Narcopaths vs Empaths

Narcopaths vs Empaths. He should say malignant narcopath… Now combine this whole thing with diverse interdimensionals, hybrids, alien love bites, cointelpro, artificial intelligence, dews and the new world order mk ultra vanguard cult witches and also their dream invasions, incredible dream intrusions, astral and dream programming and you get the bigger picture…this happens globally en masse.
“The Narcissist Harassing And Stalking You”



“Hello survivors welcome to my channel, I’m now a survivor and I’m going to be talking about the narcissists harassing and stalking you, yes the narcissist will harass and stalk
you for many months or even years.. they become obsessive once they see that you are able to move on without them they will spread rumors and create a smear campaign with their flying monkeys.
the flying monkeys will then harass and stalk you too. I have done a video specifically on the smear campaign and flying monkeys, so please watch that video for more information, after leaving
you Narcists loses a significant amount of value and this value completely deteriorates over time, it seems that the more their value goes the more they wish they could go back to how things were, their value deteriorates like sand for an egg timer and as this volume of sand becomes smaller and smaller the realization of your value only grows greater and greater, the reason why this happens is because you are becoming awakened to the truth, for so many months or years the narcist fed you lies and gaslighted you, so once you have left the narcist and begin to move on you start to see the world clearly, you start to see them for what they really are, naturally this will increase your value .. you regain your emotional health and realize that you are a good person after all,
you redevelop your positive qualities and your boundaries, this is valuable and attractive to the narcissist, because they want to smash those boundaries back down, they want to destroy those positive qualities all over again, people can either build or destroy and the narcissist destroys, the narcissist will hold on to you for so long because in their minds they believe that they have left you, after leaving you they then searched around for new supply, once they have found their supply everything is great at first, but then over time they start to realize what they’ve done, you are suddenly a huge loss to them, they realized that what they had with you is something they will never find with anyone else, if you are watching this video it is likely that you are an empath, we’re willing to put up with all of their BS and love them anyway while they were with you they took this for granted and assumed that anyone would do the same thing, if not more, of course the reality is very differen,t so months go by, along with a source or two and they can’t seem to find a suitable replacement, this is where they might attempt to contact you and if your
response is clear… from here they will move on to find another source again and again this process can go on for several years, several decades and sometimes the whole lives but between each source they are either deeply thinking about you or even attempting to contact you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, even for a normal person this can be true and or the narcissist it hits them 10 times harder, when the narcissist is with you they really believe the grass is green on the other side they take you and everything you do for granted thinking that anyone will be willing to do the same ..if not more than you, when they leave you that is when they discover the truth, you may have been deeply in love with them in the beginning but once you’ve seen for their
fake personality they lose their value to you after they have been with one source two sources or more you will never see them the same way again and they know this that’s what causes them
to become obsessed and start stalking you, because you become the one person they cannot have, you will never see them the same way again, so the only other option of keeping you in their life is
to harass and stalk you, it becomes like a day out for them a bit of entertainment, a narcissit live boring and miserable lives, so chasing after you gives them a little bit excitement you will probably get dressed up all nice for you they might even bring a man a woman along in an attempt to make you provides them with a mild sense of excitement and satisfaction, it also
gives them a dopamine hit which is a chemical released in their brains so they become like junkies and use you to feed their addiction, this is what they live for and it becomes their newfound purpose in life and they will try to impress you or make you envious in some way, but just remember, if they really had anything better to do in their lives they will be doing that instead of harassing and stalking you that’s all for this video I will be going deeper into this topic in part two thank you for watching I will talk to you soon.
The narcissist harassing and stalking you part two, months or even years in extreme cases after you have left the narcissist they will continue to harass and stalk you there were spread rumors
and even have their flying monkeys to do their dirty work, the flying monkeys might follow you around take note of your routine and then report all of this information back to the narcissist.
[Music] If you are starting a new job, seeing someone new or planning to move away you could be sure that the flying monkeys will be taken note of this information they will then report back to the
narcissist and they will do whatever they can to sabotage your progress in life. [Music] The narcissist has so much passion fire, devotion, enthusiasm and keenness to win you over but for no good
they are trying to isolate you, they are trying to prevent you from moving on and live a fulfilling life, they are trying to prevent you from starting a new career or meet in a genuine person so that you will only be passionate devoted and enthusiastic to them and no one else they want you all to themselves…and then I realized I have what they want, I look good, I dress good, I have all of these positive qualities which they want but do not have and since you are watching this video you most likely possess the same or similar similar qualities, genuine happiness, love, passion,
the ability to feel a deep emotional connection, devotion, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, empathy, consideration..the narcissist is trying to get on with their lives they are trying to move on
but they are struggling to do this because you have what they want you have all of these great qualities which they like but do not have, so they could simply appreciate your qualities and then move on with their lives but we know narcissists cannot do that, they become envious, they want to destroy your qualities, they want too prevent your success in life and this is why they will follow you you around stalking and harassing you because you have what they want I think it is important to note that even after the narcissist has stalked and harassed you although they appear
satisfied and relieved on the surface, beneath that they’re still miserable it, it provides them with a mild amount of satisfaction and a dopamin hit and then they are left trying to figure out what they need to do next, if they approach you do will likely take up a lot of your time to prolong the interaction so that they can get as much supply as they can to keep them go in, they are literally addicts to our life energy and emotions they are addicts to any attention and validation we give them and what happens when you take the drug away they go looking for it they go
looking for you or me because we have what they want once you’ve found the pattern of behavior the narcissist uses it all becomes predictable..or you could just focus on yourself and
whenever they’re ready to do that thing just think in your mind there they go again knocking I’ve noticed that narcissists betray everyone else that has been a fraud in some way that is less than
desirable and it’s not just people you know personally but if someone is interested in spending time with you they will portray them as less than desirable in some way, especially if in their minds they believe that this person is desirable, it’s the same thing if you like a celebrity actor or singer they are quick to point out there flaws or say that they are not good singers or
whatever there is always an attempt to make you not want to desire anyone because the thought of your time and attention being on another person or even an inanimate object is very painful
for the narcissist they need all of your time, effort and attention to be on them and all of these behaviors that is triggered by their inferiority complex, childhood abuse or neglect not being
able to sustain the feeling of being larger than life, they cannot sustain real genuine happiness and when you present yourself to them you will resurface in all of this in their minds they feel inferior to you, so they will try to discover something that they believe makes them superior to you but again the fact that they do this should reinforce your belief that they are trying to prevent the painful feelings they get from being in your presence as when you are around them you are reminding them of their inferiority complex, their childhood abuse or neglect and their lack of real genuine happiness or fulfillment in their lives some Narcissists go from relationship to relationship, house to house, car to car, anything to make them believe that they are really happy and
fulfilled, but when those things don’t live up to their expectations, they are left feeling unsatisfied and even frustrated, they see you being a genuinely happy, sometimes even with less
than what they have and this resurfaces the dissatisfaction and frustration within them all over again,…because I have what they want.
Narc Survivor
The Narcissist Harassing And Stalking You (Part Three)
Narc Survivor
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Surviving the Female Narcissist: A Deconstruction by Richard Grannon
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The narcissist harassing and stalking you…you have what they want, you have the good qualities that they are looking for, this could be your positive vibe, genuine happiness, your
ability to feel real love and a deep emotional connection, your devotion, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm, if you are an empath you might be hypersensitive to taste, smell, sound or
touch, the narcissist is envious of all of these qualities, they want to take them from you and if they cannot do this they will try to destroy you for it, because you have all the good qualities
that they wish they had, you have what they want, if you have money, material possessions, a good career, real friends or if you are meeting a new relationship… the narcissist will be envious
of all of this too .. figuring out how they can sabotage everything going on in your life, they do not want you to live a fulfilling life, because they never felt truly fulfilled or generally
happy in their lives…[Music]…so they will abuse and manipulate you, they will gaslight you and make you doubt your own reality, no matter what they have done to you and your life
[Music] ..they will never feel any empathy towards you, they cannot put themselves in your shoes, because in the back of their minds they have a history of narcissistic injuries which in their minds are way anything that they have done to you but a few months or years after the relationship, once they’ve had time to think, they will remember everything that they are now missing out on you, your company, your genuine love and care for them, your positive vibe, money, material possessions and sex, they do miss these things and they know that it’s not going to be the same with someone else..[Music] …but remember they are not thinking about you, they are thinking about what you gave to them, so a few months or years after the relationship, they will feel sorry but
not for you, they are feeling sorry for themselves, not sorry for what they have done, they do not have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of their victim, their apologies are fake they always revolve around them and how they feel..everything they believe is one-sided and biased, you will never reach a resolution with them, they’re harassing and stalking can go on for years because they do not know how to self-reflect and resolve the situation within their minds, they are as emotionally immature as toddlers, so they have no capabilities to do this, if they were capable of self-reflecting and resolving this in their minds without having to harass and stalk you believe me they would have done that by now but they can’t do it because they are emotionally immature toddlers with no capabilities of resolving the situation within themselves. I have a theory that the narcissist will start with one person that they victimize, they might tell themselves that this victim is an exception the only one who deserves the abuse, the narcissist believes that after this victim there will not be another, but when the victim is gone the Cravens to abuse someone is still there, suddenly the thought of that first victim being an exception is no longer valid , the narcissist may have create an alternative personality while they were around the victim who’s meant to be an exception over time this alternative personality becomes a biological part of the narcissist it affects their relationships family career and interactions with other
people even after the victim is no longer around now the narcissist has lost their original core values and beliefs they conditioned their victim but they also conditioned themselves and normalized
their abusive behavior, so their cravings to abuse remains even after the victim is no longer around, they have become addicted to inflict an abuse on the victim, but how their victim is gone and
since this behavior was normalized they see no harm and finding another victim and that’s how this cycle repeats again and again, victim after victim..and they told themselves that you were the exception, you were the only person.. they see us as being above them and that is their motive for trying to bring us down, you are like a shiny toy that they cannot have and if they can’t have you
or your qualities they don’t want anyone else to have you either, so they will do whatever they can to destroy you, your good qualities and your life, they do this because like a small child they are envious of the toy that they do not have and you are this toy, the toy is you, your qualities and everything good you have in your life, psychology states that if you see someone as your equal
there is no moot motive to abuse or manipulate them, there is no motive to bring you down, the problem is they do not see themselves as equal to you, they have an inferiority complex and see you
as being superior to them, this is what creates their motive for trying to tear you down and ruin your life, they cannot be like you, they cannot possess the same qualities as you, they see you as an attractive person and they know that you can attract someone better than them or better than what they can attract, so their goal is to prevent you from attractive person but they cannot
attract by Gaslight in and abusing you making you feel like you are not good enough, weakening you mentally and emotionally because they know that no matter what they do they will never
attract someone beautiful or someone who is generally happy or healthy, they will try to project all of their negative beliefs, issues and misery onto you, but remember you have a choice in your mind whether you want to accept their trash or not, you can observe what they are doing but do not absorb it…observe don’t absorb technique.. they will never experience real happiness a deep
emotional connection love that comes from within without being depended on the validation of other people all the time [Music] they are terrified of themselves and what they have become it’s too shameful for them to look at narcissist do everything they can to dodge any feelings of shame and that’s why they have this obsessive need to focus on you at all times, if they look at themselves
they are basically causing a narcissistic injury all on their own they cannot stand themselves you like yourself, you believe in yourself and that’s why they hate you, narcists a full of shame that’s why they’re always trying to make you feel the same way they will bring up past situations no matter how long ago it may have been, many times you may not even recognize what situation they are trying to present to you but it makes sense in their minds, so they expect you to see it the same way, they will create new scenarios or rumors about you, they will rewrite the past, so that it suits whatever scenario they are trying to deliver to you, they will distort what you or other people have said or done, they will do whatever it takes to get you to feel shame, the same shame that they feel every day and have felt, since there were childre, if they didn’t feel the shame there will be no reason for them to try and make you feel the same way, so pay attention to how they are trying to make you feel, this is how they already feel and how they felt most of their lives and there isn’t much advice for Narcists because although their beliefs are completely fraud, they believe they are perfect and therefore do not accept help from anyone, after the relationship it may look like the narcissist has the the upper hand but over time this soon changes, the narcissist ends up with a lifetime of failed relationships, children that they don’t even care about and then they are alone but you can heal yourself and move on… the narcissist can never have this
because of the way they are remember how long they stayed with you and made you believe that they would always be by your side then they moved on like you never existed it is inevitable that they
will end up alone and never satisfied with any of the sources that they come into contact with, they do everything they can to mentally destabilize you and then call you crazy.. when you are around good genuine people will always feel secure and positive, good healthy people will not make you feel anxious or confused and I have experienced the alienation, isolation and the control in nature of these narcissists, they are watching it every move, your every interaction, it’s like everything you do or say could be a potential threat to them and the longer they stay in your life, the more you lose until you have nothing left because they will train you to never talk to anyone, to never progress in anything in your life while all of this is going on they’re out living their lives but that doesn’t mean they’re doing anything fun or interesting if they say I’m out it’s usually to make you wonder what they’re doing they want you to wonder if they are seeing someone else, they want to keep you guessing, so that it will drive you crazy in your mind and keep you awake all night, but of course there are times when they will be out seeing other people that’s what Narcissists do, there’s no such thing as a relationship with a narcissists, it’s only a transaction and loyalty is something that they will only expect you to follow and they will expect you to stay loyal
even after they have left and the relationship is over even if they are seeing someone else because they are free to do what they want when they want and with whoever they want they will use
words create an illusion that they have in the time of their lives rather not with you in reality nothing has changed, their lives are probably worse and they are bored to death but
they can’t let you see that they have to make you believe that their lives are better without you, they have to make you believe that you were the problem the true phase they ain’t about shit they
never were and they will never change the only thing they’re about is making you believe that they’re about something, they might try to be nice or kind to you but this is just an attempt of lowering you back in, it doesn’t mean that they want to continue the relationship, it is an attempt to redevelop the emotional connection and attachment that you originally had with them them, your
emotional connection and attachment provides them with narcissistic supply, they need to feel wanted if they do not have this feeling of being desired or missed by you, they feel like they don’t
even exist, so they will do whatever it takes to have that feeling of being desired by you, they have an obsession with trying to control you to compensate for their lack of self control really
they should be minding their own business and focus in on themselves control in themselves because that is clearly one of their main issues, they will do whatever they can to make you
believe that they have control over you, they will try to project, predict what you’re going to say were you going to do this is to compensate for their true feelings of having no control over you,
so they will stalk and study you to make themselves believe that they know you but this is only to compensate for their feelings of really knowing nothing about you, if you manage to have a genuine
conversation with them you will find that they I about everything they know and believe about you is completely wrong and yet in their minds they believe that they know you so well, well
that’s what happens when you make assumptions all of these narcissists and flying monkeys it’s like Chinese whispers, after the discard phase we soon realized that they were never what you wanted
anyway if you take a good look at them a few months after the discard phase, you will wonder what you ever saw in them, time reveals who they really are you look at them or wonder how you were even
physically attracted to them you talk to them I feel bored wondering how their fake-ass negative personalities ever stimulated you in any way, Narcissist are fake negative miserable people
and feeling nothing inside, make it as difficult as you can and to get you, block them on all social media profiles, remove your social media if you do not use it often, because they will
always try to come back but never give in to their Hoover attempts, remember the abuse , manipulation and gaslighting, remember how they treated you, remember their mindless boring conversations,
there is nothing good about them, they have no real empathy or consideration for you, they have no charisma…”
“Diva R: vor 2 Monaten: Excellent video!! You are very knowledgeable and I love the format of your videos. Keep up the good work.”
“R S: vor 2 Monaten: Because I have what they want. That’s why and that’s a helpful perspective.”
“LovewarriorforGOD: vor 2 Monaten: Has anyone ever experienced the psychic/energetic hooks that still remain even when you have physically removed them from your life? It’s crazy! Its like they are still around you spiritually. I swear these people can energetically shapeshift or something, I know it sounds delusional but I have been experiencing this type of harassment.”
“SILK 1207: vor 4 Wochen (bearbeitet): Yes, psychical sensations spiritual attacks.. Also had really strange happenings around my apartment, i saw a shadow being outside my bathroom window when i got up to go to the toilet one night at around 2 – 4AM. The pipes also make banging sounds around my house. so eerie, I believe it´s a spiritual war and they might be possessed by demons.”
“Blue flame integration: vor 2 Wochen: Yes!!! I know exactly what you’re referring too.. You can legit feel them in your body.. I talk about this one my one video.. It´s on a metaphysical level! It´s because there is an invisible chore attached to the point we develop a telepathy!! Facts!!!”
“Theinsomniac826: vor 2 Tagen: I have. They can contact you spiritually and try to pull you to them spiritually any time they want to.
Sometimes they feel a strong psychotic rage and to get relief, they think about you and all the horrible things they would do to you of they get the chance again…
To combat this, I write down everything I can about them so that it is firmly planted in my mind that they are bad people and to remind me to not re-engage. I have tons of notes saved to my phone and I read what they did whenever they try to pull me in spiritually from hundreds of miles away.”
“Ambiee: vor 2 Monaten: Is it still considered stalking when they make fake accounts to stalk you on social media? I’m not understanding why she’s doing this, when she was the one that threw me away.”
“Carolyn: vor 1 Woche: @seeingthe light Yess. They do do this ..and this is whats happening to me. I’ve been dealing with this crap for 3 years. They cyber stalk..they want control these demons. They like to abuse under the radar where they believe they wont get caught. All part of the disorder. Its called digital abuse and its mostly done by narcissists. Their monkeys will cover for this too. They will not speak up about it…..try to stop it, or help you. They will fully participate with it.”
“seeingthe light: vor 1 Woche: Carolyn this is why I am not on facebook.”
“Carolyn: vor 1 Woche: @seeingthe light i’m not on facebook or instagram either and i’m still being stalked and monitored. Hes hacked my network and nobody can get him out. We dont know whats hes doing. I haven’t gone to cyber security of the police because i don’t want to have to go through a whole criminal process of investigation. I’m just emotionally exhausted from yrs of this ..that i just cant deal with anymore. The only social media platform i use is a website for starseeds and lightworkers and he opens fake accounts on there all the time to engage me. I wont shut down my account..its too important to me to get truth out there…to let him destroy that as well. I just try to ignore it the best i can. They are cowards who cant engage you directly…they know u want nothing to do with them.”
“Carolyn: vor 1 Woche: @seeingthe light Hes in my actual devices and has taken possession. hes been able to track me through my computer tower. Next summer ill be completely replacing all my devices and moving..”
“seeingthe light: vor 1 Woche: Carolyn omg he needs to get a life. he sounds obsessed. what a sad life for him.”
“Nordic anti narc resistanse Queen without country: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Yes, I too has SURVIVED a HELL since january..
It’s my MAD EX engineer/professor highly eduacated MAD PREDATOR NARC who I LEFT -,FLY from in january 1985..
After that begin å HELL for OVER 30 year,that PREDATOR also CHANGED name, coworkers etc..!!
Thats a TRUE story from HELL until I found your videos-THANKS so WARMLY.
Also my DEAR good BELOVED friend also been STALKED and HARASSED ☹,he drite about BIGFOOT who walks around also around place i loved and my DEAR friend.
No I have collected EVIDENCES, take pics electronic tracks (,WiFi,Bluetooth )
I SECURE my 2 phone as BEST I can,left 2 small bluetoothspeakers .. patetic NARC.”
“Oscar Madison: vor 5 Tagen: Isolate them 24-hours a day in no human contact prison cells, so everyone could see for themselves what happens when they don’t get their supply. Feral and stray animals are more deserving of love.
Antoinette Gorman:vor 5 Tagen: The only person we can trust now is Jesus christ our saviour our Lord. We have a epidemic of these creatures in our world. All we can do is protect our hearts and pray. Empty meat suits trying to steal our light to make theirs appear brighter. God bless everyone. Thanks for this video.
TheBeautyWithin: vor 5 Tagen’: They will sleep with anything!!! They just want supply!! Trust your gut!!
1205snaby: vor 5 Tagen: I absolute love your videos thank you for sharing all the knowledge to help others.
Zuhura Njeri: vor 2 Tagen: Without supply they are like fish taken out of water.”
“MylifeisinHishands Amen: vor 5 Tagen (bearbeitet): What about the fate of a narcissist old supply in case you are the secondary supply that didn’t know that the narcissist is married but as you find out, you realise he doesn’t want you to go and tried string you along but when the narcissist see that you really get their game and then they say they really love their old supply and start saying you are trash compared to their primary source of supply…….When you are a good supply for them, they dont leave for the secondary supply even when they get caught ….the secondary supply get their game now and they devalue the secondary source and go back to idealize the primary source….I wonder how long the new idealizing stage for the primary source will last….”
“brenda altmann: vor 4 Tagen: “I built you tear you down…thats what I do”. A direct quote from exfiance after discard….vile ..sabatours of their own lives. Crazy making. Dont try to make sense of it. They are mentally sick to the core. Flying under the radar. Who loves someone just so they can watch you suffer??… Peace is my greatest reward. Knowledge is your weapon.”
“Lotus Blossom: vor 4 Tagen: From the Lord’s Prayer: “… And lead us not into temptation” which is the entrapment of the lovebombing! “But deliver us from evil” which is the narc itself!”
“Buzzing Bee: vor 4 Tagen: Thank you for helping me get out of bed today💞”
“Trace-Face It: vor 1 Tag: I love your channel sooooo much! I just started one this year as well. Check it out! God bless you! ❤️”
“Black Swan77: vor 13 Stunden: Two narcs I knew admitted that they will sleep with anyone and have no standards. They’re disgusting.”
“Bree San:vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet): Remember the New supply will also be the punching bag for all of the Narcs failed relationships. Narcs only get more vicious with time and if you take a close look they’re supplies also are less in quality over time.”
“Robert Swift: vor 4 Tagen: and as an empath i really did love her but instead she crippled me inside,,,,hardest thing i ever went through.”
“Viking Mike: vor 3 Tagen: Brilliant message/s. Cheers !”
“Misha: vor 4 Stunden: It’s not from how they were treated as children, it’s a choice they made.”

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