Jordan Maxwell – Organized Crime

“Jordan Maxwell – Organized Crime”
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“The entire world that you live in is a criminal organization, period…Any Cult or any Gang, you don´t have one Gang, you gotta 1000 Gangs and they are all vying for power to see which one can make the most money and live the highest of the hog off of the poor people…just open up the world to see what the real world of religion really is, where does the money come from, who where the people who started these different political and religious…”

“As a kid I used to hear my adults telling me “Well that´s 2 things we don´t talk about..Politics & Religion.”
The reason why they don´t talk about Politics & Religion, it might offend somebody, it might offend someone…it is about time to offend and show you how you support organized crime..
You are just supporting real organized crime and “we don´t want to talk about this…” The Government makes sure you don´t talk about it…It´s not political correct to talk about Why? Because the Government is organized crime…We call the U.S. Government as an organized criminal society, period. At the end of the day that´s the bottom line. They are behind all these religious movements, political movements…”

“The drugs are coming from south of the border, Mexico, from Colombia, all of those countries down there are catholic countries, vatican run catholic countries, vatican run catholic countries are flooding the world with narcotics .Chicago, my God, Chicago is a World Capitol…realize Chicago is the center of organized crime… Chicago was a den of tieves and organized criminality…Obama..In the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s where Chicago was understood as the criminal capitol of america, period, it rivaled New York.. Which has given us Obama…Democratic Party and Mafia..Democratic Party was in business with the underworld, with the organized criminal esstablishment.”

“The Internationale: 19.400 Abonnenten:
Recorded – 7/16/2018
Recorded for more than a year spanning from 2018 to 2019, there are 24 parts in total in the Mind-bending Special Dogmatic Theology Series.”

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