Not Real People: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades.

Conspiracy Revelation: 21.1.2020: I got a telepathic influx in 2017 that fits this “synthetic Pleiadi Messenger”: 24. November 2017: Swarupa …. Telepathic influx… (Swarupa = Sei einfach, wie du bist) /(Telepathie) /(Influx) /(Zen) /(Gnosis) /(Naturalismus) /(Authentizität)s /(Flow)
“Not Real People: Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades. (Taygeta) (7)”
” I don´t want to influence you in your perception of this video and this information..
“Hello Swaru; I want to talk about a topic that is very much on my mind you mentioned a few times the existence of unreal people who are they exactly and how do they differ from real people? Can you define the real people? Hello Gosha, I am happy to be here today too, real people are those who actually have a soul, people who have been in other places before, the rest doesn’t have a soul, they react with a
program only, a matrix program, take them out of the program and they don’t know how to react, this is why so many simply cannot and will not awaken, even if you explain what’s going on using Muppets, a collective essence, hive-mind, computerized digital mind, AI, not a true soul from source. The program is complex, so they look like they’re reacting sentient, but they are not, but you can defeat the program, you can see the matrix in the reaction of the people. Watch carefully and you will be mind blown, as you start to predict things, events and attitudes. Many real people with souls are not meant to be awakened, they are there for the spiritual experience, that they will be having being incarnated there. They are there for the right, not for a mission, the Matrix is real and not a theory. I will not go into the technical matters on the how this is achieved, only on the effects it has as an experience. The matrix reads your mind and manifests and illusion, stimulating your five senses, so you
experience the illusion you wanted, also if more people want the same illusion then it works faster, because it’s a collective, the same way they all manifest, anything: A country with economic problems, a volcano, anything ..the outside world is… a mirror reflection of the inner world of the people…you change the inside, you change the outside.
So the false people are nothing more than more of the same you see more people, but they are more matrix and they don’t differ from more volcanic eruptions or more taxes or more of anything, they differ from real people, because although they look alike and are almost indistinguishable from the real
ones, they are detectable by anyone with practice, though, there is no one inside them: no soul, no person having experience, they are just energy, it appears to be that only 1 in 5 people on earth is real, those are the key people manifesting the Matrix. The Unreal ones are working with a single hive mind brain, the memory in that brain is like the Akashic Records… you are one of the real ones, so it’s your perspective we are discussing here…and you can also interact with them they are a program inside a program…if something is not in your attention, is it there? I no longer place my attention on them they disappear, but then I see that person again in a week, how are they back to life..if something is not in your attention, is it there?..and they will lead you to see their department, their lives and kids they can see you but it’s only the matrix who is seeing you I know this is very out there…if you interact with them you will be giving them a larger role in your life, even the horrible ones like the criminals are also a reflection
of the collective mind set of the real ones, their outer reflection or manifestation of a problem they have inside in their minds some only have a small role like a lady selling you your groceries in a store, over and over, others a larger one but then again she may be real we could not know it first so we must treat them equally, if you find someone you do not know in the street you cannot know who that person is, so you must always treat everyone with the same respect, okay, so the unreal people can also be seen by many people simultaneously…how can you tell which one is real and which one is not, when you go deep with them in a talk, they will never be able to think outside the box, they are the ones deep into the system that go to work every day and hardly complain, those who attend church faithfully every Sunday those who strive to fit into the system, the ones who cannot wake up to higher knowledge, the ones who cannot create outside their scripts who cannot think outside the box,
those who conform to the system, are the unreal ones, very good thank you…”
“even if it’s basic, the matrix knows they are part of the matrix the thinking is collective and it’s not done locally, it comes from the matrix mainframe, so they will have the same opinion about everything with only slight variations, all scripted. Can you explain please how it works more technically coming from matrix mainframe? There is one CPU brain with all the programs, it’s in the lunar mainframe that controls the matrix, it then goes down using frequencies to the decoder in their heads brain, what do they think everyone thinks, only with the variations, they have previously set depending on the situation, it’s an interactive computer set program with limited capability, go to our traffic cop and ask: how is your matrix tachyonic positronic function for today? They will not know how to react, it’s not in their script and the matrix will not have a reaction, it will only
dismiss with an excuse, nothing intelligent. Insane, but I am starting to capture it, slowly. All those who dismiss conspiracy theories, UFOs, Monsters and ghosts are matrix. They are matrixed people, because those things are not from
the matrix they have no intelligent reaction, but what the matrix has taught them to do to react and that’s with the very same comments and reactions.”
“Matrixed preprogrammed People.”
“What I mean is that only the things that are relevant for you exist in your world, the rest does not, this is where the unreal people come into play. They are Unreal for you because they are not relevant for you and for your life and if they become relevant does it make them real? If we both please enough attention to that concept in the matrix, it eventually will manifest, yes, then it will become real, enough attention energy and it will manifest into reality you can see with your five senses.”
“I thought it was just a matter of them being biologically real just without a soul sort of organic portals but biologically real and from our conversation I see many of them are purely mental constructs, disappearing at some point, no biology there.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 21.1.2020: The rest of the interview is solipsistic insanity that she tries to explain. Disinfo Nonsense. But some parts are true in relation to quantum mechanics, but not biological life.

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