All Youtube Alternatives Are Horrible | Vidme, Bitchute, Minds, review

“All Youtube Alternatives Are Horrible | Vidme, Bitchute, Minds, review”
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Are Youtube alternatives viable option today? It’s hard to build a video sharing platform that will compete with Youtube, when even Google can’t make it profitable.”
“Your videos, they’ll get zero views unless you boost. Boosting is practically just paying for views, but these are not views just mere displays of your posts on other people’s news feeds. It’s like paying for like farms in Bangladesh.
You’ll get likes but no real engagement. As a creator you don’t want to be noticed. You want to be discovered when other people search for stuff you made the content for.
You are not a product to be advertised. There are other cosmetic flaws that need fixing if minds wants more youtubers – the biggest as mentioned is that there is no video list.
The channel’s content is viewed as posts in feed and not list of videos on a channel page.”
“My whole take on alternatives is that we’ll probably never see a complete replacement of Google, Youtube, and Facebook by ethical alternatives. If they ever fall, it will be because the innovation will outpace them. In which case these corporations will invest in such new innovations and will transfer their business model to them. Google is already preparing for this which is why Alphabet has acquired 160+ companies, most of which have nothing to do with being a search engine. Diversity is a necessity to sustain a free and strong middle class. The economy is more stable if the free market is more open and spread across as many players as possible. We are living in a dangerous world where more and more wealth is accumulated and merged within fewer and fewer boards of directors. It’s problematic, because instead of serving millions of interests to millions of people, only a handful of interests are met with satisfaction, because their monopoly power is at such a level that whatever their actions define the whole market. So I would conclude that the free Internet needs more alternatives like bitchute and less clones like vidme. But they can’t just be alternatives.
They must strive towards innovation. Luckily for them, centralized monopolies are poised to kill more innovation than make, so decentralized projects have an upper hand on this one. But let me know – do you have any content creators you watch posting on one of these alternatives?”

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