Was Steve Jobs Murdered?

“Posted by George Freund on October 26, 2011 at 7:05 PM”

“He was opinionated and headstrong. He was suing Google for infringements of his patents. He was quoted as saying he was using the ‘thermonuclear’ option in this regard. He described his list of frenenemies. All in all that can spell destruction in the best of worlds. His ‘thermonuclear’ remark meant he was prepared to destroy his competitors as well as sacrifice his company. That would be regarded as shear madness by those others. In a meeting with Microsoft’s Bill Gates he was offered $5 billion to settle the suit. He declined. He had all the money he needed and was willing to lay it all on the line as a point of honour.”

“Dueling may be gone, but treachery has evolved in nature and complexity. We know cancer was developed as a weapon in the plot to kill Castro. It didn’t cease to be an effective tool after the plot fell off the table. If there is a gunman to hire today at the highest levels, we would put him in hospital greens instead of the grassy knoll. The net effect would be the same – eradication of a serious problem the unco-operative nature of someone too important to be forced to co-operate.”

“The richest people love their money more than their ideals. They would never let an idealists destroy the cash flow. Investors in his own organization would be hard pressed to let the nuclear option proceed.

Steve Jobs had it out with Rupert Murdoch as well. He thought his Fox style of news was destructive. No doubt. It is made that way. He openly took on Rupert Murdoch at a board meeting. He was supposed to enter a joint venture with an app paper called The Daily. I think those with a broader understanding of the world would see that as definitely a proposal not getting off the ground in Rupert Murdoch’s little world.

Steve Jobs was even known to keep his back door open in his not too palatial residence. Opportunity would not have to knock on his door. It wouldn’t need to break in either. His peculiar diet could easily be adjusted to get the pancreas going. While in hospital an X Ray could provide the right environment for the ultimate weapon cancer in the assassination form. The rest would be simple a perfect natural death. And we wondered why the signer of the death certificate was kept a secret. That set off alarm bells with this analyst.

Could Steve Jobs have been murdered? Of course he could. Would there be motive. Yes billions of dollars of it. Could the plot to control the world advance? Of course it could. There’s no way they’d let a fair and balanced mass circulation newspaper get started. It’s all by the book with many of the clues in the biography. Frenemies don’t let frenemies get away with anything. Taking care of business is big business. Controlling the media keeps it a secret. As the assassin in the hospital greens approached with the cancer syringe he said, “This Jobs is for you.””

Source: https://conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/9834883-was-steve-jobs-murdered-

“References: Rense.com | GOOGLE GANGSTERS GANG STALKING for PROFIT – Did they kill STEVE JOBS who was on to them? Google Gang Stalking For Covert NSA Research Funding Torturing Americans with Satellites – On the Take & Loving It – Wikileaks
Artificial Intelligence, Targeted Individuals, Compartmentalization, Depopulation, Satellite Terrorism, Darpa & More / THE OCTOPUS – The criminal military & intelligence cabal that runs drugs and guns.”

“How the cancer industry killed Steve Jobs
Biological cancer is a normal body cell which has outlived its appointed time of death. Every cell in the human body, of which there are a whopping hundred trillion cells, have their life span cut out for each of them. They have to die a natural death – apoptosis (falling of a brown leaf, in Greek).

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury | New Delhi | September 11, 2018 2:25 pm”

“The truth about cancer is it is far from all the myths. In fact, cancer is not even a disease. It is just a process of ageing. Some of us age slowly while others may age faster. Here, I am talking about the ageing of cells, not of morphologic ageing. It explains why cancer occur even in small children. Depending on the rate of growth of cancer, either it could precede the victim or outlive him. When cancer starts growing inside a human body, our body’s own immune system attempts to overcome it or suppress it. If the immune system wins, then the cancer will die permanently. Unusually high incidents of cancer in patients with AIDS clearly prove the above said point.”

Source: https://www.thestatesman.com/lifestyle/health/cancer-industry-killed-steve-jobs-1502683343.html

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