( Targeted Individuals MUST SEE ) How They Track You… NANO-TECH EXPLAINED

( Targeted Individuals MUST SEE ) How They Track You… NANO-TECH EXPLAINED.
“Nykes Mic
Am 04.11.2018 veröffentlicht
Neighbours are in on your stalking ……………….”
PS: Man, you hit the nail on the had. NSA-GeStaPo-Zion-Tube got angry after posting this… Even when the Video has really zero new content, there are much more detailed infos below in my archive. But the Triggers of them show us the Root of the Problem.
The Truth will trigger aggressive reactions and cyberattacks by the enemy (global shadow gov cointelpro2 crime syndicate) of the global unwitting/usual citizens.
Let´s follow the track of the offenders and bring back justice into the world. NEMESIS.
targeted by family and more.
vor 1 Monat
You are on point sir.im getting Dew’s pointed at my heart and ribs.used to be my head.had stuff taken out of my bedroom.just gone.i woke up the other morning and my eyes went grey fuzzy like a old TV before it went off.someone is watching my nerural brain waves.i think. Along with mobbing by cars people .just sad.God bless
Nykes Mic: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): Self-replicating nanobots that can communicate to their servers through microwaves from your smart meter, phone, smart devices in the internet of things, etc. Satellites, cell towers, standard radio towers.
All I will say, is that do not do the “game” it wants you to play. It wants you to mix up molecules to hide from “government surveillance”…
The game nanobots want you to do a 1-2-1 step process. Mix all molecules from each activity equally, in which you will rub it on your skin and clothes and transfer it to each activity to “mix up” the bots so it’s “harder for the police to trace your movement”.
..Anyone or ANYTHING in this case (Artificial intelligence) that tortures you and threatens to kill you if you don’t do what it does, will not help you avoid having your privacy invaded. … No matter what you do it attempts to track you and record your every move. The game is just a lie, even though it does tell you these things about what to do and all that, but it’s just a lie to get better control over you.
Angie Pittman: vor 1 Monat: Excellent presentation, FACTS!
Nykes Mic: raja raja: vor 1 Monat: thank you stand strong.
RACIST OR EXTINCT: vor 3 Wochen: We are in a World War and the people are not aware of it…I try to awaken my family but they think I’m crazy so I stopped telling them anything..I feel I’ve been implanted with these EVIL microchips …who will help me?T his is real America and 🌎 what do WE DO TO STOP THIS EVIL??
SAVED SEVEN: vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet): Brother it’s very deep, the neighbors are just there to watch you, the remote stuff can be operated from a whole another state , the program is sick. Everyone is going to be targeted before it’s over. God bless you bro, keep your faith ,pray…from .jb DALLAS Texas ,,,,,,perps are always looking and on the post also…
Chris taylor: vor 1 Monat: Seek jesus if you want demonic attacks to stop.
marilyn crowe: vor 3 Wochen: Exactly!!!!
RACIST OR EXTINCT: vor 3 Wochen: ..Doctors have been indoctrinated just like us, they don’t know they’ve been indoctrinated, just like me! I never knew about these things until I researched it for myself.
RACIST OR EXTINCT: vor 3 Wochen: This is going to blowup in THEIR face….because more people are being Targeted and we will sue the He’ll out of you! I’m so sick of how these Gang Stalkers do their EVIL deeds your KARMA will come back to haunt you!

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