor is
one fixed location,but if you’re in a scalar energy environment, you’re everywhere, you’re everywhere, you’re no longer bound to one locality, you’re infinitely dispersed throughout the universe.”
“as as a god-fearing person as a christian i believe i am working with the christ energy..i believe this is divine
energy, it’s not electricity.”
“someday scalar energy will supersede all of that technology at pennies on the dollar and perform those work functions in
a consummate fashion that you cannotin a consummate fashion that you cannot achieve with electromagnetic energy one of them again is is the power generation that we’re looking for, there will be no power plants in the future, we will not have
coal and nuclear power plants, we will not have geothermal power plants you won’t need solar panels on your home or your office, all of our energy has already been created by the sun and the stars the stars are the new power plant of the world the stars.”
“Channeling Erik
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Mr. Paladino from discusses this suppressed technology and it’s many diverse and powerful uses! Check out his free 15 day Scalar Energy healing trial.
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“I agree with you, it’s a technology that will supplant our existing power grid and our existing military industrial complex and this new technology will again make obsolete so much of what we consider our modern day technology and for what? To better our lifestyle now what is technology? It’s nothing short of a tool for mankind it’s nothing to be
intimidated about. I fly in planes, a plane doesn’t intimidate me i’d rather fly than have to walk across the country, let’s just be candid about it, so we we want to welcome new technology it’s going to enhance our lifestyle
that’s the whole point of my lifelong career to improve the human condition it’s so cut and dry.”
“can scalar energy in the wrong hands, bad things?”
“Yes, it’s a tool, it’s energy and energy can be used to to help people to glorify god or energy can be used to to hurt people so um there are some things i understand about this energy that i will not release to the general public. I think the time is coming that we will have a mature and a morally correct group of people that will be able to use this energy and use it appropriately responsibly uh that day is coming in i’m sure that we’re going to see this new way of thinking this new way of living and technology is one of the ways to usher in this era of peace this era of enlightenment that i am looking forward to.”
“we have a wonderful world, there’s a great deal of technology in this world, but we always look to improve ourselves and we look to scalar energy this new and emerging technology to again bring forth a better way of living, to improve our lifestyle, to improve the living condition around
the world, so many applications with this scalar energy.”
“I foresee in the future that we will be using scalar energy for telecommunications, how many of you have ever had a
cell phone call that’s interrupted or some static on your tv or your radio, well, keep in mind a scalar wave cannot be interrupted you cannot lose your signal when you’re
having a cell phone call by way of a scalar wave there cannot be any interference on a tv show or on a radio signal, so scalar i believe in the future scalar will be used
for telecommunications and it will be the perfect telecommunication system now one of the salient points about that is a scalar device is an inbuilt satellite let me repeat that all scalar energy devices are satellites so you don’t need low earth orbiting satellites, my instrument
is in a fixed location, but it works like a satellite because i can send a signal anywhere in the world to a person that
signal never diminishes it never degrades so my instrument is
not only a worldwide satellite it’s a galactic satellite, it’s a universal satellite, so imagine you know pennies on the dollar now, instead of trying to triangulate a signal by way of cell phone towers and satellites, you don’t need that anymore, no scalar energy instrument is a satellite and this signal can be sent anywhere in the world, so again pennies on the dollar, I much prefer to work with a scalar energy
instrument as opposed to electromagnetic telecommunications.”
“so this is where we’re going um we’re going to end a lot of these wars which are wars for money and power yeah many times we’ve gone to war at least in part for oil for gold you know i i look at what the uh i look at what the Rothschilds have done to Africa and how they’ve taken all the precious metals
for themselves and they’ve left the african continent in a state of chaos, because they don’t have the riches of the earth toabet them …in other words the the the the powerful, the elite out there, the global leap has made a monopol, bilderberg complex all that yes, these terrible evil people, they’ve created this unjust system you know it’s an economic system that is falling apart it’s not designed to prosper, it’s designed to to control and to monopolize our our resources to monopolize ideas, we see that playing out every day well.”
“we could break apart and eradicate the fungus that’s infecting any tree wow i don’t know if i do you need like an electromagnetic i mean an electron microscopic kind of
fungus no i i have those photographs i have those photographs oh okay. I have a gigantic live library of 400000-500000.”

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