Alex Collier about shift…

“Alex Collier about shift…”
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“janneta trenholm: vor 2 Tagen:
Thank you Alex!
Everything that you said 15 years ago is true!
At least for me it’s been 15.
I was a little sceptical then,but now I see were so right!”
“Rata: vor 1 Tag: Problem, Reaction, Solution is the Deep State Agenda!! Finally Over!”

“the systems of weather control that were created for warfare
are all but in the control of the white house, the alliance
and some of the things that have been done to the ecosystem,
by the cabal.. have to be corrected, some of the environmental things that have been done by the cabal
have to be corrected now of course the cabal is blaming
humanity, that was all part of their strategy to blame humanity and to postulate this environmental disaster, so that they could again justify eliminating two-thirds of earth’s humanity..virtually all of that has been a lie… they created all these problems themselves…that there’s just too many of us on the planet that she cannot sustain herself and ladies and gentlemen it’s all a lie
the fact of the matter is the planet’s getting more bigger, earth is growing and she’s doing that to accommodate humanity, she loves humanity, she just needs a responsible partner… as we change our technological capabilities,
we will be using less and less of earth’s resources. (Alex Collier)”

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