General Soleimanis Tochter über Trump und Biden…

“General Soleimanis Tochter über Trump und Biden: “Jeder von ihnen ist schlimmer als der andere””
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Seinab Soleimani, Tochter des von den USA ermordeten iranischen Generals, sieht den Grund für den Anschlag im Erfolg ihres Vaters im Kampf gegen al-Qaida und die Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat. Diese Kreaturen werden von den USA nur zum Schein bekämpft, sagt Soleimani.”
“How di he go from being this hero to suddenly being
a terrorist even lloyd austin the new joe biden pentagon pick said he was great in combating isis and al-qaeda suddenly he
went from hero to terrorist why? Al of us know this, al-qaeda, isis, they are a group of terrorists that America made them and we have many proofs for that and my father
was the only person was standing in front of such
terrorist groups of course they are not happy for that that my father is standing in front of such at the groups
because they made it they made it to start a war in the middle eastand they use it to start hurting people and taking their houses, their jobs, their money, their countries of course, they are not happy for my father is standing in front of them and destroying them everywhere…the founder of wikiless he exposed the email…America made them and they are like toys for them, the life of people innocent people
are like toys for them, they attacked everyone,
everywhere and of course they are not happy that my father is
standing in front of them and every plan they are making in middle east my father destroyed it and he changed this game he was the winner of this game and he destroyed them of course they are not happy and they kill him so easy in another place in air international they dare to kill a official general of a country, they kill it easy and they said we kill it and we are proud, why they are proud because they kill someone?..of course they will say he was
a terrorist, because in their mind my father, because he was destroying the people they created.. because he was saving
innocent people’s lives he is a terrorist who is it her is here they made these groups they attacked people,
they kill people easily everywhere, they are the terrorists..julian assange alleged by the u.n to be being tortured near this studio..they are trying to
take the people’s power to take their freedom, their grands
and uh he always spoke with us about that he must
stand in front of united states because they are creating
something like a virus everywhere like this sickness is getting everywhere, he is coming to every country and taking
their powers, stealing .. anything, anything they have they
are taking from them and they are saying uh we didn’t know
about them .. they are liars…big liars..why they are looking to stall people in the countries, just because the money, what they are looking for and my father believed he must to stop them and he did so well that’s why they killed him that’s why they took my father out from their way because
they know they can’t stop him anymore.”
“why would donald trump say that your father was a monster?Well, of course, first, he is the monster, not my father
and second i will say my father did his job so well and make
them so angry you are seeing every plan they are making in the middle east is destroyed, everywhere they are trying
to enter and hurt Iran they fail, why, of course for them my father is a big monster, but my father is a savior, he saved people. He did this for all countries, he did this for people
not just middle east he destroy isis because he don’t want people in people innocent in europe got killed by such a dangerous virus, he did this he fight for everyone,
not just Syria, Yemen, Libanon, Iran, Irak.”
“he know this way he is going it’s so dangerous and he might get killed, he know this way this thing so well but he didn’t stop, because he wasn’t afraid from them they were afraid from him,they were so afraid from my father, they know how he will act how he respond and they know so well he will beat them.”
“We interviewed a daughter of someone killed by washington effectively; the daughter of Che Guevara and she said
that her father’s death brought Cuba together.”
“..and they know so well why Trump ordered to kill my father.”
“do you think it means anything that joe biden will be in the white house?”
“Ii have to say that there is no difference between biden and trump they are the same guy and they are following the same policy,there is no difference between them trump order killing my father, but biden support that,
so there is no different they have the same thought
and they are following the same way and they are the same person, i mean yeah biden was agreed with obama when they made isis what’s the difference between trump and biden?
What will change? They are the same people we’re the same mind there is no different for us i mean they can the job item cannot return my father..he can’t return it, so there is the the problem we have with America is with their policy,
this will not change, they are the same people the same mind
the same way and each one of them is worse than the other one.”
“What would you say to american soldiers who were in syria or iraq fighting al qaeda so they said who fought apparently with your father on the same side, what would you tell them to say to journalists and the politicians?”
“we know that they made the isis so why they are sending innocent uh soldiers to death? You see it’s like a game for them they create something and they send their own
soldiers to get killed by something they created and theydon’t care for them they don’t care for their lives, they are just caring for the power, for the money, for anything they are looking for on that countries, they are looking for oil..”

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