Jordan Maxwell & Nancy – Attack of the Reptiles

“Jordan Maxwell & Nancy – Attack of the Reptiles”
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“and uh you and i have had some interesting experiences and
i i’ve had my own really tremendous experiences in area 51 with an actual alien coming in in the motel where we were so that’s a whole story in itself but that’s why i am totally convinced that there is extraterrestrial life and
extraterrestrial technology going on in area 51 because
i’ve seen it with my own eyes oh yeah so i know
there’s something otherworldly going on out there
legitimately speaking. (Jordan Maxwell)”

“well i don’t know about the the alien issue for area 51
other people would know that um but i do know that the bases
in new mexico and arizona definitely had aliens.”

“now my dad was his cover for what he was doing was a bandsman and yet.. he had all kinds of expertise in mineralogy and engineering and all kinds of other
things. I mean he was just a a really amazing man with many many many skills.”

“When I was little I had this encounter with
a gray, a small gray and it was no bigger than I was,
at the time and it came out of a cave one of the caves that we were around…He had a big head and this really long
thin body and I saw him a couple of times.”

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