Bill Binney on Cyberattacks

Conspiracy Revelation: 25.12.2020:
It was not a walk in the park…Don´t underestimate CyberTerror…You can ruin entire businesses with that.. it eats up a lot of time and energy for reconstruction, if you are a anti-malware specialists it´s definitely helpful and if you have the persistence and stamina of a God for the eternal automatic reconstruction of security installations .. and it is also a form of psychological warfare…it takes and eats up a lot of energy and time..

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Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton on the real national security threats in the US that are being obscured by the cyberattacks and the role of NSA.”
“so there’s a lot of lying going on here i would like to say
and i think..”
“Yeah, I would say there’s two basic reasons for that
one is they’re taking in too much data to be able to handle it and the other is they basically turn off a program that we were developing a lot of the programs are using we already
developed back in the 1990s and under our program thin thread at that time we were developing a monitoring program on the network which meant we watched the network log all the lines of communications coming down the network get recorded in the network log..but the nsa terminated that they didn’t want that program and the reason was they didn’t because it would expose everything they’re doing with money with programs with the contractors everything where they’re shifting money around whatever all that whether or not a program was being productive or not you know all of that would be visible
then and they simply didn’t want that to be known they said you mean congress can come in and see what we’re doing and how our programs are functioning we said sure
they can’t and their answer to me was you’re never
going to do this program.”
“so in other words they themselves were big time into criminal operations, criminal monetary schemes nobody knows what they are but we have i think a good glimpse, because wasn’t it the department of defense missing trillions didn’t catherine austin fitz expose how the u.s government i i checked the numbers correctly but i’m pretty confident about this i think since the 1990s the us government has lost uh about 42 or 41 trillion now the important of importance of that is twofold number one when you have those sorts of money and you are criminal enterprise let’s say at the heart of the u.s government or maybe at the heart of the global economy
catherine austin fitz pointed out that you can at that point the parasite detaches from the host because with that volume of money you can just live off the interest earned on that
the investment income on that huge lump of money forever after you don’t even need to rob any further from the us government um the other thing is at that financial
volume having an organized crime ring of that size you
are basically dealing with a nation-state that will exist
out there into you know for posterity basically.”
“so um and i think the reuters did an expose on it in august of 2013 where they were interviewing some of the federal agents involved in the program and they said this is such a great program i just hope we can keep it secret. Well, I mean they were keeping it secret, not only from the defendants in court, but also from the lawyers and the judges, so I mean it’s just a total destruction of our entire judicial system.”
“Yeah and there the big criminality was coming from inside
the government and from inside nsa, basically the fbi, nsa and the dea drug enforcement administration and the cia, so one of the things that i observed i mean this this by the way it duplicates in every country: so I am not a u.s citizen and before people think i’m just bashing the united states
here no no no i am bashing the uk uh government and
the uh uk intel community as much as the german
and the swiss and any other intel community because what i have observed is that all throughout the world certainly the western world the same thing happens we have shocking absolutely unbridled criminality proliferating in the intelligence communities and the military and the governments and uh it just basically makes every foreign interference pale in comparison, because frankly the chinese couldn’t
steal 43 trillion without being noticed you know but uh the intel community managed to do just that.”
“the access to that data is given to the other five eyes partners and then when general flynn says other countries were monitoring the u.s election wouldn’t they have been
monitoring it through the capabilities of nsa
being shared with them?”
“yes uh certainly through the what they call computer network
exploitation things that are implants of software and or hardware in switches and servers and networks and computers all around the world, that’s all shared and it’s uh it’s again it was documented in the snowed material where they have it all and it’s shared through the ic reach program
uh with all the five eyes as well as a other agencies directly cia, fbi, dea, dhs, i’m sure and others uh uh without uh oversight.”
“sure they tell the story that the cia once told and that’s what that’s what’s happening today our mainstream media is
doing nothing but that if the if the cia doesn’t want somethingto be told or the nsa or the fbi they don’t tell it and..”
“This is somehow the elephant in the room that nobody’s
bringing up..I mean.. last time we checked the cia was
involved in the kennedy assassination if you look into it it was pretty much physically impossible to pull off something like that without intel, the intel community knowing uh the
fbi came fraudulently after you uh you know after you blew the whistle uh karen melton stewart the forgotten nsa whistleblower is being shot to bits just miles from fort meade uh with directed energy weapons uh this is not the chinese or the russians doing it, this is the intel community doing it, so it’s basically the big death star in the room that nobody cares to mention.”
“in that endeavor, so people came after you and you told me that’s also very important for the world to know that these bio weapon attacks started actually much earlier in the 1990s when congress for the first time in congress history
gave a fund that was you know attached to your name as opposed to nsa…”
“that’s like shifting from collecting groups of people intending to do bad things or illegal things to collecting individuals that means everybody on the planet
which means they were after leverage or power over everybody
not not just to do things against stop
people who had criminal activity international crime or
or any kind of military actions or governmental emotions moves to do certain things it wasn’t that it now focused on
individuals and that that did basically they were after power over everyone basically the political enemies they had inside the country as well as those outside the country,they had that and and it gave them that capability to go after any individual that stood up that they and started saying things or doing something that they didn’t like like for example when elliot spitzer went after the bankers for defrauding
people in that packaged mortgage deals that were sold all around the banking community all of that was a swindle..”
“I got an infection inside from the cafeteria inside nsa
and it took me out for about six weeks, it was hepatitis a.”
“so how often do people get hepatitis a in the nsa canteen is that something that happens every month every year..”
“I would like to point out is that when you’re dealing with the intel community uh and they want to harm you they will monitor you everything you eat what what you do but they also have the uh power to come into your house and give you whatever they want to by injection and give you directly a bioweapon they don’t have to rely on you eating something they would pick people who maybe had the same thing because they monitored the salad bar that day.”
“now this is my message to the general and i’ll repeat it until kingdom come when a country genocides its own people
see germany see russia see china see many other countries
it is direct evidence of deep capture bya foreign power
why because then you are killing the people whom you could recruit into your military right as a general he will understand that you decimate the population that you could
recruit for not that much money and just a bit of brainwashing into becoming meat on the line to be
used for some war that you might want to plan
take over other countries when a country genocides its own people it is direct evidence for deep capture by a foreign power so people have to figure out which foreign power took over china took over russia and conducted the genocide
the clue will lead people among others to switzerland
now i want to bring up one thing actually i wanted to show people the newest epoch times article where they talk about the dominion voting machines and the the bank that was involved in uh funding and uh you know sending money to the
dominion voting machines and all that guess where that was switzerland right, not beijing, not even hong kong, it was
switzerland, it’s a swiss bank, why? Because that’s the hq of the crime cartel has been for literally centuries right, so switzerland right switzerland it’s not somewhere in the far east it is much closer:”
“The targeting community desperately is relying on you shutting down the targeting program and you said that if you just deployed thin threat right you could pull out any organized crime around the world isn’t that right all of it simultaneously yeah and this is this is the uk the us’s
superpower and i think this is why they are torturing you and trying to kill you bill because you would basically annihilate the crown jewels hashtag crown jewels the nsa,
because it seems to me that not even the president
not even you know a top general can use the nsa,
but look gchq can use the nsa i presume it’s gchq by the way
if some foreign powers can use the nsa and say hey look look we have got the data i mean wtf right isn’t that ridiculous
yes so yeah i you know and and the other thing i guess i want people president trump to pull in is katherine austin fitz for god’s sake she found the black budget she uncovered
theyou know the black black projects and how millions were sorry trillions trillions were being
stolen and to this day she’s fighting to get that back she is saying unless you americans get those trillions back you can forget theconstitution right you have to get that back and by
the way the banks have the full records for any financial transaction just like the nsa has as well right so 43 trillion doesn’t get lost in this
world money and data never gets lost, somebody has it, okay, somebody out there has it so between the banks and nsa
you can figure it all out you can get 43 trillion back in fact why not get the 43 trillion back.”

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